Singapore MeFi Meetup
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Tue February 5 at 7:15 PM, Boomarang @ Robertson Quay
60 Robertson Quay, Singapore 238252 (Map & Directions)
Hey, so I'm new to MeFi and would really like to get to know the other MeFites in Singapore (: Let's go for makan! Anyone up for it? :D

We will be going to a Trivia Night on Tuesday, 5th February 2013, 7.30 pm at Boomarang at 60 Robertson Quay, Singapore. Then food/drinks/dessert after!

We'll meet at Boomarang at 7.15pm before the event commences. We won't be having dinner before the event.

The more the merrier! Please comment if you can make it :D
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Sure, we could all meet! Do you have any dates in mind? :) I do believe some of the more longstanding Mefi folk have either left Singapore for good, or are travelling currently, so attendance could be thin.

(Unfortunately, I'm quite busy this weekend, but sometime either over next week or next weekend preferably would be good for me)
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That's okay :D

Actually I'm overseas right now so any dates after 27th January would be good, except for the night of 3rd February. I'm good for weekdays or weekends.

I have a halal diet restriction though, so if you guys are interested in doing something else like going prawning or hiking I'm down for it!

If wanna makan we can find somewhere like Glutton's Bay or meet up for coffee at a cafe (ie Oriole or anywhere else -- I'm not too conversant with coffee places!). Or there's a halal dim sum place at Bedok Junction that's pretty popular with the Muslim crowd. Or...


Let me know what you think!
posted by rozaine at 2:25 AM on January 18, 2013

Gosh, are you kidding, I leave Singapore and this finally happens?

Kidding. Have fun! Hopefully there will be something. This sounds promising.
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Paging infini here... (although I have a feeling she's not in town anymore) :)
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I've been travelling, but will be back in Singapore from 29th Jan. So the timing sounds perfect.

31 Jan there's Tipsy Trivia quiz night at Wok & Barrel but dinner might have to be separate since the restaurant's not halal.

Possible weekend activity: Penny University at East Coast Road has fantastic coffee, halal cupcakes and a no-pork-no-lard kitchen (not sure if you need fully certified halal). Or we could all hit up Changi Village hawker centre which just opened after renovation.
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Awesome, that sounds like fun! I'm so down for the Tipsy Trivia quiz night!

I'll go check out a list of nearby halal eateries and list them out. Alternatively you guys could also have dinner there -- I'll have dinner earlier because I have a flexible schedule that day.

What do you guys think of Tipsy Trivia?

The weekend sounds good too if the weeknights are too tight for you guys.

So how? (:
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Argh, I forgot I need to attend a course on Thursday night. I was really looking forward to trivia night.

The weekend of 2nd/3rd February?
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Would love Tipsy Trivia! :) I see a friend (not on Mefi) who's going down there as well on Facebook, so there's that. Will ask the missus if she's interested as well, although she's a tad busy till the end of the month.

I often go down to Boomarang at Robertson Quay on Tuesday evenings for trivia nights. Might have to book a table before hand though, so we'd have to come up with an actual date (29th?) Not halal, obviously; they serve alcohol, will have to have food before or after the event at some place close by. Know a lot of regulars there, and they'd be quite a tough competition.
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@Hellopanda: How about Boomarang then? Would a weeknight be too tight for you?

Also, will you guys be able to make it for dinner before trivia at 7.30pm? How much time will you be able to afford before dinner?

I'm so excited :D
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TRIVIA, yes, absolutely! If it's on every week, can we do the Tuesday that's 5th Feb? I have class on 29th.

I think I can be there at about 6.45 or 7pm. A quick dinner would be doable, if there's a place nearby. Need brain food to fuel up for the night. Any suggestions? :)
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Cool! Fifth Feb should be okay, but I could confirm in a few days again. Could also book a table. Time to think of a team-name; in no particular order or preference, here are a few examples off the top of my head to get the discussion going:
1) Mathowie's Posse
2) A Particular Band of Pepsi Blue
3) Bukit Ho Swee Cubists' Council (BHSCC)
4) Special Snowflakes
5) The Mefi High-fives

In the past, we've done Cruel Lady Marmalade, The Angry Birds (this is still an active team, I believe, who wouldn't like it - be angry even - if we register this), and something else which I forget. Feel free to suggest others! As you can see, we have a lot of fun with team names. :)

Eats... feel free to google something out in the area; I've been to most. :) Off the top of my head, I do recall there being a Turkish place around the corner, it's called Cappadocia I think, and is likely to be halal. However, the service is slow and is a bit of a walk from Boomarang, so you'd have to go there early.
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5th Feb is okay with me (:

I like The Mefi High-fives haha! Mathowie's Posse sounds like a version of Dumbledore's Army, lol. 2) is a Mefi in-joke? I saw it in a list of Mefi-associated phrases heh.

To eat!

Cappadocia sounds lovely but they sell beer there so I can't eat there, sorry =/ I've googled, searched as well as the MUIS Halal Directory, but there's nowhere around that's near enough. The Fabulous Baker Boy at 70 River Valley Road only sells cakes and some savoury pies but according the pictures I saw on their website they look kinda miniscule, so I'm not sure we could fuel up for dinner with that? The closest other restaurants would be near City Hall or Orchard Rd or such, that are generally 30 minutes away by public bus. Navigating traffic in that area at rush hour would be a huge pain methinks.

Do you guys wanna just eat there? It's really not a problem for me to have dinner elsewhere first. I'll just meet you guys at the door of Boomarang at around 7.15pm or so? After trivia night if it ends early we can hang out for dessert or something (:
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Alright, Mrs C is also keen on coming and doing some trivia! Yup, all except #3 are Mefi in-jokes; #3 is my little joke on town-councils and HDB's (granted, 60's to 90's) box-style architecture. :)

Food... truth be told, there's a very very good chance that I'll be running late - good chance that I might be coming over from Novena or somewhere further up north, so it could be difficult for me to make it to anything before 7-715pm - so one option might be to go for some bites *after* the event. There's a row of halal-compliant eateries at River Valley Road, one Indonesian buffet restaurant at Furama Waterfront, which is next to this place, or veggie options at Robertson Quay itself. Clarke Quay and Great World are also close-by. :)

I'll go ahead and book a table then.
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Great to hear that! Ok looks like we're all confirmed, with a table of four. I do hope more people can join.. or that you guys are geniuses! I try my best but I'm not very useful on quiz nights.

Let's meet at Boomarang directly? And eats after!
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Great! Heh. I've changed the event details accordingly. I'm going to invite a friend if you guys don't mind!

See you on 5th February!
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aw I wish I'd seen this earlier. Will probably be working late on the 5th, but hope you guys have fun!
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Oh no aielen! Why don't you join us after for a meal or dessert? I'll pm you my number, give me a call in case you decide to or feel like joining us after all!
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Alright folks,

Just reserved a table for tomorrow at 730PM under my (real) name. I'll be checking this thread tomorrow evening for updates. MeMail me if you'd like my number.
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Thanks to the rain and the customary complete disappearance of buses and cabs, I'll be later than expected. May be just in time though, assuming the traffic or the rain doesn't worsen.
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On location, but it appears I might have messed up the number if people. We'll need extra chairs.
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They're starting the quiz. I can't officially check my mobile anymore. Please call me if you don't see me.
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Great mashup guys! Glad we could meet you all. :) We should do this again!
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It was fun! Great to meet everyone, and to see you again after the last meetup. We should try SG Tipsy Trivia next! I will try harder at answering, I promise...
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Sounds like a plan :D It was awesome to finally meet in person (:
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