Meetup in Madison?
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Wed June 19 at 7:00 PM, The Malt House
2609 East Washington Avenue, Madison, WI, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi all! My husband and I are new to Madison (we moved two days before the huge snowstorm in December!). We’d love to meet some of the local Mefites. I haven't seen any Madison meetups proposed, but there seems to be a lot of Mefites around...
I was thinking of a late afternoon or evening meetup on a weeknight. I will tentatively propose June 11, 12, 13, 18, 19, or 20. Depending on the night and the number of people interested, the Vintage on Whitney, the Malt House, or Brasserie V might be good possible locations.

I am open to other dates and locations, of course. I hope to hear back from some Madison locals who would like to get together and give us the scoop on our new home.
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Hi, I'm in Milwaukee, and my schedule is really wonky these days, but I know some of the Madison mefites and I'll provide some signal boost for you.
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I'd be interested in attending, but I'd only be available for the later dates (18,19,20). My son graduates from Memorial on the 15th, so understandably we're a little flummoxed until then.
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I am also in Milwaukee and will be in Madison for this on Saturday, June 8, but unfortunately, I'm out of town on the rest of those dates.

For any other Madison meetups in the future, I'd be more than happy to make the trek. I'm usually in Madison 1-2x every 4-6 weeks for shows at High Noon and such. Genna's and Green Owl for life!
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I'd be out of town those dates, but maybe later in the summer?
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Congratulations to you and your son, thanotopsis!

I'd love to meet up, but I'm not free on the 20th - that's the night Clips of Faith (warning: autoplay on other pages of this site) is in town. Just about any other night would be OK, though.
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I'm interested, depending on how goofy my schedule is. For transportation reasons, I'm more interested in the Malt House or Brasserie V than the Vintage.
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Thanks for all the responses. It looks like the 18th or 19th at the Malt House or Brasserie V might work. I will wait another day or so to see if other responses roll in.

I'm excited!
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My (non-MeFite but lurky) husband and I are in town and usually game. 11-13 aren't ideal for me (hosting at a work conference) but the next week should be good.

Welcome, welcome!
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June is busy as hell for me.

Pick a day and place. If I can make it, I'll drop by. I promise.
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I can't do the 11th, but otherwise, I'm game!
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I'd love to come up from Janesville. My situation is especially difficult right now, but something has always gotten in the way before and these aren't even monthly like Chicago's.
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rockindata and I will come! We vote for the Malt House and any day is fine.
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I vote for Brasserie V since it's an easy walk from my house! But I'm probably less certain to come than most, so my vote counts half?
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What an exciting response! It seems like many options were favored by different people, but I'll go ahead and make a call so we can confirm the meetup. How about the 19th at 7 pm at the Malt House? The Malt House will allow for possible outside seating should weather permit. If we do another meetup, let's keep Brasserie in mind.

I'll see if anyone wants to adjust the time and move this to confirmed.
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How long are you going to be there? I'm much more inclined to come out after I'm done putting my kids to bed, which realistically means not leaving my house until 9.
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Escabeche, I will memail you my cell number, and we can check in with each other that night to see if things are ramping up or winding down.

I'm moving this to confirmed. See everyone next week!
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Hurrah! Looking forward to it!
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I am randomly busy at that exact time on that exact night...but would love to find out about future meetups. (Also, I don't drink, but would assume that any beer place worth its, well, beer would carry Sprecher sodas, so that wouldn't have been a dealbreaker!)
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I'm planning on being there. Barring anything bad happening, it should happen.
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I'm looking forward to the meetup tonight! I will be wearing sparkly green shoes and hoping to meet some nice people.
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