Slow Art Day in Salem, MA
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Sat April 27 at 10:00 AM, Peabody Essex Museum
161 Essex Street, Salem, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
International Slow Art Day is coming up on April 27th. It's a worldwide effort to have a different kind of art experience. The idea is to spend a couple of hours immersing yourself in just 5-10 works of art, and then meet up with individuals who have just done the same to talk about the experience. We're hosting Slow Art Day where I work, and Metafilter's own Lipstick Thespian is host. We thought it would be fun to invite MeFites to take part, and when it's all over, we can go out for a just-MeFite gathering over pints or such.
So to make it work with the Slow Art Day structure, we will ask you register at the official EventBrite page for the event. It's free to register. To get into the museum, there is normally a $15 admission fee (it's a big museum), but if you are registered and plan to come and would like a free admission pass, please just MeMail me and I will be sure you are on a comp list that day.

You're invited to come to the museum and get started any time after the place opens at 10:00 AM. The gathering for conversation is at 1:00 PM in the museum's Atrium Cafe, and we would probably be going out for the aforementioned pints at 2:30ish when it winds down.
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If the Nick Cave soundsuits are part of this, I'm in.
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Robocop_is_bleeding and I are interested in the post-museum beers. We can't get a babysitter for the whole day so we'll have to miss the art, but we're excited for a Salem meetup!
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pxe, they definitely are!
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I am definitely in.
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Perfect timing! I just moved to Newburyport and have been looking forward to a) meeting (relative) locals, and b) checking out the PEM. Count me in.
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Awesome. We used to live in Newburyport and would love to welcome you to the area.
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So looking forward to it. If we haven't found each other by 2:15 or so (and for those on the beer-only plan), where shall we meet up?
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Update: We are now having a pint at the Old Spot! Should be easy to find us. A man with Buddy Holly type glasses in overalls , a gal with blondish-brown hair in a beige sweater, another gal with a MeFi-blue top and a jazzy red and blue skirt.
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Aack, we (logicpunk and I) *just* missed you - we arrived a bit late to the museum, and by the time we'd gone through (around 2 or 2:15), we didn't see a likely gathering of folks in the atrium, and missed this update until after we were headed back out of town. And we even crossed paths - I was the blonde who had to comment on the awesomeness of that jazzy red and blue skirt in the SoundSuit exhibit. Ah well, we'll just have to arrange another meetup soonish! Hope you guys are having a blast.
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Oh, bummer! So close and yet so far. Our discussion broke up just about 2:00. Sorry we weren't in closer touch. Well, good news is that we will plan another museum meetup this summer when the African-American Modern Art show is I hope we can meet you then. Hope you had a good visit anyway!
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Like two ships passing in the night, we were. Thank you again for enjoying my skirt. :)
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