NederFilter: how about a Dutch meetup?
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Fri September 17 at 8:00 PM, Kafé België
Oudegracht 196, 3511 Utrecht, The Netherlands (Map & Directions)
I moved to Eindhoven last month. I'm settled in and am hoping to meet a few local mefites. Wat denkt jullie?
I'm in Eindhoven centrum (very close to van Abbemuseum) but I can get pretty much everywhere, given time. I'm also open to travelling to other cities (A'dam, Utrecht, wherever) as long as I can get back to Eindhoven that night.

Also, I have CDs from the Portland meetup 11.0 to give out.
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Sounds like a fine excuse to have a beer.
I can show you around Utrecht if you want.

I like your coinage of 'Nederfilter' btw.
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as long as I can get back to Eindhoven that night

Check out (English!) if you don't already know about it; trains run reliably on the main network until midnight and hourly after that until 3am, I seem to remember.
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Utrecht is on my list of cities to take a day trip to anyway, so that works out great.
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Hey bolvormige blik, how are you doing?

geckoinnl; sounds like a plan. Any preferences as to dates?
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[Thread hijack]
jouke: Hey bolvormige blik, how are you doing?

Ik heb maar liever "sferische percepties" of zo...? Bolvormig klingt een beetje... rond, of niet? Met mij gaat het goed, dank je. Ik woon sinds een jaar in Portland, OR (USA)... wel best leuk hier.

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No real preferences. It's close enough that pretty much any day will work.
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Anything been decided yet? I'm not the world's most active Mefite, but wouldn't say no to a couple of beers with random strangers...
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Nope, we were waiting for your input :)

As far as strangers, few are more random than me so there you go.

My experience helping meetup coordination in Portland tells me that once a time/place has been decided, more will pop up.

It's your (collective) city, where do you suggest?
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As for where, I'd prefer Nijmegen, but only because I live there and I know where all the good pubs are and it's quite clearly the centre of the known universe. Or ought to be.

Utrecht I don't really know well enough to recommend anything there. But it is nice and central, so there's that.

Eindhoven is probably a bit too far away for most dutchmen, but if it turns out that most people turning up will be from the south, den Bosch might be a good compromise.

As for when, most fri- or saturdays will do me fine and even tues- and thursdays would be ok.

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Friday next week?

Den Bosch would be a compromise geographically given the attendants that chimed in.
I don't know anything about pubs there though.
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Friday of next week works. Now how about a city? Again, I have no preference. It my end up being just the three of us, anyway. But the more the better :-)
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Friday is fine.

As for where: if it's only the three of us, den Bosch would be right in the middle. If more people are going to show up, Utrecht might be a better idea.

I occasionally work in den Bosch, so I know it a little bit. There are quite a few nice pubs not too far from the train station and some near the cathedral - if it's pubs we're going for that is.

If it's going to be Utrecht, Jouke can have a go at playing tour guide.

But you're the tourist here, gecko, so if there's anywhere you'd rather go... Your call.
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I prefer the term "Temporary resident" ;)

I really don't have a city preference. I have only been to the train station at Utrecht, and passed through den Bosch. So long as the city has mefites and beer, I'm good.
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If everyone's still up for it (Jouke?), how about Tapperij het Veulen, Korenbrugstraat 9a in 's Hertogenbosch, 8.30 / 9pm-ish?

The pub was recommended to me by a friend and it was #40 on the Café top 100, so it shouldn't be too bad. It's not too far from the train station either. Can be quite busy on a Friday though, apparently, so other suggestions are still welcome.

And "Temporary resident"? That does sound better. In fact, someone ought to make a movie.
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Just now see this thread. I'm up for a meetup!
I'm in Utrecht on friday, don't think I can make it to Den Bosch unfortunately.
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We were considering Utrecht anyway...or I could go to both places. I'm easy to please, and the more the merrier.

Otherwise het Veulen will be fine.
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Utrecht is fine by me. Someone else will need to pick a venue though. I don't know Utrecht well enough...
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Crap, can't make it after all.

I'm moving house (to Utrecht, yay!), and was somewhat optimistic about the time frame.
Sorry to have complicated matters with the venue etc.

As soon as I've settled I'd love to have a beer with any Mefites in the neighbourhood!
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I have to admit I'm too lazy to go to Den Bosch.
I'm up for rescheduling in Utrecht though.
I'm offering a pub with hundreds of good beers. Right on a cool ancient canal!
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Utrecht works. Just say when and where.

I don't get home until between 18:30 and 19:00...any time after 20:00 should be workable. It takes me about 10 minutes to walk to the train station.
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I'll send you my mobile number.
I can pick you up from the railway station and we can walk to the pub. Then I'll have to know what time you'll arrive at the station.
Or you can use your geographical savvy and/or gps gadget to find your way on your own to the pub. It's called Kafé België, Oudegracht 196.
They have Belgian style dishes that I rather like. We can have dinner there.
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Sigh, gecko JUST sent me a memail about this. And I'd been checking IRL regularly, but totally blanked on seeing this one, somehow. Yet, I can't make it tonight from Nijmegen.

Possible side option: Anybody going to the memorial airshow in Ede tomorrow? I'm considering a trip up there via train but haven't come down on a firm plan yet.
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Tomorrow I will either be in den Bosch or Köln...
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Great. Can't make it tonight after all.

Anyone want to plan a new one in the near future?
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I'm happy to try for next week, if that works for everyone.

jouke and I can hang out tonight and then we can do something different next week...

I can't plan too far in advance because it looks like my assignment is getting cut short so I can't guarantee I'll be here too much longer. But I will definitely be here next weekend.
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Heading there now...any last-minute mefites are welcome to join!
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It was very nice meeting Gecko, an ambassador of metafilter. He was like a reporter from the heartlands of mefi: Portland.
We had a competition: whose state/country is the bikiest. It seems I won with the fact that in the dunes close to The Hague there are bike paths (as in: exclusively for bikes and pedestrians) that have speed bumps for bikes.
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Many thanks to the lovely and talented jouke for being a gracious host!
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Is it okay to post a link to tomorrow's meetup in Nijmegen here?
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