Polo match tailgating - (way) north of Boston
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Sun July 14 at 2:00 PM, myopia polo club
435 Bay Road, South Hamilton, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
I've been meaning to go watch one of these Sunday afternoon polo matches for ages. The forecast for this Sunday is 82 and clear, so if that holds and some folks are up for it/it's not too late notice, I think this weekend is it!
It's $10. The gates open at 1:30 for a 3:00 match. I heard that people get there early to secure a good spot for tailgating, and bring folding chairs and stuff. Anyone have a good vehicle for tailgating and want to volunteer to secure a spot early for the rest of us? If not, I'll go early with my plain old sedan so we at least have a good spot to spread a blanket on the ground.

It's kinda out there, so car pools may be a good idea - I could drive up to 3 people to/from Alewife - it's about 45 min north from there.

I thought we could make it a low-key potluck. Like, not the kind where people compete to make the dish that requires you to tweeze the seeds off strawberries to sprinkle on your blanched fava puree. More like the kind where everyone grabs a food and/or a bev from the store and shares.

(Though if someone organizes the strawberry-seed-level potluck meetup, I'll attend that one, too.)
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Of all the weekends for me to go to NYC...:-/
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Still no takers, huh. If there are a few folks who would go if we bump it to a different week, we can do that instead.
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