Ashevegas, baby!
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Sun July 7 at 3:00 PM, The Bywater
796 Riverside Drive, Asheville, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
Asheville NC meetup. Possibly at a venue serving beer or beers. Mid July?
I know there are a handful of us lurking around- lets meet up! I suggest the second week of July (after all that holiday makin' is over). I am agnostic on the venue, but if we meet at the Bywater I promise to bring cupcakes.
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That would be awesome; it's been too long. The Bywater gets crazy crowded particularly on Fridays and Saturdays - if we go there I vote for a Sunday afternoon.
posted by mygothlaundry at 4:49 AM on June 10, 2013

Mid July works for me
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Isn't the Bywater members-only?
posted by rikschell at 9:36 AM on June 10, 2013

I really like the Wedge, but it also gets pretty crowded at times. I don't care where, I'll try and attend depending on the day; I'm good with mid-July as well.
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The Bywater is members only, except that 1. I am a member and you are my guests 2. membership can be purchased by anyone with $5 and a signature.
I would also vote for Sunday afternoon or an evening midweek.
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Yeah, I am a member as well and if we can lure moonbird along, he is a member now too. So that's two more members and I think each member can sign in at least two guests, so we should be okay there.
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Yay! People!
For the sake of putting something out there..I'm going to suggest the 7th or the 21st. Mostly because I am on call all of the other Sundays in July and thus would not be able to drink. Which would be sad.
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I'd really like to attend this. I won't know until after the 24rth. If I bring someone, please don't hit on him. He's seven.
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I was there last night and asked the bartender. Any members can sign in basically unlimited guests, so, all good. Plus we could of course arrive by water, always a bonus for mefites. (This would be a link to that wonderful Askme question from many years ago about how to arrive at a party - in formal dress - from underwater if I could find it. It would have been a great link and would have made people chuckle wryly but I can't find it so you'll just have to imagine it.)
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OK, I am going to put up a tentative date for the 7th. I promise not to hit on any children. And make cupcakes.
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You are allowed to bean him with a cupcake.

I've never been to The Bywater. What's the shade situation like outside? The sun hates me.

Also, the 7th is rather close to the 4rth. Might be crowded?
posted by Mr. Yuck at 6:06 PM on June 14, 2013

It's a little better for me later in the month, but I can probably swing it earlier if that's the consensus.
posted by Red Loop at 6:53 AM on June 15, 2013

Is this still supposed to happen?
posted by Red Loop at 6:02 PM on June 30, 2013

Yeah, as far as I know it's on! I'm going to be there anyway. I'll wear my last surviving metafilter t-shirt.
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Yes! It is still happening! It might rain, but there is an indoor area to hang out so it will be ok. I can bring snax.
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What time? Hopefully the place isn't underwater by then.
posted by Red Loop at 3:33 AM on July 5, 2013

It's at 3-ish. Only a 60% chance of precipitation! That's like a drought in this day and age. And I'm guessing it won't be too crowded.
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I'm in town, so I might drop by.
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So, uh, anyone there? I was about to head out but then the rain - the constant, unceasing rain - started up again.
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I just arrived. Not sure if anyone else is here
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Our two photos are up! On the way home I saw those hapless tubers, too - they were like a mile down Riverside walking along. I felt bad for them, a couple were barefoot but seriously - I am baffled as to how they thought they were getting home in the first place.
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I'm sorry I ended up missing it; maybe we could try again in a few months, rather than waiting a few years between meetups?
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Housemate hydroplaned his car upside down into a swollen creek in Leicester Sat. night and I had to be home with him Sunday. Concussion watch. He swam out through the broken rear windshield.

Cut up, lots of bruising and pain. He'll be OK.

No more power windows for me.

Maybe if we all lit votive candles, we could stop this weather? It has been raining since Feb.
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I talked to lazaruslong via twitter the other day and he's going to be in town at the end of September and wants to organize a meetup then. So I'm thinking we should totally do another one then. How does Sunday, September 29 sound? At the Bywater again. Perhaps the rain will have stopped by September. If not, we'll all be screamingly insane and the meetup will be doubly necessary.
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My almanac says some hurricane will devastate New Orleans and then stall out in these mountains that day. I will emerge from the water in a tuxedo wearing a brass helmet. Pardon the smell.

I'm game, Goth. Miss your blog.
posted by Mr. Yuck at 4:43 PM on July 8, 2013

September sounds good to me!
posted by Red Loop at 3:11 AM on July 10, 2013

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