Stroller running in Seattle
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I'd like to run with someone who won't mind that I am running a 16 minute mile. Let's meet up in a couple of weekends at Alki for a run with our progeny.
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I don't have a stroller, but I do run that slow (when I'm reasonably in shape) and might be able to convince my progeny to come run with me. (And Alki is easy enough to get to, though I'd also make a bid for Lincoln Park.)
posted by Margalo Epps at 7:41 PM on July 16, 2013

I like Lincoln Park but I didn't think they had paved trails. If they do, I'm in. Are you up for an early weekday, or weekends only?
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Hmm. They're paved about halfway along the water, gravel afterward. Maybe we should start with Alki. I'm not up early on a weekday, but could meet during normal people workday (unless you are in fact, a normal person working). Weekends also work.
posted by Margalo Epps at 7:47 PM on July 17, 2013

I am working, but not normal. I usually have Fridays off and am free after 3:30. Lets try something next week!
posted by bq at 8:20 PM on July 18, 2013

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