Proposed High-Speed Rail Meetup at the Half Door
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Sun March 24 at 3:00 PM, The Half Door
270 Sisson Avenue, Hartford, CT, USA (Map & Directions)
Connecticut (and Western Mass) MeFites, we're not really representing here. Let's change that, starting with a low-key and enjoyable evening at the Half Door in Hartford on Sunday, March 24th.
I have changed the description of this event a bit to reflect the input I've gotten from folks interested in coming. I can say from experience that the Half Door will probably be pretty quiet at this time on a Sunday.

Here's the website for directions and to look at a menu. They generally have a decent tap list and a pretty good bottle selection.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
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My lurker husband and I are recent New Haven additions, and we'd probably be down for some Mefite action once we've managed to dig our car out from under the North Pole.
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I'm theoretically down but, uh, let's give it at least a week for the roads to get passable. I'd rather do Middletown or points south personally. In New Haven, of the places, Cask is probably better; I know they've had big Reddit meetups there without crowding.
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but, uh, let's give it at least a week for the roads to get passable.

I'm thinking sometime in March, actually. I gave it what I think is a long lead time because we have to pick a location and to have a good chance folks in this area will actually see it.
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I'm at the Western Mass end of this corridor, and hope to make it if I can.
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I'm also on the Northern line here in Western Mass, but would love to attend if I can swing it. A couple of friends recently went to the Hofbrauhaus and it looks fun.
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I'm in Hartford and would love to go to another meetup. I did one in New Haven a few years ago so would prefer it be somewhere else just to mix it up a little.
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I've driven to Northhampton and Nashua for meetups, depending on where and when this is I could make it.
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Myself and otterswalkamongus (Western Mass represent!) would almost definitely come if Springfield, and our probability drops as the location goes farther south. Hartford and Middletown would be doable, but not New Haven.
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I'm in Western Mass, too, and this sounds like fun. I visit family in Southern CT fairly regularly so New Haven isn't completely out of the question for me, but in general closer to Springfield would be better.
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Southern CT, New Haven (or Bridgeport!) would be idea, but I could range up to greater Hartford.
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If closer to the Hartford/Springfield area, and depending on timing, I'd like to attend. (I'm in Eastern MA, too.)
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How about we pick Springfield or Hartford since I don't think we've had a meetup in either of those cities since I've been a member. I say Hartford if both the New Haven folks and the MA folks are willing to travel. If the New Havenites aren't keen to travel then I think we should pick Springfield.

Regarding dates - Gauche mentioned having it in March and I'm thinking a Saturday night would be easier for everyone to make. Please let me know if that's not the case. I have a function on Saturday, March 23rd but could probably do March 2nd, 9th, 16th or 30th. Sunday's are also pretty flexible for me if that group would prefer that.
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I'm really pleased that there's interest in doing this! Huzzah!

By my count, it looks like Hartford is kind of at the edge of what's doable for both the shoreline folks and our neighbors to the North.

I'm good with a Saturday or a Sunday and don't have a preference either way. My first choice is the weekend of the 16th (and my last would be the weekend of the 9th, because that will be Hartford's St. Patrick's Day parade and I'd rather not try to have a meetup in a bar on that day.)

I'll leave this open another day or so for more suggestions before making it an official planned meetup.
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Sounds like fun. I think our general philosophy is "Have car, will travel," and Hartford really isn't that far (assuming the roads are wider than the 1.5 lane snow chutes we've currently got going on in New Haven).
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I'm very busy through the first half of March (including the weekend of the 16th), but if it's better to hold it earlier or further to the south I won't be heartbroken. I intend to coordinate another meetup here in Western Massachusetts sometime after I get out of the weeds and I hope you'll all be able to come to that too.
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I can't do the 30th because I have family coming in to town for Easter. How does the afternoon of Sunday, March 24th look for folks?
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I can't do March 10th (going to see The Cos! Flippity flappity shizzlebit eat da Jello puddin' pops...) but other dates should work assuming either my wife is around or I can get a sitter for the youngin'. She's got like a two week block where she's out every night

Saturday night is probably the best night. Hartford is just at the edge of doable for me.
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Okay, any objections to holding the meetup on Sunday, March 24th, in Hartford?

bondcliff, I know this is kind of a worst-case for you and I apologize and will definitely buy you a round of whatever's your pleasure if you can make it.
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Oh, no worries. Please plan it around people who are closer and/or more able to go. Don't plan it around little ol' me. If I can make it, I will.

I can probably make Sunday work. Hartford is only an hour and a half away. I've done more for Meetups. I'll also be happy to pick up anyone along the way.
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Sunday the 24th works fine for me and I like the afternoon idea. I'm in.
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Sunday the 24th looks like it'd be good for me. (I cannot do the 9th or the 30th.)
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Sunday, March 24th it is! I'll make this meetup official tomorrow morning.
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I'll have to RSVP after I get my new schedule...right now I have weekends free but after March 15 or so I've been assigned somewhere else and have no idea what it's like (other than 'not overnight.')
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Cool, I should be able to do that.
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It's hard for me to plan too far ahead due to my health, but I should be able to make it.
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Would anyone be interested in playing a few games during the meetup? I was thinking of bringing the card game Fluxx or the dice game Left, Right, Center. We could probably make one of them a drinking game if it's that kind of crowd....time will tell.
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I would welcome games, but drinking games wouldn't suit my hour's drive home.
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Same here, though I'm happy to play a drinking game with water. First one to the bathroom loses.
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An emphatic yes to games, but an equally emphatic no to drinking games for me.
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Whew...what a relief! I'll bring the games and the thanks of police officers within a one hour radius of Hartford.
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I was going to ask if everyone should carry a red carnation so we can find one another, but now we can just look for the gamees (that was a typo, but I like it).

Except now victoriab has to be early or the system goes all to pieces....
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I'd be up for eating games! I like the one where I point out the window and say, "Hey, it's the Goodrich blimp," and while your attention is diverted, I steal your fries (and maybe swap them out with drywall screws). And then you say, "Hey, wait, there's no Goodrich blimp...," and you turn to glare at me, but instead there's just a scrap of paper floating slowly toward an empty chair, and a subtle breeze.

I guess I can't play that game now, since you know how it ends... BUT YOUR FRIES WILL BE MINE! MARK MY WORDS!!
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Your talk of games intrigues me. I'll do my best to attend.
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Yay! I'm excited to meet you all and play some games. I can bring a couple of things as well (bananagrams and I think we have a canasta deck someplace although we're much more Catan / Carcassonne people and that might be a stretch for a first meetup.)
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I have Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity. I can bring them if there is interest.
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I'd be interested in Cards Against Humanity. Because nothing says fun times like publicly demonstrating to a group of internet strangers just how awful you can be!
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Okay, I'll show up early with an outfit made entirely of red carnations.

I'll also bring Twisted Fish and Chez Geek to add to the card game chaos. Most of my games max out at 6 people so we'll probably have a minimum of two games going and I'm excited to dip my toe in to the new game waters. Folks should bring whatever they like to play that's not too complicated or ruthless...I want to like you and it's difficult when you keep sending me to jail or charging me $8,000 because I landed on Park Place AGAIN. Monopoly is my nemesis.

*you may threaten my fries NOD but you will NEVER possess them. NEVER!
..but you can have my pickle and my flower-like radish.
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I will trade wool and brick for some fries.
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There is a port, bondcliff, where two fries will get you anything you want.
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Okay, okay, I'll bring Catan. I have the 6 player expansion, and Cities & Knights for the regular 4 player game, and will try to bring them both.
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Bowing out of this one, sorry! Your fries are safe. This time.
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I think I'm going to have to bail as well. I need to stay local so I will probably be attending the Boston meetup instead. I will play games and take fries in Hartford another time.
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That's a shame.

For the two of you, I mean. We're going to have a GREAT TIME.

*tiny pout*
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Aw...we'll miss you two but I'm excited to meet everyone else. See everyone around 3:00 on Sunday!
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otters walk among us and I will be there a little after 3. We'll probably be able to find you by looking for the stack o'games!
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I am here and have claimed as much space as I can. I am in the far corner by the golden tee arcade. I have a short beard and am wearing a grey and black sweater. See you all soon.
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'Twas fun! Let's do it again soon. I missed the Twitter handle exchange at the end... find me @thecakest or PM me for Facebook info.
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This was a great time and really just what I was hoping to have happen. Folks at the other side of the table, (Diagonalize, languagehat, and Songdog) I'm sorry I didn't get over to chat and I hope to see you all again.

Just because I'm thinking of it, I've split my fair share of checks at restaurants and bars, and I have never seen ten people put together a big check plus decent tip in that short an amount of time. I feel like that says something good about everybody at the table and I wanted to mention it.

I'm @semiotheque on twitter. Give a shout if you like.
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Great time, everyone. Thanks again for setting it up, gauche. And I'm glad Time's Up was such a hit. Clearly the best way to bond with people you don't know is through embarrassing pantomime! Can't wait to play again with everyone...
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That was a lot of fun -- thanks to victoriab for luring me and songdog for driving me! Looking forward to the next Pioneer Valley one...
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That was great fun...although I still can't believe my team didn't get my Chorus Line impression...I mean really, i was practically channeling Bob Fosse. I hope to see you all again soon and I'll add my thanks to gauche for getting the ball rolling, Aznable for bringing the game and you out-of-towners for making the drive. Glad everyone made it home safe.
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So much fun! Thanks again to gauche for organizing, and good call on the game, Aznable. It was great to meet all of you (or at least wave across the table) and I hope we can do it again soon.

I don't really do the Twitter thing at the moment (trouble keeping up in real time) but I am on The Facebook - message me for contact info.
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Thanks for the good time, everyone. I hope to put my newly-acquired knowledge of how to pantomime A Prairie Home Companion to good use. I look forward to doing it again soon. Just say at least two of the three magic words (games, nachos, beer) and I'll be there.
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