Pathfinder in Center City Philadelphia
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I'm looking for players for a new Pathfinder campaign. See below for details on the campaign, me and the logistics.
Based on Pathfinder core rules with a smattering of other elements
Homebrew setting
On the low fantasy side of things
Mixture of combat & political intrigue

DM (me):
Most DMing experience from 2nd editon AD&D
Some Pathfinder playing experience
Slightly rusty so your forebearance is requested

Regular game nights - I am looking at every (or every other) Wednesday night. If you want to join the campaign I ask that you commit to playing regularly
Location is my apartment in Society Hill
Before the first session, I would like to meet each potential player to make sure that he or she will be a good fit and if so, to create characters
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Yes! I literally JUST joined the MeetUp group and started researching games in the city.

I'm moving on Monday into a lovely new place in Center City (10th and South) and can request off Wednesday nights regularly from work, shouldn't be an issue.

I have very limited Pathfinder experience, so no worries on the forebearance. I do have extensive D&D experience from 1st ed through 4th though, so I'd rather we didn't start completely at square 1 with the group, though I can be persuaded.

I would also like to meetup to ensure a good fit and roll up a character! Thanks for setting this up.
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Also worth mentioning - I have an obscene amount of RPG stuff. Most is Dungeons and Dragons, but also ALL THE DICE and tons of minis and whatnot. Might come in handy!
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Great! Since you are already in the meetup group, can you RSVP for my event? Once I get two people to RSVP, it will get emailed out to the entire group and people are much more likely to see it.

I'll send you a PM to arrange a time to meet
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