Northern Virginia Meetup 2: The Revenge
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A few months ago, the NoVA Mefites got together for dinner at Carpool in Herndon, and it was good. How about another round?
I'm up for Carpool again if it was convenient for everyone, or we can hunt for another venue. One development of note: It's far out in the wilds of Ashburn, but an Alamo Drafthouse has opened in Loudoun County, where people can watch movies new or old while being served food and drink in the theater. It's a good time, I can testify. (And they're doing a four-course meal for Silence of the Lambs soon. Fantastic.)

Time and date are completely open, so please weigh in with whatever works for you and we'll come to a consensus of some sort.
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I'm up for it. Missed it last time despite best laid plans.

I'd vote for Carpool or at least not the Drafthouse. Movies aren't very interactive.
posted by ish__ at 3:57 PM on June 20, 2013

i'd be down for the draft house, because it's right near my office.
posted by empath at 12:56 AM on June 21, 2013

My best chance of joining in would be Mondays or Fridays: any thoughts on when you want to do this?
posted by easily confused at 3:36 AM on June 21, 2013

I'm down for this. I like the drafthouse cause its so much closer(far western loudoun), but ish__ is right: Movies arnt very interactive at all.
Any day except Saturdays are good for me.
posted by Folk at 4:13 AM on June 21, 2013

Well, we can always meet at a bar nearby in One Loudoun and go to the movie before/after.
posted by empath at 4:22 AM on June 21, 2013

I live in Fredericksburg, work in Tysons. Carpool may be too far in the wrong direction from me as getting there after work from Tysons will be a PITA. I'll have to pass on this one. Maybe the next NOVA meetup can be in Tysons?
posted by COD at 5:18 AM on June 21, 2013

How about June 28? And I'd rather not do Carpool again since I managed to get my car towed last time ...

I think a bar/restaurant would be a better option than a movie for meeting-up purposes. And I'm fine with Tyson's or Loudoun - I'm in Reston so it evens out either way.
posted by brilliantine at 6:29 AM on June 21, 2013

Towed? Eeeew. Yeah, the parking situation there was pretty dire.

I'm definitely up for something closer to Fairfax. I live right on the border of Tysons, so something in that area is fine with me if more people are up for it this time around. I'm a big fan of Lost Dog Cafe in McLean, and there's also a Chef Geoff's in the area that does great food. Wherever we go, staying out of the actual Tyson's mall is probably a good idea.
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I'm in Annandale so Tysons / Fairfax / Falls Church / Arlington all work about equally well for me.

Unfortunately I have an unpredictable travel schedule where I sometimes disappear Mon-Thurs, so if it's on a weeknight I might not be able to make it. But since it's not predictable I wouldn't want anyone to try to plan around it.

Chef Geoff's in Tysons Corner used to have a really good happy hour, though I haven't been there in a while (and the regular menu prices are a bit steep, IMO). But it's very centrally located in Tysons and there's a lot of parking, with other places in walking distance once the Happy Hour ends. Not campaigning for it or anything, just throwing it out there.
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Yeah, their Tyson's online menu lacks a Happy Hour section, which is weird because the last time I was there they definitely did have one. And the happy hour prices are pretty good - enormous $6 burgers, for one thing. If other people are interested, I'll give them a call to see if that omission is a typo or not.
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The McCormick and Schmick's in Tysons has a good happy hour, although I think it ends at 7 so it probably wouldn't come into play unless we start the meet up early. Wildfire in the Galleria is also pretty decent, although their happy hour specials end at 6 PM.
posted by COD at 7:48 AM on June 21, 2013

The last one was so much fun! Thanks for getting us organized to do another. I'll try to make it -- I have to check my work schedule.
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Thank Folk for giving me a kick in the pants. I've had a bunch of meatspace issues to deal with and my plans to get another meetup together kind of fell by the wayside.
posted by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish at 9:41 AM on June 21, 2013

How about Chef Geoff's in Tysons?
posted by baconaut at 9:41 AM on June 21, 2013

I haven't been before but I'm intrigued by Chef Geoff's. I'd be up for trying it!
posted by brilliantine at 10:02 AM on June 21, 2013

Nice, first a DC meetup and now a NoVa one! I live near Tysons so I would prefer Chef Geoff's (or something nearby) as opposed to Ashburn.
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Meetup sounds great. My travel schedule has gotten nutty lately, so I'm not going to vote for a particular date/time.
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So, is the consensus that this will be in Loudon, or Tysons, or both simultaneously? Quantum superposition is such a pain in the rear.
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If we have enough people in the area to get 5-10 at both Loudoun and Tysons I think both is a fine idea. Getting out to Herndon from the beltway area can be painful at rush hour, yet getting to Tysons if you work in Ashburn isn't much better. So maybe create another meetup for Tysons and keep this one for Loudoun? We could also do them on different days in the same week. That way anybody that wants to attend both can.
posted by COD at 12:39 PM on June 25, 2013

If we do want to shoot for Loudoun, we'll need a place other than the theater to meet up, I think. There definitely does seem to be enough interest in Tyson's, but I would not complain about two meetups.
posted by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish at 2:17 PM on June 25, 2013

I'd love to do both, though we need to pick a date ... unfortunately now the next open time for me is probably July 10.
posted by brilliantine at 7:39 AM on June 27, 2013

If we're doing both, I'll pass on Tysons but would totally go to one in Loudoun. Working in Sterling/Living in Leesburg makes getting to Tysons, as COD says, painful.

If Loudoun, I have a pair suggestions, but they're all the way out in Leesburg

* Spanky's Pub is a typical and good irish pub
* Mansion House Hookah Bar has hookahs and so-so food
posted by ish__ at 8:07 AM on June 27, 2013

Likewise, for the Tyson's one, would anytime in the next week work, or is after the holiday more tenable?
posted by baconaut at 8:05 PM on June 27, 2013

Considering traffic, getting around Tysons could be a pain in the butt, and Loudoun might be a little far. Would you consider something in or around the city of Fairfax or Chantilly? I don't have a specific place in mind right now, but can look around a bit.
posted by easily confused at 3:09 AM on June 28, 2013

Just to get a date out there - how about Tuesday July 9, 6:30 PM at Chef Geoff's in Tysons?
posted by COD at 6:49 AM on June 28, 2013

Sounds good to me!
posted by baconaut at 8:10 AM on June 30, 2013

I'm down.
posted by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish at 9:24 AM on June 30, 2013

I'll be there.
posted by empath at 9:48 AM on June 30, 2013

I will be getting back from a trip that day, so Tysons is too far away for me. Hopefully that Loudoun meetup happens soon? (Or Chantilly, that's close enough that I'm not picky.)
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I created a new meetup for Tysons. The Loudon folks can continue to use this thread to plan.
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Okay, so this is now the Loudoun meetup thread; all talk of Chef Geoff's should go to the new event created by COD.

Shall we shoot for Carpool again or points north?
posted by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish at 1:04 PM on July 1, 2013

I'm for Carpool, having suggested it last time I think and then not making it. Also suggested a pair of Leesburg places upthread, but open to anything except a movie basically.
posted by ish__ at 10:35 PM on July 1, 2013

Yeah, I'd do Carpool again but don't mind heading north/west.
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The only other bar I'm aware of in the area is Ned Devine's, another Irish place, also in Herndon. Good lamb stew, no clue on their drinks. It's in a largish complex, so parking wouldn't be an issue.

I'd be up for either of the places ish mentioned. Never been to a hookah bar.
posted by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish at 8:48 AM on July 5, 2013

If my husband fixes my car by then I'll probably be in the mood for a road trip after so many months stuck at home.
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nevermind, one of his employees is off all week so the remaining employees won't have time to fix my transmission. :(
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