Lets get some beverages in Seattle
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Wed July 24 at 7:00 PM, Backdoor at Roxy's
462 North 36th Street, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Seattle mefites, I suddenly have two days of surprise vacation time in your fair city for the next couple of days and I'd love to meet you guys!
I'd be down for wherever the local haunt is, would Wednesday evening work for y'all?
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Very much into this! After 6pm works best for me, but I'm not too picky. Where are you staying and where do you want to see? Ballard and Fremont are great walkable leafy neighborhoods (Fremont comes with additional sculptural opportunities), but there are good options all over downtown (where you'll probably be staying), Capitol Hill, Queen Anne &c.

I nominate Fremont or Ballard - great places to gather in the summer. Roxy's Back Door in Fremont is where I usually go with groups of people but it'd be a shame not to get outdoor seating and more local spirits for somebody visiting from out of town.
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Obviously, I'm entirely flexible. I live in Queen Anne myself, which is right next to downtown and South Lake Union. The only place hard I'm loathe to go is the east side suburbs, because my long suffering husband drags himself to Redmond five days a weeks. Tell us what you'd like to see!
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Give us some idea of what part of town you're in and whether you have wheels or need to take public transit.
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I'm in by Green Lake and staying with a friend who has a set of wheels so I can turn up pretty much anywhere in Seattle proper but Fremont or Ballard would work especially well. How about somewhere near the statues in Fremont?
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Greenwood has worked well in the past too. Phinney would probably be workable.
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A nowhere close to exhaustive list of suggestions:

The Noble Fir (+craft beer, -spirits, -outdoors)
The Gerald (+craft beer, +craft cocktails, -outdoors)
The Market Arms (average everything, but a decent amount of outdoor seating)
The Sloop Tavern (+good beer, -spirits, +huge mugs, -outdoors; dive bar in the best sense)
Macleod's (+beer, +spirits, +so much delicious scotch, -outdoors)

Brouwer's (+craft beer, average spirits, +outdoors, -the service is godawful)
The George and Dragon (same as Market Arms, they're sister bars)
Nickerson St. Saloon (average everything, +outdoors [sensing a theme?])

The Burgundian (+craft beer, +craft cocktails, -outdoors)

The Noble Fir, Gerald, and Macleods are all within two blocks of each other, making it my favorite bar-hopping excursion because minimal hopping, maximal bar variation. The Market Arms and the George and Dragon are the best bets for outdoor seating. I'll go to Brouwer's if you make me, but be prepared to wait for no observable reason. I don't spend a lot of time in Fremont, so there may be better options there with which I'm not familiar.
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Brouwers is okay during the week, so it might be a chance to go there when it is not its evil weekend self (BROuwers).
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Heh, the last time I was there, it was Wednesday night, there were about 10 people in there, and the two of us were sitting at the bar. Well, we moved to the bar after no one came to the table for about 10 minutes. Then it took the bartender another 10 minutes to get around to pouring our beers. Which weren't very good, which we'd have known if they offered tasters like every other beer bar in town, but they don't. Good food, though.
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Brouwers has definitely always felt like a punishment for something.

I know I'm the one who suggested outdoors, but it's Seattle and the weather isn't... breath taking. The Backdoor at Roxy's is very close to the statues (I imagine as close as it gets? Unless I'm forgetting some place?). A large group I belong to has met there several times. Craft cocktails, very cheap small plates and my husband says local beer (I'm not a beer person - they're going to kick me out of the Northwest some day, I'm sure). I see that they actually take reservations from their Yelp page. Around there (within quick shambling distance), there's also the aforementioned Nickerson Street Saloon, the Augustus (I like it), and the George and Dragon, if the need to bar hop should arise. There's a bring-your-dog oriented bar next door that I can't stand, but I'm not a dog person.

Bars with novelty or something special about them? King's Hardware in Ballard is pretty amazing. Outdoor seating for the youngin's there. And indoor skeeball. Oliver's Twist in Phinney is totally Northwest Foodie Localvore Craft Cocktail amazingness... and doesn't break the bank for all that. Whatever you like; these run the gamut from dives to foodie enclaves. Seattle takes bars pretty seriously.
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I liked the Backdoor the one time I went there, and that was in spite of the gaggle of cool kids on a late Saturday night. I wouldn't mind checking it out again.

But also, like sweltering says (eponysterical?), if sitting outside isn't a major concern, there is a plethora of pinatas good full-service nightspots in the area.
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The Backdoor is pretty great. Free nuts and/or popcorn too. And plates are like $3-10 (I think the $10 plate is lamb or steak).
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Good timing. I just moved into the area, so anywhere I can follow the busses works for me (I'm down in Denny Triangle), and I'd love to meet this branch of MeFi.

I've found the Uber Tavern to be absolutely fantastic for beer, though that's really all it does, so I'd probably defer to others as far as suggestions goes. And anywhere downtown I can basically walk over to at a moment's notice, so I'm all for finding things to do with people. (Beyond just in this meeting, as well)
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Sounds like it's already out of the running but just in case, avoid Greenwood on Wednesday as there's a parade going on.
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Can we settle on a time (especially since it's now Wednesday)? An early evening start time would make me more likely to attend-as would an earlier decision about time/location, I'm not that good at last minute plans.

I don't have a location preference, anywhere's fine.
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We meet at 7:00pm, Backdoor at Roxy's. 7:00pm leaves plenty of time for extra libations nearby and doing obscene things to the Lenin statue. The Backdoor will be uncrowded (I've never seen the place even close to what I'd consider busy on a school night). Things shouldn't get too eponysterical; I've actually sought out the place for their air conditioning. I like that it's quiet enough to talk, too.

I tried to make a reservation through open table for our current group size of yeses and maybes (10 people) but Open Table only takes 5 people. I'm unclear about whether it's dickish to grab two five person tables - but, as I said, reservations aren't a must. (Grab the tables here if you want.) See you soon!
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That seems like an excellent consensus, I've updated the page.
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Hmm. Looks like I'm busy. Have fun all!
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At the backdoor with my brother blasdelb

Hopefully we can buy him a "restraining order" from a nice rollergirl
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Feeling under the weather today and it's gotten worse rather than better. What a shame! Hope everybody is having a good time. I've adjusted my RSVP at the last possible minute, was trying to disco nap and make it.

As for further meetups, I am looking to meet smart mefi friends as well, CrystalDave; I'm a fairly recent transplant too. I've been throwing around the idea of proposing a listening party (where everybody brings an mp3 selection/album/etc to share), which I could host.

Blasdelb, don't know what your schedule is like and memailing you, but I'd like to meet you! We have a lot of the same interests (I think I have enough graduate training to call myself a bioethicist).

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I'm here only totally late. Where are y'all? Still at the backdoor?
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I seem to have missed you guys. A shame.
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