The Mystery Maine Meetup!
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Mon June 24 at 6:30 PM, Novare Res Bier Cafe
4 Canal Plaza, Portland, ME, USA (Map & Directions)
Husband and myself will be visiting Down-east Maine for a the week starting on the 18th (we'll be near Augusta, in a cabin in the woods, but we're okay with visiting Portland and the like.) We would like to meet up with Maine/New England Mefites and also get tips/suggestions/recs on "Spooky New England" stuff, mystery spots, haunted houses, tourist traps, roadside attractions, fun fairs, etc. Let's all meet and talk!
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Hurray! If there's a Portland meet-up, I would very much like to join you!

To collect some of the links I tweeted earlier: I suggest you check out Strange Maine for ideas. For example, one of the entries there links to this Phoenix article about tunnels (rumored and actual) under Portland's streets and buildings*. Also check out The Green Hand, a used bookstore owned by Michelle Souliere, one of the contributors to the Strange Maine blog. Stop by the shop on Congress Street in downtown Portland and A) see if you can pick up the most recent Strange Maine gazette; B) if Michelle's in, ask her for other spooky/mysterious/haunted/unexplained spots and stories in the area; C) check out the fantastic assortment of books. And of course, there's the Cryptozoology Museum. I haven't been yet, so if you're looking for company, drop me an email.
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Dang, this is the FIRST time I've ever seen an Augusta Maine meetup. I should tell you, however, that if you're staying near Augusta you are nowhere near Down East -- gotta go way farther north. :)

My favorite Maine roadside attraction, located between Augusta and Portland. Their gift shop is old-school to die for.
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Ack! I botched that first link and missed the edit window: of course, it's Strange Maine.
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Janet, if we meet up in Augusta, where? Or, Bath isn't too far, and is nice to visit. Haven't visited the Cryptozoology Museum, but I'm confident it's worth visiting. Plus, meeting The Whelk, and Mr. The Whelk! The 18th is Tuesday, let's get planning.
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I have no precexisting plans so I am fine with ..whatever wherever.

Hugh kitsch and camp however, is always welcome.
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Wellll, best places in Augusta to meet up are actually in Hallowell. The Liberal Cup, say, or Slates.

However, farther south could be fine. I have a love for Richard's in Brunswick. Or if people want to tour an attraction together, Augusta does have a nice museum. Or the desert or creepy cryptozoology could work.
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I'm actually a huge fan of Hallowell cause of the Liberal Cup, so I could be down for that.

But yeah, desert or museum. I submit to the whims of the residents.
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Seconding Desert of Maine. Also recommending the Maine State Prison Showroom.

Lipstick Thespian I will do our best to join you depending on when this falls exactly...I have work next weekend but we can try. We can get to Portland pretty easily and any points south of there.
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There is some leeway with dates cause we have a car and a gentleman's agreement regarding the actual in-habitation of said Cabin In The Woods. So basically the 18th to the 30th give or take. But yes I'd like to meet the most amount of people in the easiest possible local.
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I'm available Sundays through Thursdays, and I could dig hanging out in Augusta/Hallowell if a meetup falls on one of those days. If people want to go Down East, I hear there are beautiful azalea gardens at Northeast Harbor. I've been meaning to take a trip there this month.
There is also a town about twenty minutes west of Augusta called Belgrade, where you can rent kayaks and whatnot.
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We're actually househunting and moving by the end of the month so I put maybe for us. Otherwise would extend an invite here to our place on the lake, but mess and stress have gotten the best of me! Also the road is a washboard of the jaw snapping kind.

But if you do go to Belgrade, it's a very pleasant drive through scenic countryside, and go to the Village Inn, where the owner will personally come to your table and shake up your martini for you. Their specialty is duck, and I guess you can also mail order ducks from them. Great views.

Waterfront BBQ in downtown Augusta is good, you want to dry the Maine made Cold River gin there (last time I was in all they had was the blueberry, but very tasty).

South of Augusta on 202, in Winthrop, past the downtown area, is Fast Eddies drive in. You can sit in your car and get a milkshake and burger, or go inside and sit next to the giant Betty Boop and James Dean statues. Food is very good, service is excellent, and not too pricey. It's next to the pet food store that has a giant cow on the sign (used to be a steak house years ago).

Downtown Winthrop has a little farmer's market in the grade school parking lot on Saturday mornings. Corner of Highland and Main, take a right by the Hannaford off 202 and go down a couple of blocks, it will be on the left. There is also a resale shop downtown that I think has men's clothes, next to the Big Apple book store. Going down Main, if you turn right after the post office and keep going a few blocks, you run into Lake Maranacook and there is a great little park there with benches.

I *think* Wholesome Holmstead Farms is still doing their fresh garden outdoor pizza oven night on Mondays. You can call ahead and find out (they also sell stuff at the farmer's market). They are off 202 before you get to Winthrop, Route 135, turn right by the State Police Supply place and go down till you see the sign on the right.

All of these things are about 20 minutes or less from Augusta, maybe you've been in the area down by Manchester and Winthrop before, but it's all very pretty right now, green and lots of flowers.

In Portland, I believe Bubba's Sulky Lounge does a retro disco night on Fridays. Have not been, but know people who have (they turn up on my FB wearing strange wigs and bell bottoms).

Will try to get to whatever people decide on, but just some suggestions for your stay!!!
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Having talked to the SO..tentatively thursday after work at the Liberal Cup?
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I can do that, sure.
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Ahhh for some reason my iPad is making this thread hang horribly so responding or editing is tough - apologies, I'll see what I can do to confirm dates/times later this morning.
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Okay - talked it over with SO - Portland - Monday the 24th at the old Mefite standby The Novare Res Bier Cafe work for people? Around 5:30?
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*sigh* I knew it wouldn't turn out to be an Augusta meetup! :)

But yes, I can be there, although not until after 6, because I don't get off work until 5 and I gotta drive from Augusta. ;)
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We are a thin possibility. It's hard on a weeknight. If we don't make it up, have a great time though!
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I can make it on Monday at Novare Res! If The Fella isn't on deadline, I'll bring him along.
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I have never been to a meetup and will be there on Monday unless work runs late! Looking forward to it!!
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So, tomorrow it is! I expect to be at Novare Res at 5:30. For those of us who haven't met, this may help us find each other: I'll probably be wearing a purple sleeveless dress, and I'll have a bright blue (not quite Metafilter blue) wrap with me, either on me or on the table. If a photo will help, there's one on my Twitter avatar. (I may not be wearing glasses tomorrow.)

If The Fella joins us, we'll be even easier to spot: look for the tallish gray-haired woman and the BIG TALL fella with the salt-and-pepper beard.

It looks like rain tomorrow, so I'm wondering if we should get a table inside rather than staking out the lovely deck... and then it occurred to me that I don't know if I've ever been inside at Novare Res. Does anyone know the lay-out; will it be easy to grab a table big enough and close enough to the entrance for newcomers to spot each other?
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Inside is dark but has 3 or 4 long tables. Basically you go inside, blink at the darkness, and the tables start with the short end of the first one at your right. I can't remember if it's two rows of tables or only one.
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Thanks, JanetLand! Trestle tables make it easy to be sure we can all sit together without having the first arrival single-handedly stake out a huge table.

Of course, it's possible that it will be beautiful tomorrow, so we can pick inside or outside based on the weather. See you all then!
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Weather permitting, I'm planning on biking over to Portland to join in the meet-uppingness.
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My car, referenced in this Ask MeFi about how terrible VWs are

Died on Friday and hubs has band practice tonight. But if we can work it out, I will be there! It's perfect weather for drinking outside!
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Suki I can swing by and we can ride over together if your bicycle is up and running :)
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I think I will be back from my meeting in Biddeford to make 630 pm. Thanks to Elsa for noting this in the MM thread, or I never would have seen it. Looking forward to seeing all of you!
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This is shaping up nicely! We're about to leave, which means I won't see more updates. See you at Novare Res! If the weather holds, The Fella and I will be out on the deck. I'm wearing a purple dress & carrying a blue wrap, he's wearing a Red Sox jersey. See you all soon!
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We hete on the deck!
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Heading out now and should be there around 7. Shoot me an email if you change bars!
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Running late, as usual, but on my way.
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Weve moved inside
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I am full of beer and good cheer, good job everyone!
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Well met, team! Good to see/meet everyone. See you next time!
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I just want to say what a wonderful time I had and thank The Whelk & Mr. The Whelk for making an opportunity for us all to get together. I believe the final total was The Whelks, Elsa & her fella, MikePop, theora55, JanetLand, and MikePop. As great as Metafilter is on The Internets it is always better in person.
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Yes, it was great to get together as always!
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Great fun! Worth the drive! A+++++
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