Pierogis vs. [Something]
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Sat September 14 at 6:30 PM, Stephen Foster Community Center
286 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
The Pittsburgh Pierogi Night was a pretty fun thing I did once, and if you like eating all-you-can-eat good vegan food in moderately skeevy venues then you might enjoy it too.
The next scheduled one is today, which is too, too soon for a meetup. However, there should be another one in about a month, and will probably be announced with about ten days' notice. Anybody interested in going? (If it's on Labor Day weekend, I'll have to count myself out, alas, or suggest that we do the meetup in October.)


UPDATED! The next Pittsburgh Pierogi Night has been announced for September 14. As the last two have been at the Stephen Foster Community Center, I am going to go out on a limb and assume that this one will be there as well. See y'all in a few weeks!
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That sounds great! Happy to join.
posted by amicamentis at 3:00 AM on August 4, 2013

It's my friend and her boyfriend that do them. They will hopefully have a full-time restaurant soon! I know they were looking for a place to buy if anyone has ideas. Not sure if they have done so yet. Happy to see they're getting some notoriety :)
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I like Pierogis. Also kbennett289, your friends should check out Western Ave. on the North Side near CCAC. Nicky's (Thai) and Benjamin's (Burgers) have done really well there. Prices are still reasonable and with the college right there they have a built in audience. Now if we can just convince a coffee shop to move there.....
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I'd be up for it.
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I'm slightly higher than room temperature on perogis, but historically red-hot on hanging out. I'll be amped to hear more!
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Hi, this sounds fun and I would love to meet some local Mefites. Count me in!
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Sounds fun! Labor Day would be bad for us too, but otherwise, yay Mefites and Pierogies!
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Yum, pierogis! Count nakedmolerats and me in, so long as the date works out.
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Sounds delightful!
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I could be down for this - I love pierogies!
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Just a quick follow-up comment, since it seems like we've got a healthy crowd of people who might be interested: as yet, no word on when the next pierogi night is, but when it does show up, I'll post the actual event.
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There's a post on their Facebook page saying "Pierogi Night vs. Noodles! is Saturday. Saturday will be a day to fill your bellies with noodles & pierogi." and it is at Stephen Foster Community Center at 286 Main from 6-9 and it's $10.
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It is indeed. (Did my updated status to the event not send folks a memail? I thought it was supposed too.)

I am voting for 6:30 as being showtime because that is probably when I am going to be hungry. I will be a tall fellow with a distinctive-looking bag wearing a brown hat.
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Sorry, I didn't mean to step on your post. I did read your update but you seemed unsure about the details at that point so I assumed that you hadn't seen the flyer on Facebook.
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Naw, no hard feelings. And I hadn't seen the new one, so I am glad of it. Pierogies are so close! I am excited.
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