Two Mefites in Houston
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Hey, 7segment and I are headed to Houston to see the Houston Dynamo/Stoke City game on the 24th of July. We'd like to see if we can schedule a meet up at a bar on the 23rd in order to meet some Houston mefites. I know zero about Houston. I'll be staying near the Dynamo stadium so somewhere near there would be awesome and around the 7pm-8pm hour works best. Suggestions?
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I'll leave location suggestions to others who know the area better, but I'll do my best to be there. Yay, meetup!
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EaDo (the new fun name given to the area where the new soccer stadium is; short for East of Downtown) has a couple bars right over there, so we can always do Woodrow's or something like that if you all don't want to travel far. It also depends on how fancy you want to get (in terms of drinks; Houstonians don't really look favorably on anything that is so fancy it requires a dress code). Downtown, a mere stones throw from EaDo, has a couple options that will offer a little more than cold beer, which is what Woodrow's will offer. Hearsay is a gastropub with some good food and good drinks. (And a place with both food AND drink seems to be the best option for enticing the largest crowd.) And it is a Tuesday night, so we wouldn't have to fuss with the weekend crowds.

In the alternative, there are a lot of other fun places to go and grab a drink or some food. They'll be a little farther away from EaDo, but you'll quickly learn that everything in Houston is a 30 minute drive from everything else. Your mom out in the suburbs? 30 minutes. That little store one neighborhood away? 30 minutes. There's some weird time vortex thing that happens here.

Anyway, I'm putting myself down as a maybe. I want to come, but I'll be back from two weeks abroad on the 21st, and the return trip is usually pretty brutal for me for jetlag. So if I am not falling asleep by 4pm, I'm there.
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I don't remember too many hotels around the stadium, are you staying downtown by any chance? That increases the number of possible hangouts, and does change which direction we should look.

The Moon Tower Inn (not actually an inn) has sorted their building code issue out and re-opened and is about a mile from the stadium, but I'll admit that we are possibly not in the best time of the year for outdoor dining in Houston.

The Astro's are out of town on the 23rd, so places like The Bus or Home Plate will be empty.

The original Kim Son on Jefferson is about a mile in another direction, has pretty decent Chinese and Vietnamese, and will easily accomodate a group of people.
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if you guys need a ride, if that helps at all with scheduling or helps in general, it won't be a problem for me. i am down for food or just drinks, not picky.
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Kim Son sounds like a great idea.
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Yeah so I'm with josher71 in not knowing anything about Houston. My default in that situation is to set up downtown. So, jph: when you say "a stone's throw", is it reasonably easy getting between the two? I'm down to bus/walk that distance, even given my understanding of your climate, but am more concerned about, like, there being no sidewalk.

Oh wait, it's Texas, so you can, like, drink on the sidewalk, huh? I am SO looking forward to this trip.
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You can drink on the sidewalk?
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But seriously, I'm planning on staying at the Club Quarters on 720 Fannin St. It's about a mile from the stadium.
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Well, er, a "stone's throw" is maybe a little bit of an exaggeration. I wouldn't think anything of walking from the stadium area to Hearsay (and downtown has lots of sidewalks, that's all it has really...), but maybe some are less inclined to walk that kind of distance? The Maps say it is 1.1 miles. So maybe I've just gone soft and it really isn't that big a deal. And Club Quarters is like 6 blocks from Hearsay. So even closer.
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josher71, I'd be happy to talk further with you over MeMail if you'd like to talk transportation. I just moved to Houston (this'd be my first Houston meet-up) and I am not far from the area you're discussing. I'll definitely keep an eye on this thread, as I'd like to go to this one.
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Personally, I don't even like to walk from my back door to my car in this heat, let alone 1.1 miles, but YMMV. (Probably not, though. It's stupid hot.)
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Yeah. It's so true. July will be Full On Blast Furnace. Perhaps only to be outdone by August. Which is historically the moment when the sun's corona reaches out and caresses Texas, lovingly and tenderly.

Anyway, the whole point of that was just to figure out where we should meet up and whether it should be Just Drinks or Drinks and Food. If we're being democratic about this, I'd vote for Drinks and Food.
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Drinks and food make sense to me. Sorry I've been absent. I'm open to anything. Does anyone have strong feelings against Kim Son?
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sure, food can come too
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Dangit, this looks like the second Houston meetup in a row where I suggest a location and then have to bail due to work-related travel. Turns out I'm gonna be gone that day after all. Sorry, folks.
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Kim Son is good. More on the food end of the spectrum than the drink end of the spectrum, but it's always been a family favorite.
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I will be back in Houston but not in time to make this meetup. I will make the next one!
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