Sheffield, UK
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Sun September 1 at 3:00 PM, Sheffield Tap
Sheaf Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, UK (Map & Directions)
I don't see many meetups listed in this patch of the UK, so it's worth a try. Anyone interested in a meetup in Sheffield, UK?
I've been oop north for a while now without knowingly meeting any mefites. How about a meetup in Sheffield?

Partly to give us something other than "hey, remember that one time on the internet..." to chat about, and partly because most of my gaming buddies are in another city, I'm tentatively suggesting that we meet in a friendly pub on a weekend afternoon and play a boardgame or two. It's not a firm plan by any means; I'm sure that whatever we end up doing will be grand.

So: potential meetup in Sheffield?
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Great idea! I will already be in Sheffield first week in September, but am happy to come along another time as well.
posted by iamkimiam at 12:04 AM on August 3, 2013

I live just outside of Sheffield and have mucho childcare responsibilities but if a time and date firms up I would appreciate the opportunity to meet up with some folks.
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That sounds good to me! Although since your profile says that you juggle, we've probably already met :-)

I'm around every other weekend (ish) at the moment and tentatively suggest the Fat Cat as a friendly pub with plenty of space in the upstairs room.
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fwiw - I have also learned to juggle (albeit just three balls at a very amateur level). I would certainly appreciate tips from the established jugglers present as I suck at it right now.
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Sounds like a good start!

emilyw - I've been along to Flying Teapots a handful of times, but never been a regular. So maybe we've crossed paths once or twice there?
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I've been away from Teapots the last year or so but we may well have met at a convention.

longbaugh, I have a whole workshop on de-suckifying your juggling and am very happy to provide tips.

It also occurs to me that a more central pub might be better if there are any folks arriving by public transport, in which case the Brown Bear perhaps?
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I should probably think about losing my meetup virginity. I'll show my mug if able.
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Can I suggest Saturday the 31st of August for a meetup? If that date doesn't work for people, no worries at all, but I'm selfishly putting that out there as a place to start. And I would LOVE to play board games!
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I love the idea that this could plausibly become MeFi's first circus-themed meetup. (Thinking of which, Zippo's circus is in town soon...)

The Brown Bear could be a good choice; I don't know it, but looks like it's fairly near the station. Should we try to tie the meetup to some event/activity, or just head to the pub and rely on our sparkling wits?
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The 31st works for me. I can call in to the Brown Bear and a couple of nearby places to see whether they'd be OK with us taking a table for a game or two. Perhaps early or mid afternoon, so we're not rolling dice in the middle of a Saturday night crowd?
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Let's go for both! Sparkling wits AND structured activity in game format. Until we get drunk and then all bets are off. Then it's just wits or silliness.
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I think the 31st should work for me too...
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Awesome. Does that date work for everyone else?
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Sounds good to me.

I'm guessing, regarding the games, Arkham Horror with all 8 expansions would be overkill? Let me know if the pub has a 14ft table.
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Oh dammit! I'm now kicking myself for suggesting Saturday. I forgot that I'll be in Manchester on the 31st to see Leonard Cohen.
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This could be a long game in its own right, so I made a Doodle poll to see when we're all free: Sheffield MeFi Meetup Doodle
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iamkimiam - bring him along! I'd share a pint and a story with Leonard Cohen ;)
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I'm working on it and will get back to you. (I may just want to keep him for myself, if I can manage to harness The Man at all)
posted by iamkimiam at 2:41 AM on August 6, 2013

I'm nearish Sheffield - and it would be nice to come along if I'm not busy. I'm normally not busy - but it looks like the next few weekends I'm away all the time. Still I've filled in the doodle poll, and I'll come if I can.

Great idea metaBugs.
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I'm up for this, I think.
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Any update on the Doodle Poll results?
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Yikes, sorry to have disappeared like that, guys.

Well, there are no dates when everyone is available, and the 18th was yesterday, so... shall we try the 1st? My plans for that weekend have changed, so I will be able to make it on that date.

It sucks for suckpoppet, though... sorry :(. If we do meet on the 1st and it's a good time, perhaps we can try to ensure that the next meetup date is good for you?
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Also: I just noticed that the link I pasted above must be the "admin" link for the doodle poll, because clicking it lets me edit everyone's responses. Oops. Thanks in advance for not abusing this terrible power that I've unleashed upon the thread.
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/adds Leonard Cohen to the meetup list...
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Aww, thanks metaBugs.

I'm actually thrilled that there will be a meetup in Sheffield though - because that means there's likely to be more that I can come to!

I'm also kinda curious as to where you'll end up going!
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I'm also kinda curious as to where you'll end up going!
Me too, come to think of it. Er, I'll find a place this weekend, I promise.

I know that the University's board game club use the upstairs room of the Red Deer from time to time, so that's a possibility. I'll try to find something closer to the station, though.

Any thoughts on what time we should aim for? Do folks want to meet for lunch, or aim for, say, 3:00 - after the lunch crowd, but gives us a few hours to chat and play before Sunday evening turns us into pumpkins.
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Sounds good to me!
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Sheffield Tap might be an option. You can't get closer to the station than in the station.
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Normally I would be all up for a meetup anywhere near Leeds, but I am just moving house (actually buying one) sometime near then so the 1st is when I go up and help out the people clear it so I can move in. Maybe next time.
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So are we on for Sunday? 3pm works great for me.
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3pm at Sheffield Tap this Sunday? I'll be there!
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metaBugs, please don't forget to confirm the meetup details when you get a chance soon!
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I'll be there at 3ish, also. Sheffield Tap unless someone's arranged differently. (The Tap can get quite busy so if you're coming along later and want to be notified if we've moved somewhere else, send me a memail or something and I'll let you know our whereabouts).
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[I confirmed this in metaBugs's absence, contact the mod team if something's off]
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Thanks, Jessamyn!
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Sorry about that; it's been a distracting few days, I have't really been on top of things. Yes, 3:00 at the Tap sounds good! I'll bring a game or two, but if we don't manage to get a table I'm sure we can entertain ourselves without.

How are we going to find each other? A sign? Asking if people are "a friend of matt", or "from the internet"?

I've put a photo in my profile; I'm amazingly bad at recognising people from photos, hopefully you're better.

See you tomorrow!

jessamyn - thanks for that.
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I was going to ask about the secret handshake/gang sign procedure. I don't suppose we could all dress head to toe in MeFi blue?

I haven't even got a recent photo to share here, so a description will have to do: I'll be the 16 stone bearded gentleman wearing a black ball cap with a skull on it. Though I'm honestly friendlier than that description makes me sound. Oh and I'll probably have a green satchel.
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Ill have some cards to throw on the table that are instant signifiers of MeFi folk, but "friends of Matt?" always works as well.

I'm running a little late and will probably not make the 1:40 train, but will aim to get there by 4. See y'all in a bit!
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I should be along in a bit. Will be wearing this t-shirt.
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Oh god, I've thoroughly embarrassed myself here by asking just about everybody if they're friends of Matt. I'm sitting at the high tables near the end of the bar. I've got an obnoxiously bright mustard yellow t-shirt on.
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Ok, that was really fun and it was great to meet y'all! Let's definitely do it again, next time possibly at a roller derby bout yeah?
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Yes, it was great to see you all! I'd definitely be up for meeting again, especially at a derby bout. Someone else should probably organise it, as I probably demonstrated with this one that it's not one of my strengths.
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Oops, left it a little late to check back in, but just to say I had a great afternoon and couldn't have asked for a better introductory meetup. I'm down with the roller derby proposal too, especially since I now understand what I'm looking at.
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