Holyrood Park and Jolly Judge Pub in Edinburgh!
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Sat July 20 at 7:00 PM, the Jolly Judge
Lawnmarket, Edinburgh, City of Edinburgh EH1 2NT, UK (Map & Directions)
Updated Post: A plan has been confirmed! Park (day) and pub (night) meetup. If you'd like to take a walk around Holyrood Park, let's meet at 2 in front of The Queen's Gallery (at Parliament and the Palace). The night plan: 7pm at the Jolly Judge. There may be a separate food plan in between the park and pub, maybe not. I'll update the thread either way.
Original Post: Hi! I'll be up in Edinburgh for the weekend Friday 19 - 21 July and would love to go out, see things, meet people. My main plan is to walk around Holyrood Park on one of those days and company would be nice. Other than that, schedule is fairly open for any other ideas or events going on that weekend. Either way, a nice evening at a pub is a must for Friday or Saturday night, whatever works.
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Dang. We'll be in town a week later, so will miss this.
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Hi there! I'm local and up for tootling around Holyrood Park with you. Just let me know which day works best for you. I'll keep an eye out for other stuff going on that weekend, too.
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I'm local too and I'm up for walking in parks and/or nice evenings in pubs! I just had my first ever in the flesh meeting with another MeFite last week and we climbed Arthur's Seat.
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Oooh, wonderful! Glad there's interest, especially in returning to Holyrood Park. I'm obsessed with basalt columns, so I'd like to see those. Should we go to the park on Saturday, say around 2? (is that late/early...I have no idea!) And then we can do a pub meetup in the downtown area around 6? Know of any good pubs with tasty cider and food?
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Also, know of a good meeting place for Holyrood Park?
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The Friday (19th) would actually be better for me now - would that mess up your planning?

I'd say that either in front of the Parliament or Holyrood Palace are good meeting spots. The Kilderkin and Canon's Gait are both nearby and I've heard good things but haven't been to either myself.
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I might not be able to join for the park walk, but I'm in for the pub. I have been to the Canons' Gait and can vouch for its pub-ness and its proximity to Holyrood Park.

If you were thinking of heading further up the Royal Mile from Holyrood for the evening pub meetup, I would highly recommend the Jolly Judge.
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Hi, sorry for the lag in replying. I've got a friend coming up with me now, but she arrives on Saturday and wants to join in on the park and pub fun, so if we can keep it for Saturday that would be awesome. Can you still make it? Hope so!

Looks like Parliament and Palace are both at the same place, yeah? Google maps shows The Queen's Gallery that seems easy enough to stand in front of there, how's that?

The Jolly Judge seems great! Let's go there...what's a good time for meeting at a pub on a Saturday in Scotland? Once that's settled, I'll confirm the thread details.
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Hello! I too am local (as of about a year ago), and will try to join too!
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I don't know if it's a good meeting time, but I can stop by the Jolly Judge around 21:00 on Saturday.
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Great! Why don't we start the pub meetup at 7 and I'm absolutely sure we'll still be going by 9. There may be a food plan somewhere in between the park and pub, and I'll update the thread if so.
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I've changed myself to a "maybe" because I'll be away during the day. Hopefully I'll be back in time enough to meet up in thePpub!
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Aww, well I hope you can make it to the pub! I'm not sure if anybody else said they'd join for the park at 2, but I'll wait outside the Queen's Gallery for a bit and then start making my way to the basalt columns. If anybody wants to join but is late or wants to meet up at some point before the pub, feel free to message me on Twitter, same username.
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Very sorry to do this, but I'm now a "maybe" for tonight due to a friend's birthday drinks scheduled at the same time in another part of town.
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No worries. I will be there with my friend and if anybody shows up, great. If not, we'll keep on drinking just the same. :)
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We are outside at the Jolly Judge.
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There in spirit. Excited to be in Edinburgh in 8 days :)
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