Jessamyn Comes to Kansas
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Fri April 26 at 6:00 PM, 715
715 Massachusetts Street, Lawrence, KS, USA (Map & Directions)
One of the most famous librarians on the planet is coming to Kansas to do librarianly things later in April. Let's make sure she gets some non-work time as well, plus celebrate the rare appearance of a mod in the Midwest.
715, reservations at 6pm under Jessamyn's name.
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Although the front of the house is noisy at Free State, if you are able to snag the long table in the back, it's pretty quiet and works well for a group of 10 or so. I have done this with good results.
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Yeah my requests are 1) guaranteed not noisy (so showing up and hoping the quiet place is open wouldn't work, a place you can reserve is fine) 2) place where I can get dinner and maybe a drink. Looking forward to this.
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Reservations are accepted at 715. European Bistro is how it describes itself; I've been there a few times. Meat is prominent on the menu, and much of it is said to be local to the region. That said, I eat a vegan diet and I've happily eaten my fill of appetizers and veggie sides. The Brussels sprouts are my favorite. I pocketed the daily drink list last time I was there and it displays:
*The Bohemian (aviation gin, dubbonet rouge, cherries)
*Maple Old Fashioned
*Andy Sidecar (Apricot infused bourbon, cointreau....something that was cut off)
*Hog Wash Sazerac (pork fat washed rye, peychau...something that was cut off)
Just to give you a sample of the bar offerings. The wine selection was pretty nice as I remember, but I'm not an expert.
It's probably not hard to put a group in there. I'm not sure if they have a patio open, but late April might be outside dining weather (maybe, it is Kansas, after all).
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715 is delightful, but I'm biased as I have a family member who is on their staff. I've never been there with a larger group, though. Here's their website. It does say they take reservations for up to 20, which is probably wildly optimistic for a Kansas meetup. :-)
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I live on the opposite end of the state now, but I'd been planning on hitting the area to visit friends in the Lawrence area at some point in April anyway. I'll try to make it the weekend of the 26th!
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Drat, going to be in Chicago that weekend.
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715 is my Lawrence go-to, but it can't really be called quiet. Not as loud as the Free State, but still.

I'd like to add, however, that I get a no-meat Sazerac there all the time and it is terrific, if you like old-lady cocktails.
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I'm totally open to non-FreeState, non-715 suggestions. I'm not a Lawrence person myself, but if I scheduled the meetup for where I live (Manhattan), it would just be me and Jess.
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Man, it's hard to find something downtown in Lawrence that is good with drinks and not too expensive and also quiet. The Free State back room and 715 are the best options I'm aware of, but I haven't lived in Lawrence for a long time and am relying on Yelp and Google reviews for the places I haven't visited. That said, 715 is best for ambiance and coolness factor. Free State is the best for Lawrence-themed everything (getcher John Brown tee shirt; teach the controversy!). If quiet trumps everything else, I would work to get the Free State back room long table. Let me know if you want to try this last option; I know someone on the management staff and am happy to phone over there.

Though there is no bar, Wheatfields has started serving dinner this month. Adult beverages are important, so I'll just leave this here for anyone considering breakfast or lunch in Lawrence sometime soon:
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It doesn't need to be quiet, just not holleringly noisy bar. I am basically deaf in big noisy places and I'd love to be able to have a conversation without yelling across the table, that is my general request.
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I think in the interests of not letting this die on the vine, I'm going to move it to confirmed. On the vague assumption that someone else will probably try to take Jess to Free State, I'm gonna pick 715 for now. If someone pops in with a different brilliant suggestion, we'll just switch it up.
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I won't be able to make the Friday meetup but will be at the NEKLS thing on Wednesday. I'd rather not make a whole other meetup post about this, but maybe those of us at the tech day can grab a beer at the Blind Tiger afterwards.
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I will plan on it.
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Can we firm this up? 6PM at 715 on Friday. Right?

Is there anything I need to know, coming from Kansas City and having never been to Lawrence before? Parking? Will there be a "MetaFilter" table and I should ask the greeter for it? Just look for people who look like mefites?

I'm one of those people who has mild social anxiety and lots of uncertainty about this sort of thing makes me extra-anxious.
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I will try to be there early and I look pretty familiar. Should be wearing a red hoodie or a green windbreaker if it's rainy. I have a short haircut now. Looks like there will be six of us and we'll make a reservation just to have it be simple and it will be under my name or "MetaFilter" That sound good? I don't know much about parking, street parking looks ample in Google Street view. Folks can text me ay 508-415-9074 if things seem confusing.
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Cool! Thanks.
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Reservations made for 6pm under Jessamyn's name. 715 is not huge and most tables are visible from the front door, so we can wave at anyone who looks like they're lost and from the internet. Street parking on Massachusetts St is ample but also often full, downtown Lawrence is popular. There are several city lots near Massachusetts, though. Closest are between 8th and 9th, off Vermont and New Hampshire, which are the next streets west and east, respectively. Excited to meet/see everyone!
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Is the parking metered on a Friday evening?
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Only until 6, so you should be fine even if you're a little early.
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And the lots are free.
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Mister's outpatient hernia surgery happened this morning. He's recovering slower than he expected so I'm staying home tonight. Sorry to miss this historic occasion and 715. Have fun, everyone!
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I'm driving in from Overland park, so I may get there a bit after 6.
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have arrived at table to the right by the kitchen!
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It was great to meet everyone!
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Yay that was fun!
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I added one smiley photo.
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