We're number 1!!!
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In light of our newest title and because it has been FAR TOO LONG, I propose we take a break from our usual debauchery and have a meetup!
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I wonder if this is the first double post on IRL?
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As it turns out, I probably can't go to the other meetup this Sunday, as my father is now in the hospital, so maybe this thread could be for a different upcoming date?
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Sorry about your dad, limeonaire. Hope all goes well.

I can't make it on Sunday either, but would be into planning another meetup, if the Sunday crowd doesn't mind planning a second one.
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I would hardly cry if we had five or six meetups in a year. I can't do the end of July / beginning of August but other than that....

Also, I had no idea that my IRL notifications got turned off. Have I missed a bunch of meetups over the last year?

Good luck with your dad.
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I'm all about other meetups. I just didn't want to always be saying what we should do, because left to my own devices, I pick the most mainstream thing.

Hope your dad improves, limeonaire.
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Maybe we need to work out a seven deadly sins string of meetups to be scattered throughout the remainder of the year.

I'm not sure what it's prices are like, but Bamboo Bistro is right by the Federal Reserve Bank - that would cover greed nicely.
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Sorry to hear about your dad too, limeonaire, I hope he's doing okay.

As for later meetups, I'd be into anything. Probably we'll need a better idea of who will be in attendance to nail down details?

Left to my own devices I tend to go for brown bagging it in Forest Park, but I don't expect that'll have any particular mass appeal.
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Is there a location in Forest Park that will fit one of the deadly sins? If so, I'm in favor because nothing says fun quite like a goofy theme!
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A lazy weekend picnic is the very picture of sloth. Bring a sack lunch and a story of how the meetup is helping you procrastinate.

Being in Forest Park on a a weekend we'll be surrounded by vanity in the form of people on running and biking trails. If we are conspicuously gluttonous and slothful enough in our picnicking we may be able to inspire some envy from the joggers.
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Jedicus, you really are an evil genius.
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Pride and wrath are going to be the tough ones.
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Easy. We all wear MeFi t-shirts. And if you don't think MeFites can bring the wrath, well, you must stick to Ask.
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If you think Ask doesn't induce wrath, you must avoid Meta.
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I am a million percent on board for a slothful and gluttonous Forest Park picnic. If we do it some weekend in July, we'll probably sweat enough to be able to credibly say we're in Hell.

I could realistically do any weekend in July, with a few conflicts here and there.
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I'm kind of constrained in July, but could do the 7th, 20th, or 21st.
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I'd be game for something on the 7th.
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I can do the 7th. That makes 3 of us. Anybody else?
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OK, obviously the 7th didn't happen. How do people feel about something on August 16th or 17th?
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