Let's go to the Museum!
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Sun January 13 at 1:00 PM, Carnegie Museum of Art/Natural Science
4400 Forbes Avenue, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (Map & Directions)
It's cold and snowy and I have super-duper Carnegie Museum passes for another month. Does anyone want to meet up and look at some art and/or science?
It's been a little while, guys!

I have an annual pass to the Carnegie Museums that grants admission to myself, my husband and up to 8 other adults. This works for the Art/Natural Science Museum in Oakland as well as the Science Center and Warhol Museum. If more than 8 people show up we'll split the cost or draw straws or something.


Looks like we're going to be visiting the Carnegie Museums in Oakland on Sunday.

We will schedule a second trip to the Science Center the following week if we're not sick of each other.
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Yes! I'm game for any of the museums.
posted by theBigRedKittyPurrs at 6:20 PM on January 4, 2013

We're also Carnegie members, so we'd be happy to join the group but not count against the 8. :) (Sadly our membership is not as super duper as yours, and just gets the 2 of us in.)

Flexible about times/dates so far, save for the 26th. They're running a Heckle-vision version of Flashdance at the Hollywood Theater in Dormont, and I'm all over that.
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Yay, a Pittsburgh meetup - at a museum, no less! Sounds like a great idea. Nakedmolerats and I would both love to come! I'm pretty sure we're open as far as dates/times go, assuming it's likely to be sometime on a weekend (or on a weekday night) ...
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Neat! I have a membership that lasts until the 31st, so that's perfect.
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I'm tentatively in, pending scheduling. The 26th is bad for me too, I'm pretty sure my partner would rather I spend our anniversary with him and not Metafilter.

Although maybe he would like to spend it heckling Flashdance!
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I'd love to come, bringing a kid and possibly a spouse, but can't go the 12th or the 19th, so we might not be able to schedule with you all. If we do get to go, we'd vote for Art/Natural Science.
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Oh yay! A meetup! We're members of the Carnegie too so we could get ourselves in. AFAIK, any weekend would work.
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Depends on schedule, but the Carnegie is always worthwhile!
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Art/History is open Saturdays 10 - 5 and Sundays Noon - 5.

I'm a big fan of the Heinz Architectural section, and that exhibit closes on the 13th.
White Cube, Green Maze: New Art Landscapes
That's a small part (three fairly small rooms) of the museum though.

It also looks like there are two "guided" dinosaur tours on weekends, an hour each.
Guided Tours of Dinosaurs in Their Time

Do we want to look at a Sunday afternoon? The 13th or the 20th?
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I could do a Sunday. Very mild preference for the 20th but either could work. If my first MeFi meetup involved dinosaurs I'd find that to be pretty spectacularly awesome.
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I'm in depending on date. I've been in Pittsburgh for almost a year, and have neither been to the Carnegie nor been to a Mefi meetup!
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I'm interested.
I can do Saturdays and Mondays.
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I can do the 13th or 20th.
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It sounds like the 13th and 20th would work for most people. Shall we do a trip to the Science Center on one date and a trip to the Art/Science museum on the other?
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That sounds great to us! No real preference over which we do on which day - we're still relatively new here and haven't been to either - so if anybody else does have a preference we're happy to go with that ...
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I'd be down for this, been meaning to try and arrange a meet-up for Pittsburgh mefites for a while now. Happy to go to the Arts/History musuem, and flexible with dates.
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I like the idea of two trips.
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I'm in (for anything after this upcoming weekend). I also like the idea of two trips, since it means I can attend at least one half of the meetup. :)
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I'd be in for the 12th or 13th; great idea! I haven't been to either museum in a while.
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Great idea! I don't know that I can make it but I'll keep it in mind.
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Okay! How about the 13th for Art/Natural Science and 20th for the Science Center? Let's meet at 1pm at the benches near the Art Museum ticket counter on Sunday.

Also, shall we do this Mefi family-style since we're not meeting in a bar for once? I'm going to bring my toddler on both trips, but if we decide to look at art instead of the dinosaurs she might go spend some time in the Discovery Room or the library with her dad. She does not care for paintings unless they feature cats and/or dogs.
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Hi, all. I'm not going to make it today but hope to be in for next week. Have fun!
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Heading down late! If I do not see anyone, hopefully we will have good times in parallel. I will be holding a distinctive bag and be tall.
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We are currently in gems, heading to dinosaurs. I have a bright aqua shirt on with a brown cardigan.
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So nice meeting all of you! Thanks again to Alison for the initial post.
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Thanks for the fun!
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Thanks again, we had a great time!
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Nice seeing you-all, that was a fun afternoon.
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It was really nice meeting those of you who were new to us, and lovely to see again those we've met. We should do it more often. :)

Sorry to have ducked out before drinks - I was still a bit iffy from the mortifying coughing fit.

Thanks again everyone!
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Ah boo! Sorry I missed this; completely forgot to check back. I'll make sure to check it later this week in case another trip for next weekend is planned :)
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While we were in the museum, a few of us were talking about the penguins at the Pittsburgh Zoo. This popped up in my FB feed this morning, so I HAD to share: https://www.facebook.com/pghzoo/posts/309549789147971 (They're starting the 'walks' again.)

Food for thought: I'd love to do a zoo trip with everyone once we hit a warm weekend.
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