Food? Drinks? Karaoke?
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CBUS and other Ohio residents: as of early June, I'll have left for a year in the rain forest where I will likely be without internet access. It'd be fun to see you all again before I disappear! Want to grab food some weeknight in May? I was going to suggest Blue Nile, but that has apparently closed. We could try for another North Market late afternoon, or maybe the Jury Room? Or something else entirely? (I see, for example, that Dirty Frank's has the best karaoke in Columbus...)
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Blue Nile is actually just changing owners - the new name is Club International, and I've heard the menu is going to stay the same.

That said, any of those ideas soon good to me. I'm up for a good goodbye bash!

Brunch at Brother's Drake on a Sunday might also be a good one - I know we had some mead-enthusiasm for a meetup awhile back.
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I'm interested!

I'm less likely to do something downtown (e.g., Dirty Franks or Jury Room) than something in the Short North/North Campus/Clintonville area b/c of transport.

But I will show some CBUS Mefi love if the opportunity arises.
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