Main Line: Tired Hands
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Wed June 19 at 6:00 PM, Tired Hands
16 Ardmore Avenue, Ardmore, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
CONFIRMED FOR JUNE 19th! Dear everyone, I've really fallen off the IRL-train but Tired Hands keeps producing interesting beers and delicious bread! Interested? When?
For those who don't know, Tired Hands is a very cool little microbrewery in the heart of the Main Line, an easy 18 minute train trip from 30th St/20 minutes from Center City. Local cheeses and salads, many types of meat, and exciting beer options.

Also, the candied bacon still has a revered place on the menu.
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Wednesdays are usually pretty good for me.
posted by SpiffyRob at 4:07 AM on May 29, 2013

I was just thinking it was time for another visit to Tired Hands. Wednesdays are good for me as well (except the 12th). M-Th are usually good too.
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Is the 5th too soon? Thoughts on the 19th or 26th?
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Hooray! I'm always up for another Tired Hands outing. My June weeknight calendar is pretty open - the only days that don't work for me are 6/5, 6/11, 6/20, and 6/26. As long as we do it a night other than one of those, I'm in!

Based on the three of us who have weighed in so far, Wednesday the 19th could be a good choice - thoughts?
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Ha, we posted at the same time! I think the 19th is looking good so far, and it gets my vote.
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Weekdays in June are fairly open and the 19th works.
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I'm between jobs and only have school in the mornings, so any day is good for me. I AM GOING TO PUT ALL THE CANDIED BACONS IN MY FACE HOLES.
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Sweeeet, I am confirming this for June 19th, and I look forward to seeing everyone and stuffing my face with all the bread/beer/wine/pickles!
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(We should also do another Philly bar meetup soonish!)
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I may have spoken too soon- there's a show at 9:00 the same night (Cold Cave at Morgan's Pier). I'll try to make it out to Ardmore a bit early and leave around 8:00.
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We pretty much always leave on either the 7:30 or the 8:30 train back to the city, so a 9pm show is totally do-able, and I would be interested in joining you for it if I can invite myself along!

Also, yes to needing another Philly bar meetup soon! Things have been a little crazy lately so I have failed at posting anything for a while, but as mentioned above my weeknights aren't too bad next month and I would love additional excuses to go out drinking with all of you.
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Philly Beer week runs through the 10th, could be interesting to try and do a mefi meetup in conjunction with an event, but depending on the venue/event might be too crowded to try and do a mefi meetup at one too.

Family conflict with the 19th, but if that changes i will go.
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Jess- that'd be great! It's an awesome band and a fun venue (though I hope their sound system is better than it was last year).

Any other Mefites up for some crushingly loud goth rock on the waterfront after the Ardmore meetup? It's at Morgan's Pier, with no cover charge.
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I have requested off from work just to come out and have the beers and bacons with you all!
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Quick update: the Cold Cave show has been canceled, since Morgan's Pier (quite rightly) would rather not host the opener, Boyd Rice, who is, frankly, a deeply awful human being, and whose participation I wasn't aware of.
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Hooray! It's almost here!

We've got a launch scheduled for Thursday, and if things go south in the next two days, I may be late/absent, but hoping everything goes smoothly.
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Nooooooo I left my growler at home!

what a world
what a world

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Oh no!

Growler tragedies aside, here's a look at what their facebook page has been promoting:

Perfect Hole In One is ON TAP today! IPA hopped with a whole lot of Centennial and Simcoe. Citrusy, Juicy, and very refreshing. 6.5% abv.

Guillemot, our dark & dense Saison, is ON TAP today! This batch was fermented in both stainless steel and wine barrels (roughly 50/50 split) with resident yeast and bacteria. 8.5% abv.

Given the number of positive RSVPs, I'm going to go up to the second floor and try to hold down a bigger table before 6 pm. I'll be wearing a somewhat manic grin and a black dress/crazy floral pattern. I will make bacon inquiries. See you soon!
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I will be wearing a blue gingham shirt that I'm 99% sure I was wearing at the last Tired Hands meetup. I hope to be there around 6:15.
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It should be there at 6 or a little before. I remembered my growler - now I just hope they have something I want to get a growler of :)
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I'll be on the 5:30 train out of center city. I think most of you guys have already met me- grey pants, blue & pink shirt, red hair
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Trains running super late. Probably be there closer to 7.
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I'm just now leaving to head towards the train, so might be a little later. Also my friend Rob is a bartender there and it is his birthday! He should be upstairs! Yay for two birds with one brewery!
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I don't believe I authorized the presence of another Rob.
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Here? First one? Upstairs? Beer? Bacon?
posted by Diskeater at 2:46 PM on June 19, 2013

The train situation is worsening. Looks like the 530ish one got cancelled and the next one is 15 minutes late.
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The 5:44 is still sitting on track 5 at suburban station if you want to come join us on this one...
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I'm at Market East. Curious to know the fate of your train. The 607 here has become the 622, hoping that sticks.
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Man, Septa, you had ONE job

We will try to not eat all the bacon!
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Just make sure the one you get on isn't running express and skipping Ardmore - some of them do. This one is moving, finally, whew!
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Yeah...I'm at suburban station, still waiting on the 573P (incidentally what does that P mean?) towards Bryn Mawr which is the train my app is telling me to take. The board says it will be here at 6:19. We shall see!

Another question: no fee for these?? Where do I pay?
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You can buy a ticket beforehand or on the train; we are zone two and you will be returning during off peak hours.
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On the train? Where?
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Never mind, I figured it out
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You guys that was so fun! Thanks once again for making the long and arduous trek to Ardmore; it was wonderful to see everyone (and to eat my body weight in bread and pickles.)
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Woo fun! Thanks all!
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Oh no! The Woo Girls got lazaruslong!
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SEPTA came through in the end and we had us another successful meetup filled with bacon, "pork", and wedding planning.
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