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I will be in Clevlend for the EMP conference at the end of April. (29 to 31). I would like to hang.
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I'd be up for something, in theory, although my schedule is highly erratic & subject to change at the last minute, so I dunno if I'm the best person to organize a Meetup.

But, ah, date check? There is no April 31, and the only thing I found Googling "EMP conference" is this, which is April 18 to 21.

Also, first time here?
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Yes, I fucked the dates up. it is 18 to the 21st.

I don't know how to change those.

First time here--I want to go to the art musuem, and a polish cafetria, and one of the great suburban malls.
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I guess you'd ask the mods to change the dates, although I dunno if it really matters until/unless it becomes "definite" rather than "proposed."

Art Museum = Fuck yeah, plus it's in University Circle, where there's a bunch of other stuff to see & do.

Polish cafeteria = Sokolowski's University Inn. Set aside a little time, though - there's usually a line.

great suburban malls = ????? I genuinely have no idea what you're looking for here. Although that might just be me - I grew up in a time & place where malls were about the only place to go to do anything, so I find 'em creepy & soulless and avoid them unless absolutely necessary.

I'd bet there's some Official Visit Cleveland events connected with the conference, and they might not suck - the Rock Hall people are generally not clueless schmuckos, the art museum & Sokolowski's might actually be included. I dunno if you can find anything out before you get here.
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I think the conference will have a lot of that stuff. Univeristy Circle sounds perfect, plus there is this Chardin at the big museum that is my must see (plus its free to get into)

Sokolowski is the resturant i wanted to go to

I was curious about Beechwood Place Mall.
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General admission to the museum is free (and you could easily spend a whole day there), but they also usually have at least one special exhibition that requires a paid ticket. It looks like the ticketed exhibit while you're here will be The Last Days of Pompeii.

Also, I know the museum owns WAY more art than is regularly exhibited, plus they've been in a major expansion & renovation project (which has discombobulated the whole layout of the place), so it might be worth an email/phone call/site search about a week before your trip just to see if the particular Chardin piece will actually be out. Just so you won't be set up for disappointment (but again, the museum is totally a "must go", even if your fave piece won't be available.)

Beachwood Place - yeah, I'm not your guy there. I've driven past it, but never been in, as far as I can remember. Too rich for my blood. Just down the street is the, ah, (possibly) "conceptually interesting" Legacy Village, which is a shopping center designed to mimic a sort of quasi-Euro small-city shopping district.

Note that Cleveland is not a particularly great town for public transportation, IMHO, especially for someplace like Beachwood, which is on the eastern edge. I'm betting you're staying downtown as part of the conference, public transpo to University Circle is pretty easy, & to Sokolowski's (or a cheap cab ride), but otherwise getting around is MUCH easier & faster with a car. Just something to keep in mind re: time & budget.

And if you can find out where you're visiting "officially" (no rush, we've got a month), we (or I) can give you our 2 cents about whether you should participate or head off on your own, or come up with some cool places to check out that aren't on your "official" list.
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Beachwood Place and Legacy Village are both precisely the kind of soulless shopper's paradise you're probably looking for. Both of them are fairly upscale, but Beachwood Place is a) enclosed, b) has department stores as anchor tenants, and c) has a food court. There's a Claire's and a J. Crew and a Nordstroms and all the things that you would expect to be part of your Platonic-ideal mall experience. (Credibility: I grew up in NYC and am still entranced by shopping malls. All the stores! Together! Inside! etc...)

You might be interested in the West Side Market and associated dining district, Tremont and Ohio City, which are more quirky, small-scale urban neighborhoods

Sokolowski's might be a good meetup place. I haven't been there yet and I've lived here for four years.
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I am totally down for a meetup. I also agree about walking around Tremont and Ohio City, as well as Coventry which is near University Circle.
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neat o bandito
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Do we want to go to the musuem on the 18th, and then have dinner someplace?
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Well, we're getting down to the wire here - and while I'm still not 100% sure what my schedule is, it seems probable that I'll be free Thursday evening at least. I should know for sure by Monday night.

If it turns out I'm totally off Thursday, I'm down with a trip to the museum during the day. PinkMoose, do you/can you check your MeMail on the road?

As far as dinner, unfortunately Sokolowski's is only open for dinner Friday & Saturday. If peoples are already gonna be East side for the museum, I'd suggest dinner at Mama Santa's (PinkMoose can see Little Italy & it's (weather depending) in walking distance of the museum) possibly followed by drinks at the Barking Spider.
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