Algonquin for the good land: Hey, Milwaukee!
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Sat June 1 at 7:00 PM, Sugar Maple
441 East Lincoln Avenue, Milwaukee, WI, USA (Map & Directions)
Let's start off June with a bang -- drinks and awesome discussions in Bay View!
Is there anybody out there? I will admit that I have no idea how many (if any) active MeFi users live in or around MKE, and also that I have no idea how MeFi Meetups go or are supposed to go. But if you do, it would be awesome to meet some of y'all over adult beverages, coffee, and/or food! What do you think?

*Some possible venues:
+ Safe House is always fun
+ Nessun Dorma, the best bar/restaurant/establishment in Riverwest
+ Hi Hat Garage or Hotel Foster if you're feeling East Side-y
+ Burnhearts, Sugar Maple, or At Random for the Bay View folks
+ this is the part where I must admit that I am completely unfamiliar with basically all other neighborhoods

I was thinking about the evening of Friday, May 24, another time during the long Memorial Day weekend, or the first weekend in June? Alternately, there's a great trivia night at the Riverwest Public House every other Wednesday (May 8, May 22, etc.).

I'm really bad at making anything resembling a final decision, but how does this sound?
Saturday, June 1, ~7 PM meet up at Sugar Maple, possibly followed by a nightcap at At Random?
(It'd be a 1-mile/20-minute walk, pretty much a straight shot down KK and then Russell. Also, I'm not much of a drinker, so I could be DD for the evening as well.)

Anyone else near Milwaukee, of course you'd be more than welcome to visit -- looking at you, Madison & Chicago! -- and I'd be more than happy to show you the sights, and I have a guest room if you need one.
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OMG, a Milwaukee meetup?! It's been years!

I'm in Bay View, but anywhere is fine with me. I know of a couple active members in Milwaukee; I'll ping them to draw their attention. I'll email the Madisonian contingent as well.

I think Memorial Day weekend is a not-so-great idea; there are too many people going out of town. First weekend of June sounds fine to me. Safe House is definitely lots of fun, but also kind of loud for getting to know people. I just woke up so I'll think about other options. The only other place I've been to on your list is Hi Hat, which has a delicious brunch if anyone wants to go that route.
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Sugar Maple, Burnhearts or Hotel Foster is my vote. First weekend in June is much better than Memorial Day.
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I have no idea how MeFi Meetups go or are supposed to go.

Highest user number buys a round :P
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It's been a while since there's been one. We should do it.
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I'm always forgetting that people do things like "go out of town" on holiday weekends, heh! First weekend of June it is. And you all have my solemn oath: I will buy everyone's first round.

I'm totally open to a consensus vote, but I've always favored Sugar Maple for friendly gatherings of all sizes -- it's big, sparkly clean, lots of seating, nice patio, the music is always good but never too loud... and there are 60 craft beers (and ciders!) on tap. Plus it's easy to find, just a touch east of the giant KK/Lincoln/Howell intersection. Parking around there can be a bit of a pain because it's all streets and meters, but there's so much great food/drink/shopping within a block or two of that corner that it's always a worthwhile hassle.
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I'm fine with Sugar Maple. By "the first weekend in June" do you mean June 1, which is a Saturday, or the first full weekend? Either is fine with me; I'll be flying solo if it's June 1.

We've been to that area a lot to go to Centraal; parking is better the further east you go on Lincoln, and there are a couple side streets that aren't too crazy. KK is just going to be a mess. If anyone in Bay View/south side wants a ride, let me know. I'm near South Shore Park.

(In case it wasn't clear, I was totally joking about the first round thing.)
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Great! I was initially thinking about the weekend inclusive of June 1, just because it's sooner and Saturdays are so awesome, but any day on either of those weekends (5/31-6/2 or 6/7-6/9) would be fine by me. After the weekend of 6/7-6/9, I'll be out of town every weekend through August. Out-of-towners, do you have a preference?

And I'm a long-time practitioner of always at least trying to buy the first round for basically any gathering I'm part of, regardless of the occasion, so no worries -- I'll just need help carrying the pint glasses!
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Drmew and I would love to attend.
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Betafae speaks truth. I have a soft spot in my heart for At Random, but I'm happy to go with consensus.
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Hells yeah! It's been too long! Unless the world is burning (and to be fair, that is one of my ongoing projects...) I plan on being there.

Bayview has become my new home away from home since Makerspace moved to the new location, so I'm pretty much happy with any spot down there, but I'd be remiss if I didn't take a moment to pont out that Cafe Lulu has the best burgers I've ever eaten.
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I'm up for whatever. quin, are you a member of the makerspace?
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Do we have an alternate plan in case of snow?
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DIY toboggans at Currie Park!
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Sounds fantastic, but I'll still be out of town on my Memorial Day travels.
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Would Saturday, June 6 work better for any/all of youse?

For future reference, we could also try to put together a pub trivia meetup one of these days, 'cause I just know y'all are some intelligent folks with broad bases of quirky knowledge. Blackbird (corner of KK and Rusk) has a great trivia night... and board games... and a pinball machine... and a photobooth. Bonus: Moscow Mules in copper mugs!
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I may be able to join you, and if I do it's likely that I'll bring another Madison MeFite.
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I'm going to try to make it too.
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Awesome! I hope y'all can come down/up/over. If anyone needs directions or general MKE info or anything, please drop me a MeMail.

So far, it looks like it almost definitely will not snow on the day of our meetup, but I'll keep some cardboard boxes in my trunk in case we need to gin up a few toboggans. Have a lovely holiday week/end, see you all next week!
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So far, it looks like it almost definitely will not snow on the day of our meetup

My weather control machine has been working pretty well lately, so I might surprise you...[cough] [COUGH] ack. Hahaha!
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Oh, cool! I've started poking around Metafilter more, and I *just* moved back to Milwaukee after about 12 years away ... I'll do my damndest to make it.
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my friend and I will not make it!
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Oh, wow: At Random. I've been kicked out of there.
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yomimono, sorry you won't be able to make it! And eamondaly, hey, me, too! It felt like a rite of passage. And their drinks are just brutal. Now I know there's a reason they won't let you order a Tiki Love Bowl all on your lonesome...

In other news, instead of assembling materials to make toboggans in advance of Friday's meetup, I am now collecting materials to build an ark.
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In that spirit, I'm amending my previous offer: if anyone would like to canoe or kayak from Bay View, let me know.
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> are you a member of the makerspace?

I am! And should anyone want a tour after the gathering, I'll be happy to accommodate.
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OMG! I had no idea anything like this existed in our fair city. Awesome. Do you happen to know if there are any classes or special newbie nights on offer for stupid and clumsy people who don't have any kind of talent in any arena, or is it pretty much just for people with well-established talents and projects they already know how to work on? I would love to learn how to use tools and make things with my hands but I have no idea where to start.
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I haven't been there yet, but there Tuesday night meetings are open to everyone, and they do offer classes from time to time.
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Gahh! I can't make it on Saturday.
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Aw, shucks. Figure there'll be a few more cancellations between now and tomorrow, but as a reminder, I will still be the weird small person buying the first round for all comers.
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whew, I won't be the only weird small person there.
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I'll be there!
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I'm weird but not small.
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OK, confession: I have been thinking about bringing y'all a dozen vegan MetaFilter-themed cupcakes tomorrow. They would be standard vanilla bean 'cakes... topped with blue, green, and grey-tinted icing. Too much?
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> I haven't been there yet, but there Tuesday night meetings are open to everyone, and they do offer classes from time to time.

Tuesdays are, indeed, open, but it's the night of the board meetings, and typically not optimal for new people to experience the space. I strongly suggest Thursday nights at around 7pm. It's our Open-To-The-Public time and there are usually experts from most of the areas around to show off the tools.

As for tomorrow, you'll know me by my craft. And also by my hat. I'll probably wear a hat. Would that help? A hat?

I'll wear a hat.
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I'm on my way! And I remembered to put pants on!
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Yay Milwaukee MeFites!
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Thanks divined by radio for organizing this, thanks to drezdn for the good conversation, and thanks to quin for the tour of the makerspace! The rest of you missed out.
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We missed it! :(
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desjardins and drezdn were, as always, spectacularly awesome to meet up with, and divined by radio was fantastic to get to know for at least three reasons:

1.) She's funny and interesting as hell.
2.) She has a job that she can't talk much about, so I got to spend the whole evening failing to extract information from her. She's really good!
3.) She bought drinks!

And one thing you have to love about mefites, is that they were willing to follow me (Me!) into a dark, unmarked warehouse that they'd never seen before and suspected was full of really, really dangerous tools. (Me! it's like they've never read any of my comments before!)

You just don't get that kind of trust on Craigslist!

If you have the opportunity to meet with these folks, I'd highly recommend it. They are fun!

On that subject, I'm thinking we need to set up a lakefront BBQ (with vegan options, natch). Summer is fleeting, and Winter is Coming. So we need to cook out. It's a moral imperative.
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We were sorry to have missed you, Betafae and Dr. Mew!

It was wonderful to meet everyone -- mensches and kindred spirits, the whole lot. Can't think of a nicer group of folks with whom I would tipsily venture into a giant warehouse full of terrifying power tools.

I am 100% down for a lakefront cookout as our brief dance with glorious weather marches ever closer to fruition. I even have my own li'l Webster (with vegan-food-only grill grate) for riblets and such -- I can make these glorious things and some cold noodle salad with peanut sauce and corn on the cob and foil packets and mojitos with apple or orange mint from my garden. Then all BBQ attendees can come over to the art museum and watch me freak out about Mannerism for a couple of hours. Everyone wins!

Thank you all for coming, hope we can meet up again soon.
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I would definitely be up for another meet up later this summer.
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