Board games in Montreal
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Thu December 27 at 2:00 PM, My home
Station Lionel-Groulx, Montreal, QC H4C, Canada (Map & Directions)
I'm having people over for board games during the holidays, and I'd love to have even more people. We have heavy games, light games, cooperative games. Gaming will take place in franglais, depending on who shows up. The start time is probably 2, but may be a bit earlier or later.
If you say you are yes or a maybe, I will email or mefimail you with the actual address and my actual phone number. My email is in my profile. I am within a 5 minute walk of the metro, there's a lot of street parking.
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Hey, I'll be out of town, jeather, but I'd love to join a Mefi games night after I get back on the 30th! I'll shoot you a memail too.
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Ooh, this may be a possibility as we have no plans after family decamps on Boxing Day. I'll ask Matt.
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Oh boy! I do like boardgames.

Will you need cookies? I could bring cookies!
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I was planning also to bake cookies, but I would love to have MORE cookies. Everyone loves cookies, especially when there's a nice selection of options.

And before I forget again: I have cats, so if you're badly allergic, be careful. One of them loves parties. (One of the other two will hide. The third one is unpredictable.)

And and plus ones are encouraged.
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ooh! fun! I'll definitely be there. What can I bring? I don't have any games or warm bodies to bring, and it looks like you'll have cookies covered, but something else? snacks? beverages? something?
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I can't make it either, but let's do this again in January? I can maybe provide the house next time.
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I think I would like to attend as well, will be checking with Ms. Vindaloo. What should I bring (food, drink, more games)?
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I have a lot of games. That said, if anyone has a particular game they want to play, feel free. Beverages might be handy.

I have, I believe, mefimailed everyone who is a yes or a maybe with my email address, phone number, real address. Last minute additions are fine.
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I know I volunteered to bring beverages, but I still don't have a clue what kind to bring!! Any ideas, anybody? It's only at 2pm, so I'm assuming alcohol would be inappropriate, but you said you're providing coffee and tea. halp?
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Wine or beer would probably be fine, or juice (no kiwi please, I'm allergic), soft drinks (I don't drink them), any tea more interesting than what I have (which is whatever I remember to steal from my parents plus a few tisanes which I have on hand) -- or don't bring anything, and I'm sure all will be well. I have absolutely no idea how many people are showing up at this point.
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Ms. Vindaloo and I will show up around 18h with drinks and snacks. As long as that isn't too late.
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Yes, that's fine. I'm going to be here all day (hi snow!), so if people feel like trekking out in the cold, I still have entirely excessive amounts of cookies.
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I'm totally going to chicken out and spend the rest of the day inside looking at the people outside who start digging their cars out of the snow, but then stop part way through.


(* Unless extreme weather.)
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ayy, I really want to come, but there's just so. much. snow!! Sadly, I probably won't end up making it, but I might try to brave it a bit later.

sad day!
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Montreal broke a longstanding record Thursday by getting 45 cm of snow within 24 hours, and while people still got out and did things – a mere foot and a half of snow doesn't bring this city to a standstill – authorities were asking people to stay off the roads who didn't have to be out.
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