Green Chile and burgers and skates!
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Mon July 22 at 5:30 PM, The Frontier
2400 Central Avenue Southeast, The University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, USA (Map & Directions)
I will be in Albuquerque, July 21st through the 25th for the USARS Artistic Roller Skating National Championships and would love to meet up with mefites while I'm in town.
I've executive decisioned this thing!

The Frontier for Green Chile and eggs and burgers and what not while meeting skating mefites from out of town.

If folks want to come watch some artistic roller skating afterwards at the convention center, I will lead the way (and give tips on what to watch if you want to check it out later on your own. The USARS Artistic Roller Skating Championship is free to watch!)

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No admission charge for spectators!? I don't know, that might be interesting. How much time is spent waiting between competitors v.s. watching?

I'd be up for Tinkertown or GCC if my TBA schedule permits.
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I'm not sure if I can, there are a lot of things coming up this weekend. I will be checking back to see what's up, just in case.
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yohko, some of the skating is fun to watch (such as Creative Free Dance and Freestyle but some of it a bit baffling to the non-skater!

I am happy to give a lowdown of which events would be most fun for the casual fan.

I am thinking Sunday or Monday are the best days for me.
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Monday would be good for me, too.
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Monday evening will work for us too. We are staying near Carlisle NE & Candelaria NE and skating at the convention center downtown.
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I had no idea this was happening! Please do let us know about interesting events. My daughter would very likely love this. And Monday dinner would work, too.
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My mom is in town this weekend and I'll be taking Monday off to spend time with her and my family. Coming down to watch skating sounds like a lot of fun! One limitation is my son takes a nap around 1:30 in the afternoons, and we try to get him to bed between 7:30 and 8PM. Also, we live in Rio Rancho, about 25 minutes away from the convention area. When will you be at the convention center, vespabelle?

I've been to Tinkertown twice in the last month, and I'm not sure I can convince my wife to go again. I love it, and highly suggest you go if you have time. It's about a 30 minute drive from the center of Albuquerque, and you can go through the museum at your own pace. Don't forget to bring a dollar or two in quarters, as some of the animated features are "pay to play," plus there's an old music machine, a fortune teller, and other coin-operated fun throughout the place.

I'll send out a flurry of MeMails today to let more local folks know about this potential for meet-ups. We really should set up a local Google+ thing or another group meetup management system.
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Looking into various places for green chile cheeseburgers. Some are classic local places, some new:
The Owl -classic, full soda fountain, easy to find.
Lumpy's -high ratings, no green chile cheese, highly rated. Haven't tried it myself.
B2B- new, high ratings.
Five Star burgers -fairly new, variety of meats from beef to turkey to buffalo. Loud.
Bob's Burgers -Albuquerque classic, several locations.
Holy Cow -new, haven't tried it.
And, of course, The Frontier -iconic 'Burque hangout.

Also, two articles on the top 3 burger joints in Albuquerque.

Prices are really varied, so be warned. Feel free to add to or eliminate any/all of these.
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Monday night is good. Early-ish is good! Good food is good!

and yes, it feels very weird to plan a meet up in a place I know nothing about. Think of me as your excuse to do something touristy! It looks like La Esquina Restaurante is close by and good (at least it was when this blog post was written 7 years ago!)

I've been looking at the skating schedule and it looks like there are some interesting things on Monday night (world class freeskating at 6:45 onward) if folks would be interested in that after green chile cheeseburgers!) Tuesday the 23rd is another great day to check out skating (lots of world class events in the evening.)
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ooh, shoulda previewed to see annsunny's list! The Owl looks cool but a classic like the Frontier is good too.
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Sorry I missed this earlier. I'm not sure I'd be up for Tinkertown, my fibro's been flaring something fierce lately. I can't eat green chili but I do like a good bison burger or lamb burger (Five Star Burger has those, I dunno about the others). Mr. Patheral loves green chili burgers. He approves of Five Star Burger (and it's just around the corner from us), The Frontier & the Owl. Monday nights are good for us.

I'll try and pay closer attention to Metafilter from now on. Would hate to miss a meetup.
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So, are we meeting at the Frontier? Like, tonight? I need to know so I can plan accordingly.
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Yep, tonight at the Frontier.
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What time is early-ish? so I can tell Mr. Patheral. Never mind. I saw.
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I shoulda made a Mefi sign! I'll NE wearing a bright kelly green dress.
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Coupla things --

1. I obviously didn't make it to this, but I'm gonna be in Albuqerque for a week starting tomorrow and I'd love to have another meetup.

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It was awesome meeting up with you all. Thanks for the travel tips (although Im going to skip driving to white sands, but maybe when I'm back in 2015!)
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Awesome meeting you, too! Have a great rest of your trip.

Great to see everyone, hope we can do it again soon!
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It was good to see you, too, vespabelle!

I finally got the group photo uploaded! One MeFite handle forgotten, sorry! We were at opposite ends of the long table, and it's been a while since we met.
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I believe that is Stoneweaver on the end.
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