I'll take meetups for 100, Alex
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Fri May 24 at 7:00 PM, The Dead Poet
450 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
SisterHavana and I are coming to New York from (different) faraway locales to audition for Jeopardy! Care to meet us for dinner and (hopefully) triumphant audition stories afterwards?
Thanks to this thread, SisterHavana and I have discovered that we're both trying out for Jeopardy in New York. Our auditions are on May 23rd and 24th, respectively. How does a dinner meetup on the 24th sounds?

It's been three years since I've spent significant time in New York and have no clue where I'll be staying, so I will leave it to actual New Yorkers to suggest a good venue. I'm flexible in terms of type of food, so long as I can actually hear people talk and food is not hideously expensive. SisterHavana says ' Not very into Chinese, vegetarian/vegan cuisine or seafood, but otherwise [everything is] OK.'
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I'll be staying near Columbus Circle. I'd prefer a venue in Manhattan, just because I'm most familiar with it, but as long as said venue is easily accessible via public transit, I'll be fine.
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I hear Guy Fieri has a new place in Manhattan.
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You might have luck looking for a place just north of Columbus Circle, somewhere in the w70s-90s.
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( like I'd suggest Brother Jimmy's BBQ but it has a rowdy atmosphere and can be ...loud).
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In the interest of not letting this die on the vine, I'm researching restaurants on the Upper West Side now. Picking from places that have high star ratings relative to low cost ratings on menupages, I come up with this totally arbitrary beginning list:

The Dead Poet (Bar food, decent looking beer list)

Say Cheese, and Other Foods That Make You Smile (Fancy comfort food; I admit, I'm a sucker for this genre. Closes early though.)

Piccolo Cafe (Italian, possibly really small.)

Cafe Friday (Mexican, more mixed reviews.)

Does anyone have any experience with any of these? Any better suggestions? Can we call it for Friday at 6 in any case?
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I think a bar with food is logistically better for a weeknight meetup than a full-on restaurant, makes it easier for people to show up late/early. (I don't get out of work until 6, so i'd be a 7pm show-up wherever this ends up being.)
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7pm would work for me. I'm pretty flexible that day. : )

Shall we move this from Proposed to It's On?
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Whoops, sorry I am a lousy meetup organizer! I'll go ahead and call the timing for Friday at 7 but we still have no venue...
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Go ahead and pick something; it's going to be fine. I have been to the Dead Poet and remember it as pretty low key.
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I forgot that the 24th is the Friday before Memorial Day weekend - my office will be closing at 1pm that day, so, earlier than 7pm is fine by me.
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Confirmed for 7 at Dead Poet!
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Welcome to New York, Sister Havana & ActionPopulated - hope you weren't caught out in the downpour yesterday.
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Hey. I just wanted to check that this is still happening.
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Yup, still on!
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I am just glad I packed a rain jacket!
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I'm here already-near the front, in a light blue jacket.
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We've moved to the back - it is super-crowded & tiny, we may need an alternative location before long
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Running a bit late, leaving in a couple minutes. I am wearing a Coney Island t-shirt, grey hoodie and black rain jacket.
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I am on my way but won't arrive until 7:30 at least. Please post if you're moving to an alternate location. I'm a blonde woman in a black trenchcoat and glasses.
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Ok, we have relocated to the Ansterdam Diner across the street from the Dead Poet, next to the St James Irish Pub. We are in a booth by the front.
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Which would explain why I couldn't find anyone at Dead Poet! Be there in a moment.
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