Cards and/or Board Games in West Seattle
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Fri April 5 at 6:00 PM, My home
2600 Southwest Barton Street, Westwood Village Shopping Center, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
To state it simply, I'd only like to play games that I actually like at this session! If I have to learn yet another vampire game with a thousand rules, as always seems to happen when I attend games meetups, I'm gonna cry.
I like cards (such as poker, setback/pitch, hearts, and spades) and board games (such as Ticket to Ride, Blokus, Qwirkle, and Aquadukt). I like a lot of word games, too (Boggle, Scrabble, Upwards), but don't have these with me, so someone else would have to bring them if interested. I'm not a fan of RPGs or of games with many rules or rules that change constantly (Flux, I'm talking to you!). I also don't adore some of the more commonly-played games played at meetups, such as Carcassone, Settlers of Catan, Dominion, and Blue Moon City. If we have a larger number of people and can break up into groups, then by all means, break out the Carcassone or whatever. But really, I'd rather find some people to play with who actually enjoy similar games, so no one has to compromise and play stuff they don't like!

End time is TBD, but I'm a night owl so won't be kicking anyone out as long as there is still interest in playing. People are welcome to come late, and/or leave early.

I'd prefer to host this in my home, but it's a small place and can probably only accommodate 8 people. therefore, the RSVP feature is important to me. If it looks like more than 8 people will attend, I will find a nearby venue where we can play.

Please note that the posted address is of a nearby mall, Westwood Village, not of my home. Attendees will be sent the actual address in their email; it will not be posted here for privacy reasons.
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Depending on the actual day (I'm only free every other Fri/Sat evening), I'd be down for coming.
posted by dotgirl at 12:07 AM on March 10, 2013

Which Fri/Sats are you free, dotgirl?
posted by parrot_person at 12:23 AM on March 10, 2013

I'm free every other Fri too -- 1st and 3rd, usually.
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I finally figured out where to find mefi meetups! That only took me a few months! Yes, I'd be interested, and my husband would probably come along too. I don't know much about card games (it's been a long time) but I'd be willing to learn, and I've got some board game experience. Let me know the date.
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I live in Interbay. There are two board game cafes nearby -- Card Kingdom in Ballard and Blue Highway Games in Queen Anne. I haven't been to either, but a friend really loves Card Kingdom in Ballard. They have a full restaurant/cafe/bar with card and board games available.
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Both CK and BHG are great, however, space is limited so there would need to be some planning in advance if you went that direction. I think you can reserve tables (at least CK) but I'm not too sure about BHG.

I probably won't be able to participate this time but maaaaybe.
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I'd like to come to one of these some time, but evenings are pretty packed for me as a rule. Depends on how late this starts; after my son is in bed I've got a lot more liberty.

Ballard appeals, too, as I live in Fremont.
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So I'm thinking Friday the 5th of April. That would seem to work for both of the "every other Friday" people. As for time, I am open. I generally stay up late, so it's fine for this to start whenever and end in the wee hours of the morning if it works out that way.

I'm open to time suggestions; otherwise I'll just pick something and run with it.

I am planning to host at my house, unless the number of people exceeds 8 or so (which past experience leads me to believe is unlikely).

Yay, I'm psyched!
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Fun! I can do Friday evenings. I have Carcassonne (no expansions unfortunately) and Mille Borne, if either of those strike any fancies.
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I can totally do April 5 but have no idea how to play Carcassonne - but am willing to learn!
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It's a tile game. You build roads, fields, and villages to get points. It's pretty simple and takes about an hour to play one game without expansions. I first found it on xbox 360 arcade of all places!

I have Boggle. I'll bring that. LOVE Blokus. I hope someone has that, if not I might be able to borrow from a friend.
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I like Ticket to Ride (it is a game that hands me concrete goals!) and word games.
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Anyone into Balderdash or Dixit? Especially Dixit!
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I love Ticket to Ride, although am not very good at it yet (because I so often yield to my fatal flaw of wanting to actually complete my tickets rather than block people or play 6-train tracks).

Never played Dixit but it sounds fun.

It looks like there are more than 8 people so I will begin looking for an alternative location other than my home.
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I am planning to be there with one other person.
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(But I'm not marking +1 because the person is also a MeFite and can verify his own attendance.)
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We have Ticket to Ride, the US Version, should we bring it? We also have Cranium and Scrabble I think. I've been craving some Clue after watching the Psych episode based on Clue, but we don't have it. Anyone have it and want to play?
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Since we only have 7 yes's and the maybes I've memailed individually thus far have changed to "no"s, I'm still going to hold this event at my house. Street address will be memailed to all yes's. NB I only have 8 chairs. Based on past experience, usually even some of the "yes"s don't show up, so I doubt this will be a problem...
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IdRatherNotSay: I have US Ticket to Ride here, so no need to bring it. I actually found that I have Scrabble as well. I don't have Cranium or Clue.
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I have Clue and can bring it. I'll bring a few other random games as well.
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I think that I'm going to have to be late, if that's ok.
I have a cousin coming in for the day from out of town, we had planned to get lunch together but she just called to see if 5pm would be ok, but I'm up for coming out to West Seattle after dinner (7pm) if you don't think it'd be too much of a problem for us to arrive late? Thanks!
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Yes, people can feel free to come and to leave whenever they want. Only drawback to coming late is that if you come and we are already in the midst of a game, you may have to wait a while for a new game to be started.
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Of course my cell phone picked this afternoon to TOTALLY die on me. It just suddenly won't turn on at all. Therefore, if anyone has trouble finding it or any questions, please memail me! I will be checking in frequently.
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I guess I didn't realize it was starting quite that early. So I will be there but not sure yet when, as I haven't yet gotten in touch with my guest.
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Cell phone back up and operational (whew).
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It is 7:15 and no one is here. If nobody arrives by 8, boyfriend and I are thinking of seeing a movie. Very disappointed.
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I am sorry. Things have fallen through on my side and I've been unable to get out of the house yet, and it looks like I won't be able to leave at all. I hope someone showed up!
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Sorry we missed you! If you went and saw a movie, I hope it was a good one. "From Up On Poppy Hill" and "To The Wonder" are two of the best ones I've seen so far this year; the former is playing at the Egyptian.

Wendi and I really enjoyed meeting you two, and we hope to see you sometime soon. If you have any interest in the Experience Music Music Project/Science Fiction Museum, I've got some passes there.

If I've asked this before, I apologize, but: Do either of you have any interest in playing Go? The Seattle Go Center is reasonably near my place, and I've thought about trying it out:

Hope to hear from you soon, thanks, and keep dry!

All my best,

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I am amazed at how rude people are. Not a single person showed up, two definite yeses didn't even bother canceling and two canceled after the start time! And apparently people don't even think twice about breaking their word. I cleaned my house, bought refreshments and even got extra chairs together.

This does not make me want to ever try to organize a games day again. VERY disappointed in this community!
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I also love how I selected the date and time specifically to accommodate one person's schedule, who then didn't bother coming or communicating in any way!

My opinion of people has hit a new low.

I think I'm done with this "community".
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I am very sorry I was unable to get over there after all. I still have the games I was going to bring sitting in a stack on my office chair. I thought I would get over there by around 8 but things did not go as I'd planned Friday at all.
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Andy, I emailed you in February and never heard back. I am done with metafilter and don't plan to log in again, so if you want to contact us please do so off-site.
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Sorry to have missed and not mailed - have been knocked out by a stomach bug since Thursday.
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