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Tue April 23 at 6:00 PM, Under the Sun Brewpub
627 Broadway, Boulder, CO, USA (Map & Directions)
all right it has been WAY TOO LONG. Boulder Meetup!!
I am full of grar and cabin fever from this SNOW THAT REFUSES TO STOP ARGH WTF??

Weeknights are good, Saturdays could work depending on the venue. Under The Sun has great food but they are just as or more crowded than the Southern Sun these days.

Other ideas? I was introduced to Cards Against Humanity a few weeks ago but realise it maybe a bit mean or over-the-top for a diverse crowd. I wouldn't be opposed to hosting CAH at my house, however (house is an easy walk from main transit).

We need a Boulder meetup. It's been 2 years, and I've flaked on the last, oh, dozen Denver meetups owing to not living there anymore. This is way too long. Who's with me?
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Card games...meh. I'm up for drinking and running my fool mouth though.
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I am out of town this weekend but also full of grar. Hell, let's do it tonight. :-)
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I like the idea of a meetup soonish. Not sure how free I'm gonna be for the next handful of nights, but I'll keep an eye on this.
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How does next Tuesday evening work?
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How does next Tuesday evening work

Pretty good for me...
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I could probably schlep out to Boulder. Not terribly picky about venue/activity/date, though I am a fan of both CAH and drinking/running my fool mouth.
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I have something already Tuesday, but will hope to catch everyone soon!
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How about I go ahead and post it up - next Tuesday night 6-ish, and I am going to suggest we try Under The Sun - it's downstairs from the Southern Sun and has a bit more upscale menu and more guest beers on tap. sorry for the Facebook link; apparently they have decided they are too cool for an ordinary website

Same deal as the SoSun - address is 627 S. Broadway, on the southwest corner of Table Mesa and Broadway, within super easy walking distance of the Broadway / Table Mesa bus stop (B bus from Denver, SKIP, etc.). You'll see the entrance from the street as it faces out towards the corner of Broadway and Table Mesa.

Do remember to bring cash, as this is one of our annoying quaint local Boulder businesses that refuses to take credit cards. There is a Wells Fargo ATM right next door, or an Elevations Credit Union ATM within a few store fronts.

I'll see what I can do about tossing a CAH set in my messenger bag if folks want to check it out.
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Sounds workable.

FWIW, last time I was at Under the Sun midweek there wasn't a wait or anything, so I don't think it's quite as swamped as the So. Sun yet.
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I just updated it. I will make sure to be there a little early, and I will attempt to talk my husband into joining us. Look for the table with the can of beans on it!
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If I make it won't be until 7:15ish.
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I may be able to make this one! It wouldn't be until 7ish, though.
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No worries, I'll be happy to hold the fort :)
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speaking of mr. lfr - he brought this hot mess home the other day. I'll toss it in my bag and see if it appeals to anyone.
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I'd be up for that. I've been meaning to try out Under the Sun.
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Sounds cool. I also can't make it until about 7, but can almost certainly be there by 7:15ish. (I also enjoy Cards Against Humanity and We Didn't Playtest This, FWIW.)
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right on, I'll toss it all in my bag. I live walking distance from UtS so depending on the weather (seriously, wtf spring?) I'll likely be perambulating if not on my velocipede.
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I am here! I put in for a table and am waiting in the foyer. Look for a short chick with brown hair in a bun with a grey band on it. I have a blue-and-grey Chrome bag with a skull / angel cyclist embroidery thing, and a MacBook Air with a Frank Miller skin (300) on it. I have a can of beans!
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Update: We have a table! We are all the way in the far left hand corner in a booth right next to the windows.
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Pleasure drinking beers with you all. Sorry to leave so abruptly, but bus travel to Longmont being what it is, I've learned not to push it too late. Thanks for organizing, lonefrontranger.
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oh you're quite welcome! and as someone who was at the mercy of RTD schedules for years here, I completely understand! I had a fantastic time and I'm glad we got together.

there will be a next time, and it will not be 2 years from now :)
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