Find me a bar or a girl or guitar where do you go on a Friday, Sunday or Monday night?
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So I am attending a conference in Adelaide over the weekend of 25/26 May.
russm & I will be arriving in Adelaide on the afternoon of the 24th & leaving on the 28th.
Anyone up for a meet up? We're free the Friday & Sunday nights & all day Monday & early Tuesday.
We'll be in the vicinity of Victoria Square.
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God, I'm sorry, I start a job on the 25th and work continuously until the Sunday afterwards. Hope you have a nice trip. Hang around drinking coffee at Lucia's in the market. Pubs — Grace Emily, Exeter. Eat in Chinatown, or on Gouger St.
posted by Wolof at 1:20 AM on May 9, 2013

Bus trip to Cleland on Monday would suit you guys if you like gum trees and wildlife and views. It's broadly comparable to Healesville.
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Man, I haven't been to Cleland in 20(?) years. I guess it's a possibility, but knowing us that sort of day trip is unlikely to win out over lazing around in the city.
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