Brooklyn Meetup
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Wed August 7 at 7:00 PM, Duck Duck Bar
161 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
It looks like these have not been happening regularly, so I am going to try to start organizing them. Because I'm organizing, I am pulling you all to the wastelands of the north this week. On the other hand, it's next to three train lines (L, JM, G), so it should not be too hard to get to.
I'm thinking alternating between Brooklyn and Manhattan would make it so more people are willing to participate, but I am open to discussion below.
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Alternating with Manhattan would be lovely! So lovely, in fact, that I'd even volunteer to organize the next Manhattan one!
posted by ausdemfenster at 11:10 AM on August 2, 2013

I can't make this one because of some other plans, but have fun.

I'd like to see both the Brooklyn one and the Manhattan one (if we decide to have a Manhattan one) moving to a different spot each week. Meetups have been a really great way to hit some new bars and hang out in some neighborhoods I otherwise wouldn't. It also seems like some people would automatically never come if we held it in certain geographic areas (even within Brooklyn) because of where they live or work or schedules or the train or whatever.

I liked when we had it on a set day and time each week because then I could plan around it. But obviously anyone with a standing obligation at that day/time then couldn't make it. Others can weigh in on the pros v. cons of this.

Thanks for taking on the organizing duties, Hactar, and if some week you find you can't do it, let me know and I'm happy to help.
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Yeah, can't make it this week but thanks for organizing!
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I got so excited about Brooklyn/Manhattan meetups that I forgot to add myself to the "attending" list. We can shout ourselves hoarse about Peter Capaldi.
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I've been horribly sick so I don't want to commit but this sounds really fun! Thank you for planning it.
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I'm in.
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Aw, I already have plans or I would definitely make the hike. Next time for sure!
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I need to move myself to the Maybe pile; I am feeling awful and unless I am able to get some good sleep tonight and recover I am not going to make it out tomorrow.
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I'm, hotblooded, check it and see. Got a fever of 101.3.
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Is it safe to assume I can find takeout food somewhere near the bar, or should I be grabbing something in Manhattan before I head over to Brooklyn?
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I'll be looking for something as well as I walk over.
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If y'all find some takeout please post in thread!
posted by mlis at 3:05 PM on August 7, 2013

I'm leaving my office presently. Duck Squared is a straight shot down Graham, and I know pretty much everything between here and Grand. What I really mean is, I am open to suggestions.
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Walking down Montrose now, got a delivery menu from an OMG Taco, and just found 1970s Antihero inside Brooklyn Mac
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I am here. Drink first, then food.
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En route from East Village, hope to make the taco run from the bar.
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