Meetup in Abu Dhabi
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I'm new in town and would love to meet up with any nearby MeFites as I get settled! I don't have anywhere in mind and would really love suggestions if there is the possibility of a meetup.
I work a typical Sunday-Thursday week, so anytime on the weekend suits me just fine.

Does Feb. 1 or 2, or 8 or 9 work?

Anyone out there, er, here?
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I lived in Dubai until quite recently, but I just moved unfortunately.
posted by atrazine at 1:43 AM on January 17, 2013

awww. I might PM you about Dubai, if that's okay?
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I be in DXB. Friday or Saturday's groovy.
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great! I'm happy to come out to Dubai if that's better for you (and others, if there are others?) as long as it's on the weekend.

anyone else?
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Rob, let's decide on Dubai or Abu Dhabi and then just post it here in case anyone else is interested/happens to be in the area. any preference?
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I'll be back in Abu Dhabi by the 1st of Feb and happy to meet up then. Dubai is not usually feasible for me, unfortunately.
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is February 9 okay, bardophile?
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February 9 sounds good.
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does February 9 work for you, ambient2? if so, we're on. bardophile, any recommendations for where to meet up in Abu Dhabi?
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Depends on what we're looking to do. My son will be with me, so it needs to be a kid-friendly venue. Outdoor cafes are good this time of year, generally speaking.
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arghhhhh. I have a work commitment on February 9th now. I apologize - I seem to have terrible luck whenever I am scheduling meetups! I always call them and then have trouble with picking dates. I'll cancel this one for now, and we'll try again in a few weeks, if that's alright. thankfully (?), there are only 3 of us :)

bardophile, I'll keep kid-friendly in mind for when we can get together!
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There are 4 of us! I'm living in AD until June.
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So, what are thoughts about meeting on the 23rd? I'll be out of town for a month after that, and by end of March, temperatures will start to rise, although still not in the uncomfortable zone.
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