Burlington Meetup!
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Sat October 9 at 4:00 PM, Vermont Pub and Brewery
144 College St, Burlington, VT, USA (Map & Directions)
update: looks like we're on for Saturday, October 9th, at 4 PM, at the Vermont Pub and Brewery. I'm tall and skinny and have glasses. I will try to get there a bit early. Looking forward to meeting everyone IRL.
original posting: So I just moved to Burlington (with some helpful advice from the hivemind) and, besides my lovely girlfriend, I know no-one in town. I figured a meetup would be a good way to make friends and influence the coolest folks in town. But, I confess that I've never done this sort of thing before, so how does it usually go down? Most evenings are good for me, as are most venues.
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Just a note that I read this thread and will monitor it to see if a date and time are chosen which will work with my (busy) schedule.

scrim: I hope you and your GF will consider coming down to Tunbridge this week to the Tunbridge World's Fair. And if you do, stop by the Sheep Barn where my wife and I (and 4 of our sheep) will be all 4 days, and say hello.
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Oh, and because you decide to have a meetup don't you think my answer in that thread deserves a best answer marking? ;)
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terrapin: That actually sounds really cool - I'll do my best to get down there.
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Hey scrim, welcome to the city! A meetup sounds great! There are lots of places to meet in Burlington. If you want to meet right in the city, Vermont Pub & Brewery is a good place for a great brew and a bite to eat. Or we could meet somewhere on Church Street - lots of choices there.

Burlington mefites, what shall we do?!
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Hi -- I'd like to come to some sort of thing. Are people around this weekend at all? Maybe a Sunday sometihongorother depending on the weather?
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Wow, a meetup in the Burlington area? That would be brilliant! I could do Sunday, too.... As far as where, any coffee shop/pub/park/etc. in Chittenden County sounds good to me. And if it were a Burlington pub as suggested above, VP&B works... or American Flatbread (I know they can get uber-busy, but they do have great pizza and beer).
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Looks like cloudy and mild temps on Sunday. I can meet anywhere in the afternoon [and later, just not morning] but I'll be coming from a ways away so could someone else pick a location/time?
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Okay, I can no longer make this work, but maybe let's pick a date/place in the future and try for it?
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Hah, didn't check this this weekend, since I was in fact out of town, but what about next weekend or the weekend after? My schedule is pretty wide-open. Sunday is generally a good day for me, but Saturday works too.

I'll go ahead and throw out the Vermont Pub and Brewery, since I haven't actually managed to make it there since I moved, but anywhere works for me.
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We will be vending at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds this weekend. If anyone is around stop by and say hello. We will have some sheep and lots of wool with us.
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I can usually do Sundays or Saturday afternoons/evenings, but not the weekend of October 16th. Vermont Pub & Brewery works for me. When shall we assemble?
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October 9th? A Saturday, in the afternoon?
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(Sorry, lost track of this thread for a few days due to a bit of life chaos.) Saturday afternoon, October 9 at VP&B sounds great to me. So late afternoon, like 3 or 4? Or lunchtime? My schedule's flexible, so if anyone has a specific time preference....
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Later is better for me, and the place is less likely to be full of folks [as long as we know they are serving beer & food]
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I can do Oct. 9th anytime late afternoon/early evening and VP&B sounds great.
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Why don't we set it for 4? I think scrim needs to finalize. I'll ping him and make sure 1. he can make it and 2. he knows how to finalize the deal. Yay!
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We have a lot of hay to move that day but are going to try to make this!
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Thanks scrim for arranging this today! It was great to see/meet everyone. Lovermont - best of luck on your move!! Wishing you all the best.
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Super terrific, thanks folks for coming out. Was great to meet new people and touch base with old ones.
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We really enjoyed meeting everyone this evening. And thanks for the kind words, garnetgirl. Hopefully we'll be able to hang out with some (or all) of you again before we head off, but if not, be sure to get in touch if you're planning a trip to the Ireland/UK area!
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Great seeing jessamyn and garnetgirl again and meeting new folks. Thanks for coming out! If you are down in the Central VT area we welcome a visit anytime.
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