Magma Festival Electronic Music Showcase.
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Sat March 23 at 8:00 PM, Hollow Earth Radio
2018 East Union Street, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
An evening of electronic-ish music for annual Magma Festival fundraiser for Seattle's best non-profit internet radio station, Hollow Earth Radio
I will be helping produce this event and I will be running and tuning the sound.

If you've ever been curious about good experimental-electronic music on a high fidelity PA this will be a good place to explore that. We will be using some very nice locally designed KV2 speakers in a small/intimate venue. I've used these speakers before and they sound amazing.

This is the lineup and Facebook event page, also linked above in the first link.
There are links there to the artists. This is more listening music than dancing music but dancing and shuffling are possible.

Warnings and details: It will be loud and bass-heavy. I try to keep it out of pain and ear-bleed territory but you may want to bring earplugs. I'm going to try to have some available as well.

The event will be likely be standing room only with limited seating. But it will also be a very friendly and mellow crowd in the 50-150 person range.

There will be restrooms available.

Parking is fairly easy in the neighborhood, and it is accessible by a couple of bus lines.

I'm not sure what the asking price is for admission yet, but it'll be cheap and all proceeds go to Hollow Earth Radio. But if you're fund-limited talk to me.

Also please note that this is a working gig for me and I'll have limited time to talk or socialize. Feel free to say hello or catch me outside on breaks, but please don't be offended if I'm running around like I'm on fire and I don't have time to chat or if I abruptly run away. I may see/hear things off in the distance that need my attention and I'll be spending most of my time during performances at the board listening and tuning the EQ and gainpath of the PA.

The time of the event may change, but 8 PM ish is about right, and we will likely be running well past midnight.
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Just in case anyone is scared off by the words "electronic music" here is a very pretty example of the kind of music we'll be listening to. This isn't pop or dance music but more like new classical and experimental soundscapes and such.

This event is curated and organized by my friend. It'll be really good, unique stuff from the Pacific Northwest.
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Last update:

We should be doing quad sound for Irisarri's set.

Doors open at 7, first live PA is 8.

Suggested donation is 10-20. If you can't do that come anyway.

Further updates here:

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A good time was had by at least one!
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