Confirmed! Visiting your fine city--Charlotte, NC
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Sun April 21 at 3:00 PM, Vida Cantina
210 East Trade Street, EpiCentre, Charlotte, NC, USA (Map & Directions)
Hi there! As I mentioned in this question I'll be visiting Charlotte on the 21st and 22nd. I'd love to meet some of you guys too!
I'll be staying at the update: Westin, so anything get-to-able from there would be ideal, though I could cab it if there is something really awesome, but far away.

Sunday afternoon was mentioned as a convenient time, but I'm there solo for the whole weekend, so I could conceivably hang out with some of you at one time and others later. Suggestions for locations for this are more than welcome!
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So sorry, can't be there on Sunday. I drive in Monday afternoon.
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Sunday afternoon would work for me too. The Epicenter is pretty close to your hotel and has a bunch of food/drink places. Back last year when Jessamyn came to visit we all got together at Krazy Fish for food and drinks, though its not really in walking distance from where you are.

Also just to throw it out there the Rural Hill Scottish Festival is that weekend which is always fun. My wife and I and a co-worker and her husband are all going that Saturday morning. Mmm...haggis puffs....
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Sunday afternoon sounds good and I was going to suggest the Epicenter if you don't have a car. If you do, we should meet at the Diamond or Pinky's. Or one of us can pick you up, maybe?

(Waving at Captain_Science)
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I'd love to go explore the Epicenter! What time works for you guys?
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I'm tentatively in for a Sunday lunch or afternoon drink at the Epicenter. If I'm able to make it, I'll have a 10-year-old future Mefite in tow. Vida Cantina has good food and cocktails.
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Sunday should still work for me too. We could just meet up in the main square...sort of by CVS and what not and figure out what we are in the mood for from there?
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Meeting in the main square and wandering sounds good--I confirmed it for Vida Cantina, but we can change our minds if we want to! I just landed and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone soon!
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Ack, I'm not a maybe, but I can't change it on my iPad.
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Sounds good!
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Ugh, gang, I am now a "maybe" - some unexpected kid obligations have come up. Trying to work out logistics with Mr. Darling so I can see you all. I'll update here by noon tomorrow. Fingers crossed!
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Sorry folks, won't be able to make it after all - must supervise a homework project that a certain fourth-grader left to the last minute. Have fun.
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I'm meandering over from the hotel now. I'm wearing a red scarf and red shoes. See people soon!
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We are at whiskey river.
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Had a great time with you guys! Thanks!
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