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Sat April 6 at 11:00 AM, Trumpet Blossom Cafe
310 East Prentiss Street, Iowa City, IA, USA (Map & Directions)
eviemath in Iowa City meetup #1: food via the Mission Creek Festival. Vegan brunch at Trumpet Blossom Cafe, Saturday, April 6, 11am. Click here also if you are interested in meeting up for going to festival shows, or for evening dinner/drinks in mid-April. Examples: Janeane Garofolo and Tig Notaro Friday April 5 at 8pm; either the Thao and the Get Down Stay Down show or the Bernie Worrell Orchestra show on Tuesday, April 2 at 9pm; others?
As mentioned, I'll be in Iowa City for six weeks starting this weekend. I'd love to meet local Mefites. Brunch on the weekend (of March 30/31)? Dinner or such on a Friday evening? Requirements: vegetarian friendly, or availability of decent cocktails if drinks-focused event (tea is also good).
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That would work for me, although it would be better for my finances if we postponed until the 6th! :P

Depending on what people want to do, I have a few suggestions. I grew up here, was a vegetarian for a decade, and my best friend is lactose, soy, & gluten intolerant, so I can find a restaurant for almost any diet request. :P

I can also pick a few people up if they don't have transportation and promise not to axe murder me.
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I'm down with delaying a week. That would probably make organizing easier too!
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Looks like their aren't a ton of local Mefites, but if this gets going I'm in.

It's probably worth noting that it's Mission Creek Festival next week so there are quite a few events going on. Mostly it's live music but there are also a couple of events along the lines of vegan brunch at the Trumpet Blossom on the 6th.
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Friends who used to live in Iowa City recommend Deluxe Cakes and Pastries. Is this a place that has seating for eating there, or just a buy your cakes and pastries and take out sort of place?

The Bluebird Diner is just around the corner from me. Is it any good?

Chili Yummy also looks like it has dim sum style options.

Ooo, cirrostratus' Mission Creek Festival link led me to this, where they list a vegan brunch at Trumpet Blossom Cafe on Saturday, April 6 at 11am. I'm going to change this from a proposed meetup to an actual one with that as the meetup option (my experience is lots of people don't look at proposed meetups, only scheduled ones, so that should get a few more local Mefites involved hopefully) - but we should keep discussing additional options! I like music and literature events as well.
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Janeane Garofolo would be awesome. But basically, I'll tag along to any evening event that other folks want to go to.
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(Oh, my apologies cirrostratus, you already mentioned the vegan brunch.)
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Vegan brunch sounds great to me!
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Tickets-getting in advance is available (required?). I'll get enough for whoever says they're in by Sunday.
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I am a local! The Trumpet Blossom is great and would be perfect for a meet up. Sadly, I have to work that day.

Deluxe is lovely but has slightly unpredictable hours--they have coffee and cakes and things mostly.

We're a college town and have lots of vegetarian-friendly places, though sadly few outright vegetarian restaurants. The Bluebird Diner is lovely, and if you're near there, you're also near the Hamburg Inn (which you should visit if you like greasy spoons) and two of the best expensive restaurants, if you like that sort of thing (Motley Cow and Devotay).
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I got three tickets for the vegan brunch(*). Let's meet at Trumpet Blossom. I'll post an update the morning of so's you'll know how to recognize me:)

(* I think you both clicked "attending" before the plans were finalized, so if you can't make it, no worries! But maybe let me know by mid-week so I can invite other folks?)
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Wow, apparently I don't check the meetup section of the sidebar often enough! Too late to add one more for brunch? I'll buy my ticket once I know there's room.
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There should be room! Check the buy tickets link off of the link on "Vegan brunch".
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I'm definitely coming! I just remembered to check last night right as I was falling asleep and I'm glad I remembered again today.
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I forgot to pay attention to this thread for a while too, but I'm still planning on coming.
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Also, Bluebird is fine and all, but within a single block of it you've got Banditos, Oasis and Motley Cow, all of which I would definitely recommend first.
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Well, I've been spending a lot of time at the coffeeshop in Prairie Lights, and have also discovered that there's a lovely crepe place on College, and that Pancheros is surprisingly good. I tried the Bluebird Diner. It was decent but not special. I have not yet tried other restaurants mentioned. I also noticed a place called Her Soup on Dubuque heading south from campus - that apparently does brunch on Sundays? Is it worth checking out? Motley Cow caught my eye walking past it; I will definitely try it out one of these days.
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Forgot I'm giving a talk tomorrow. Ha. Next time, I hope. :)
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saveyoursanity and I are here and sitting in the middle of the room, if anyone else makes it!
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