Moving to Minneapolis
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Sat March 2 at 6:30 PM, The Lowry
2112 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA (Map & Directions)
My new husband (who is a lurking MeFite) and I are moving to Minneapolis, MN, and we'd like to meet our new bean plate overthinking friends!
After having lived in New York City since 2004, my new husband and I are moving to Minneapolis because he got a job opportunity he couldn't turn down. He's a former native Minnesotan who moved away when he was 13 and I'm a Southern Californian who strangely found that she liked living in a city that had actual seasons other than hot and smog.

After the middle of February, we'll be settled into our new apartment in the Uptown neighborhood and as we're foodies of the worst sort, we'd like to start checking out all the awesome restaurants in the area. And what better way to do that than with new friends?

I've read all the Minneapolis-tagged posts, but don't have any notion of what I'd like to try first. We will have a car and would be able to drive to anywhere in the metro Twin Cities area, and might even venture into St. Paul, if we're feeling adventurous.

So, what date in the latter half of February or in March would be good for everyone? And where should we meet? Or do we postpone this until it gets warmer?

ETA: Time and date confirmed! See you soon!
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Or do we postpone this until it gets warmer?

Ha ha. No.
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No we do it when it's colder. Any excuse up crowd inside, eat and drink.
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All snark aside, I was actually thinking just the other day of setting up a meeting, along with a couple other people who are interested. So, I'm free pretty much every weekend. No plans going into February. As for a hangout spot that's a good introduction to the awesomeness of Minneapolis, I recommend Club Jager near downtown. Their websites seems to not show up atm, but they have great food and drinks and an amazing atmosphere.
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World Street Kitchen just opened in Uptown; I love the food truck but haven't made it out to the restaurant just yet. That's one suggestion for a meeting place!
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My new husband who was reading this thread over my shoulder said I fell into the typical trap of a Southern Californian when suggesting that we wait until the weather gets warmer to meetup. I can only respond that I was basing this reaction off of what my sister found when she moved to Chicago. Evidently, Minnesotans are more hardy than that.

We'll be living in Uptown, so a restaurant near there would be great. We'd also like something that's not very noisy because while I'm an extrovert and don't mind dipping into conversations and flitting about a table, he's an introvert and prefers to be able to listen to people when they're talking.

The husband, who is still lurking over my shoulder, says Midtown Market is cool; is it? Is there a place where we can sit after getting our bits of food?

Also, the husband—who is still backseat reading and should just jump into this thread to introduce himself—wants to know if it's true that the Village Wok has gone downhill and is not as good a place as he remembers it being.
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Midtown Global Market is amazing and wonderful and sorely underappreciated around here.

The Wok is indeed a shadow of its former self. Shuang Cheng in Dinkytown is still just as great, though!
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Midtown Global Market is great, and there is a central sitting area. However, it is a bit noisy there in a food court sort of way. I also love the World Street Kitchen food truck and am happy to hear they now have a restaurant.

I don't know my February schedule, but would likely be free on the weekends.
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What part of Uptown are you in? Closer to Franklin or Lake? Lyndale or Hennepin?

(I'm near Franklin & Lyndale, and would selfishly recommend The Lowry for awesome cocktails and great American cuisine, but I'm also happy to make recommendations for other parts of Uptown...)
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Club Jäger is kind of in the 'annoying to get to without a car' category. Yes, the 14 goes right past it, but it's a long, cold 20 minutes waiting in the dark and most people would have to transfer. I'll deal if everyone else loves it and lives in close proximity to the 7 or 14, but it's not my first choice of location.

I think Midtown Global Market is a good idea. Someone could perhaps confirm this, but I believe the seating is not tied to specific establishments, which presumably makes it easier to please everyone.

Village Wok is really dire.
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Hennepin and West Lake is about a block away from the new apartment building (and you can probably guess which one now).

If we decide to meet up while my mother in law is in town helping us unpack and me get acclimated, we'll have room in our new used car to pick up one person, or two if the second person is small. If after the 12th, we'll have room for three (if the third person is small).
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Yeah, MGM is general seating. There are some quieter corners, too, depending on how many people we get.

I only suggested Jäger because it serves the best beer in the world.
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I'm game for whatever. Bike or bus will get me there.

Welcome to Minneapolis, you'll love the scene. Fellow Californian speaking here :)
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Butcher & the Boar is convenient to most of Minneapolis and has a new Winter Beer Garden that is pretty Minnesota cool: heated enclosed patio, fire, good taps and bourbons and bar menu. Hasn't been super busy or loud the few times I've been there.

Other stuff I like close-ish to Uptown:
Republic (Calhoun Square)
Pat's Tap

MGM has great food options and ample seating, but it's not really a great spot to chill, IMO. Also, it closes at 8 on weeknights and there isn't really anywhere to relocate.

I'm out of town Feb 5-11, but I am game if it's after that!
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I'll second (or third) the vote for WSK - I haven't eaten in their non-truck either and would like an excuse to go. I also haven't been inside the Lowry since it was a video store and am willing to give it a shot as well.

Midtown Market seems like less-than-ideal spot for a meetup - it closes early and there's not a ton of stuff going on in the immediate neighborhood.
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I don't really consider myself a foodie and the limiting factor for me is more scheduling than location, so I won't opine strongly on venue - other than to say I've either enjoyed or wanted to check out a number of places mentioned so far, and submit Eat Street Social for consideration as well - they have some large corner booth tables that can fit a number of people pretty well. And very good drinks. I do agree that Midtown Global Market, while very worth checking out, is maybe not great as a hangout/meetup location.

But I'll happily go anywhere folks decide on, if I can make it. Feb 16 and 17 are out for me; other dates will probably work if we can settle on them relatively promptly. Are we thinking weekend or weeknight?
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La belle Vie Lounge is a great way to experience this amazing restaurant with less sticker shock. It has some of the great food of the restaurant proper and cocktails made by Johnny Michaels

If you are a foodie that is new to the area it should be at the top of your list. Let me know when you have a date set. Would love to join you guys.
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There are some great places right next to you. Cafe Barbette is one of my favorite restaurants and Lucia's is an institution. Both of these places (but especially Lucia's) should appeal to you as foodies.

If we're looking at places that have already been mentioned, I would throw my hat in with The Lowry crowd. I've been there twice and it's great.
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Could we possibly reign in the budget a bit? (Though "foodie" often seems to be synonymous with "expensive".)

The Butcher and the Boar is a vegetarian wasteland, though given the name, I won't fault them too much.

I have no complaint with the Lowry. Don't know that it's anything special (it there is, it presumably involves meat), but there's nothing wrong with it.
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As foodies here are a few other restaurants you might want to look into.

Masu-Great local take on Japanese robata and ramen
Corner Table- Farm to table restarant with french elements
Pizzeria Lola-Best local pizza hands down.
Haute dish- Midwestern fare remixed with high end style

in St. Paul

Meritage-Amazing french food with a great oyster bar
Heartland-Hearty fare with a intense focus on local foods
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So many great restaurant suggestions so far! I'll nth the recommendation that Midtown Global Market, while awesome, probably isn't the best spot for a meet-up.

I'm out of town for the second half of February, but would definitely be down for the second weekend in March. If that's too late for everybody, that's cool too.

Welcome to Minnesota!
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The Soho Cafe does, for my money, the best gyros around.

The Uptown Diner, just south of the Soho, does pretty good breakfasts and is open late on weekends.

Los Ocampo's location inside Midtown is good, and their location on the corner of Lake & Chicago is also open late on weekends.
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I've only been there once, but Rye Deli on Franklin and Hennepin was fantastic. They had poutine, amazing cheese curds, and a pretty great bar.
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I'll just chime in to say I'd be up for pretty much any of the above suggestions.
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I am free, usually. You could venture into Northeast Minneapolis, which has some fine establishments. But I am amenable to anything.
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I agree with Hoyland; I'd love to meet up but I also want to stick to low to mid-priced places versus the lovely but super pricey places such as Butch and Boar, La Belle Vie...
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I think I'd also be okay with low to mid-priced suggestions, as we'll have just moved there and I don't have a job yet. How does that help us narrow down the choices?
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Hi! We live on Lagoon right across from the lake and would prossibly be interested in hanging out. Republic in the square seems nice, maybe? And not too expensive?

If people are interested in going farther down Lake, Midori's Floating World is the best sushi in the cities, in our opinion (we've been to Tiger, Tango, and Origami).
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And yeah, there's a lot of good food here. Wiseacre, Sunstreet, Cafe Ena, Patisserie 46 all in South Minneapolis. Lots of stuff downtown, of course. Muddy Waters in uptown is really fun and has inventive stuff, Victory 44 in Nordeast. Ginger Hop keeps advertising on the Current and sounds great, and the new Heidi's/Bluebird that replace the Heidi's that burned down in South Minneapolis. Gosh, so many places! I'm leaving out tons. We had breakfast at French Meadow on Sunday and it was really lovely.

Oh and if you guys are coffee nerds, please please please go to the Dogwood coffee bar in the square. Dogwood is a local roaster, so the coffee is roasted at most a week before you drink it, and at their coffee bar the baristas pull excellent shots and do the foam right on espresso drinks; brewed coffee is all pour-over. They used to have clovers and then a siphon for a bit. I miss the clovers, but understand why they switched to pour-over.
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Just a quick point.

The most expensive item on the La Belle Vie Lounge is actually only 16$.
here are the rest of the items.

Tuna Tartine with Salsa Verde, Marinated Anchovies and
Preserved Lemon ………...............12
French Fries with Curry
Béarnaise & Ketchup ....................7
Truffled Crêpe with
Jambon Royal, Brie de Meaux
and Slow-Cooked Egg Yolk ........10
Selection of Imported
Artisan Cheeses ..........................15
Assortment of Artisanal
Cured Meats, Salumi
and House-Made Paté .................16
Poached Foie Gras
with Toasted Brioche
and Preserved Fruit ……………....12
House-Made Potato Chips
Rosemary & Garlic
Truffle ...........................................5
Pappardelle with Rabbit
Bolognese and Porcini ...............12
Polenta-Crusted Prawns with
Mustard Remoulade ...................12
Grilled Lamb Burgers
with Mint Yogurt
and Hot pepper ...........................11

That is a steal on this kind of food.

I have to pass on any of Stewart Woodman's restaurants as he makes a habit of shitting on people in the industry in order to get attention.

Also there is Moto-I which is pretty unique and has great meeting places. I have been to a tweetup there before.
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So, there seems to be an unwritten rule in half the restaurants in Minneapolis that prices start at about $10 for something hamburger-esque, which means about $20/person if you have something to eat and a drink. Of the places mentioned, that kind of price range includes:
World Street Kitchen
The Lowry
Pat's Tap
Uptown Diner
Rye Deli

Los Ocampo and Soho Cafe are less expensive.

Midori's Floating World is an edge case. The lunch menu makes the above list, the dinner menu doesn't, unless you carefully order sushi (and then maybe only if you're a vegetarian). It sounds like people aren't thinking about lunch, though, otherwise Midtown Global Market should maybe go back into consideration. I don't know if Shuang Cheng was a serious suggestion. They've got some big tables, though I kind of worry things would go awry with people arriving at different times.

Of the above, I think I'd vote Republic, though I worry a bit about it being crowded and a bit loud. (I also haven't been to a bunch of these places, so to a certain extent, I'm just voting for what I know.) I haven't been to the Uptown location, so perhaps someone who has can tell us whether that's a concern (maybe on weekends?).
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I'm interested in joining up. I'd appreciate a place that has drinks available so that those who join up late/are weird about eating with strangers could meet up with you.

Welcome to the cities.
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Went to Republic the other day: mid-price range, pretty good but nothing special, in my opinion. Not sure what the vegetarian options are. They'd probably be good for a large group, though: they've got a couple corners that could probably accommodate us, and it wouldn't be awkward for people who just want to stay for half an hour and order a beer. Noise wasn't an issue, though we were there in the middle of the day.

The only time Pat's Tap isn't crowded is at about 11am, and even then, they'd probably be awkward with a group. Not worth it for the skeeball (though the food is good!).

Rye's Deli and World Street Kitchen are also delicious. As is Los Ocampo!
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Unless the Uptown Republic has a significantly different menu than the one near campus there's at least a bean burger and grilled cheese for vegetarians.
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Oh, also worth mentioning is that sort of a cheap night activity is available at Huge Theater, on Lyndale & 31st (just a few blocks from calhoun square). Long-form improv comedy, tickets are $5-10 depending on how long you plan to stay. Pretty fun!
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I haven't been to Rye's Deli, but from the outside it looks smallish - do you guys think they could accomodate a bigger group?

I am fine with any restaurant. I will be out of town for work from the 16th - 21st but would love to meet up with all of you if you decide to meet before or after that.
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It's not very wide, but it's very long. Could easily sit a large group.
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for vegetarians, rye does a nice stuffed pepper and decent falafel!
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If I go, I can't afford anything that's more than $10 per person, all told. (Tax, tip, all that.)

Midtown Global Market would have seating a-plenty, food that's cheap and tasty, plenty of variety and possibilities for late arrivers. The only problem, I think, would be if we met when there was some big event going on (such as Family Night), which could make seating scarce.
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The Uptown Republic reportedly has a brand new menu of indeterminate difference from the Seven Corners one.

...I think that's the only information I have to add here, but I'm down for just about any of the above venues and will watch this thread.
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The Butcher & the Boar beer garden menu I was referring to is different (and a lot cheaper) than the restaurant menu, FWIW. I can't seem to find it online, but nothing was over $10 IIRC.

TrishaLynn (or others), maybe it would be good to pick a night and go from there? I think the viability of some of the suggestions would really depend on night of the week, how many people can make it, etc.

Otherwise, it kinda looks like Uptown Republic keeps coming up as a solid option, so we could also plan around when they think they could accommodate a large-ish group.

(also I have never been to Rye so I'm onboard for making that work)
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I am also up for Rye but I am guessing it may be less impressive an introduction to the local food scene to someone moving from New York. I have heard they have picked up their game since Andrew Zimmern was unimpressed. But I still think a deli is a poor welcome to the Midwest. Also Haute Dish does a vegetarian night on Sundays but prices are still higher than some here would prefer.
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My husband and I have just gotten back from our last NYC-area meetup (the potluck one, so much good food!), which means that of course I'm thinking about this one now.

After some discussion, we think that we'd like to schedule this for Saturday, March 2, and we're choosing The Lowry, starting at 6:30 pm. A week or two before, I'll tabulate all the Yes's and Maybe's and make a reservation for us.

If you're unable to make it, I'm sure I'll be planning other meetups as the year goes on, so I look forward to meeting all of you, eventually.
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Solid choice. They've got a good drink menu and do a killer eggplant parmesan.
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hmmm, eggplant!
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Ooh, I'll try to come. I'm right up the street from you, Trishalynn, at 26th and Hennepin. Let me know if you need any help getting settled!
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Chiming in to say hi, and be a maybe. Lived back here a few years now from ungodly Chicago, and don't know very many MeFites.

I live at the edge of Saint Paul near one of the oddest Chinese restaurants I've ever been to, with probably 20-30% American food items on the menu.
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I live at the edge of Saint Paul near one of the oddest Chinese restaurants I've ever been to, with probably 20-30% American food items on the menu.

I'd totally use this as an excuse to make some sort of sarcastic comment, but my brother totally had a hamburger at a Chinese restaurant in Tucson once.
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Almost every Chinese take-out joint here in NYC has bone-in or boneless spare ribs and chicken wings on their menu. I've never quite figured out why.
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Most Chinese restaurants I've been to have a few items to cater to those who don't like Chinese food. The restaurant I refer to is House of Wong, and they have enough American/Italian food to be an interesting alternative to Key's Cafe, which is a great place to go to get 2 meals for the price of one.
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We arrive this evening! I am nervous and scared about Minneapolis being my future home! I can't stop using exclamation points!

At least I have meeting you all to look forward to...
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Safe travels! Memail me if you guys need any help or want to have a cup of coffee!
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So you're coming tonight? It's time to familiarize yourself with Minneapolis's Snow Emergency parking rules. They tow fast and hard, especially in Uptown. Trust me.
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We have an underground parking spot in our building and our hotel is near the Mall of America. We're okay on parking for now.
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5 days, more or less. Just checking in, seeing if everyone is still going.
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Definitely going. I live within walking distance of the Lowry, it would be ridiculous not to attend. Never mind that I haven't had a chance to meet up with the Twin Cities crew since I moved here lo these many three years ago.
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Whoa, this is, like, in three days, isn't it?
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Darn it, I can't make it.
posted by Area Man at 12:12 PM on February 27, 2013

I am still planning on it!
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I'm still going! Woohoo!
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You guys treat TrishaLynn nice. Here in Brooklyn, we already miss her.
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On my way to work training today, I'm going to call the Lowry and let them know that anywhere from 10 to 20 people are showing up. I also found another restaurant on Excelsior near Grand that has a biggish back room that we can use for future meetups, too!

And the Lunds that's right across the street from our apartment building has an upstairs hangout area/lounge, too, if we ever want to make a more regular and less expensive meetup happening.

ocherdraco: I miss you guys, too!
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It's Minnesota. How can we treat her anything but nice?
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She might be... different.
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I'm a maybe for tomorrow (it's between you guys and roller girls, and roller girls are pretty awesome), but I'd totally be for a semi-regular meetup!
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Yes for semi-regular meetups!
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She could also be interesting, don't you know.

Oh man, now I imagine the meetup culminating in all of us standing outside the Lowry waving at TrishaLynn until she's out of sight, Midwest-style...
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I'm still a maybe at this point, but for the record I think it would be awesome if we baked and brought TrishaLynn a ridiculous amount of church-basement lemon bars.
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Oh, don't worry. The time for potluck may come at another meetup, as our apartment building has a smallish lounge area and patio that can be reserved by residents. But I think I'd want to wait till it's warmer to do an indoor/outdoor meetup.

Also, just called the Lowry and told them at least 10 and possibly up to 20 people would be in for dinner. It's not techinically a reservation and if most of us are on-time, we may still have to wait until some people leave so that our tables can be pushed together. The "booking" is under my name: Trisha Lynn.

Also, if all 23 (to date) show up, I did tell the manager that we'd be willing to split the group a bit, as 23 is about half their dining room.

Also, for this first meetup, we're probably going to take transit to/from the restaurant as my husband doesn't know how to drive (yet) and I'd like to be able to have more than one drink. So, my offer to pick people up is being rescinded.
posted by TrishaLynn at 8:08 AM on March 2, 2013

I will probably come, but I'll also need to leave early; I have an event at school at 8pm.
posted by jiawen at 11:56 AM on March 2, 2013

I'm in. Just as well I checked the time, I had 7 o'clock in my head.
posted by hoyland at 3:20 PM on March 2, 2013

On bus now, heading to restaurant!

I am wearing a blue jacket with jeans & black boots, a neon green scarf & I answer to Trish or Trisha.
posted by TrishaLynn at 4:14 PM on March 2, 2013

Okay, they seated me & they'll be directing you to the left side, near the bar.
posted by TrishaLynn at 4:28 PM on March 2, 2013

The beer menu is too damn long! This is terrible!
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We've formed two rival factions, in order to avoid connflict, we may have to play musical chairs.
posted by cthuljew at 5:47 PM on March 2, 2013

Second group joined. Instead of cool places to eat, we're talking about cool TV shows. I'm okay with this.
posted by cthuljew at 7:01 PM on March 2, 2013

Everyone is awesome here!
posted by padraigin at 7:09 PM on March 2, 2013

Turns out you can spin wool yarn right off a live rabbit. Who knew! (clavicle did.)
posted by cthuljew at 7:36 PM on March 2, 2013

Bees find Smarty factory. Blue honey results. Market that shit!!
posted by cthuljew at 8:13 PM on March 2, 2013

Walking places that serve alcohol is dangerous. If I'd driven/biked here, I might have had to stop drinking.
posted by cthuljew at 8:26 PM on March 2, 2013

Beer's doing me in. Time to go home! Fantastic success! Night!
posted by cthuljew at 9:41 PM on March 2, 2013

You guys and gals are all awesome
posted by antonymous at 9:45 PM on March 2, 2013

Haha, word. Of course, there are youtube videos.
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Ha ha, guys! I'm not hung over! Best night ever?? Maybe!
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I had fun! It was so nice meeting everyone! THANK YOU to TriciaLynn for organizing! I look forward to the next one!
posted by triggerfinger at 9:01 AM on March 3, 2013

I'm looking forward to the next one, too. Hopefully I won't have to duck out early like I did this time.
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Finally added the pictures I took from the evening. Tag yourself if you want to!
posted by TrishaLynn at 11:54 AM on March 31, 2013

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