Sunday picnic in the park
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Sun April 21 at 2:00 PM, Happy Hollow Park
800 Brown Street, Iowa City, IA, USA (Map & Directions)
Sunday afternoon picnic in the park!
Semi-potluck - I'll bring extra food (most likely of the deli salad from the co-op variety) and we'll no doubt end up with more than we can possibly eat, so don't let lack of food to contribute or lack of cooking skills prevent you from attending.

There appears to be a parking lot for the park across from where Lucas St. meets Brown St., so let's meet there? Check in here for more specific meeting up/recognizing random Mefites directions Sunday morning.

Original text for historical preservation purposes:

Moar Iowa!

Hey, I only met one of you Iowa Citians so far(*), but the rest of you seem cool and interesting too! We should do a meetup when the rest of you aren't working. Picnic? Dinner? Drinks? Cultural event? Some time around the weekend of April 20?

(* turns out I had in fact met two of you).
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That would be dandy! According to my calendar I am free all weekend. If the weather is good, I would be in favor of a picnic, although that is largely because I come with a toddler and he would enjoy that the most.
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Let's say Sunday picnic, in the early afternoon? Is there a nice nearby or in-town park with a picnic table and some playground facilities for the little one?
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Let's say Happy Hollow Park. It's walking distance from where you're staying (if in fact you're still on the north side), it's got ample parking, and it's on a fairly quiet street, which is useful for the small person who likes to run away. :)
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Would 2 pm be too late? There's also naptime to negotiate. I apologize for making this so difficult.
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I moved actually (long story), but I also borrowed a bike from the Bicycle Library (and I have a automobile), so am quite mobile. So that sounds like a great location:) I'll change this to a confirmed event so that more people will hopefully see it.
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Awesome! See you then!
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I'd like to come, but I'm going to be out of town most of the weekend so I don't think I'll be able to make it.
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I'd like to come, but we're going out for my mom and stepdad's 20th anniversary lunch at 12:30, and I have the feeling that's going to be anything but quick. Have fun, and I'll check more often for Iowa meetups. Do these happen pretty often? I'm just up the road in CR.
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For identification purposes: I'll be pulling up in the blue truck with Nova Scotia plates, and wearing a turquoise winter coat.
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I will be driving a green Subaru station wagon with a bunch of crap and a small person in it!
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