Edinburgh Fringe: Who Are You Supposed To Be?
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Wed August 14 at 3:40 PM, C Venues Aquila
Johnston Terrace, Edinburgh, Midlothian EH1 2PW, UK (Map & Directions)
I've written a geek rom com set at a science fiction convention that involves Doctor Who cosplay. It's going to be amazing! Tickets on sale now. It's my first show at Edinburgh Fringe, but we've got an amazing cast on board - including Cameron K McEwan, better known in Doctor Who fandom as Blogtor Who.
The show is performing from Aug 14 to Aug 26 at 3:40pm every day.

I've written about the development of the show at my blog.

We're currently running a fundraiser at Indiegogo to get the last of our budget together - covering costumes (cosplay! must look amazing!), publicity (posters!) and a little bit to cover venue hire. The rewards are fun, too - postcards, posters, annotated scripts, our eternal gratitude!

We want to tour this show far and wide. Premiering it at Edinburgh Fringe could be a good way to kickstart the process. Come along, have fun. And if you can't come, donate. Thanks.
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This sounds pretty ace.
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Yeah, I like the sound of this. It's just after my birthday, so I've got some time off work that week; I'll definitely try to be there.
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And when I say "I like the sound of this" I mean "I reviewed shows at The Fringe for nigh-on a decade and most of what I saw was unutterable shite, with the odd gem hidden in amongst the crud, and if I'd seen this in the programme at any point I'd have thought 'YES! Something that isn't a hackneyed reworking of Shakespeare, or someone "radically" setting a Beckett play in the public bogs in Nicolson Square.'"
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Here's a post on Blogtor Who that outlines a bit more what the show is going for.
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Just a reminder, the show opens this Wednesday. Rehearsal photos.
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