Cooking dinner for families of sick kids
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So the proposed meetup is cooking dinner in Feburary or March at a Ronald McDonald house to be determined. [edit] This is now defunct. See the other two proposed meetups.
I presume one of the houses in Chicago proper would be preferred so mass transit is an option. That gives us the following options:

RMH near University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital in Hyde Park (calendar of slots here)

RMH near Lurie Children’s in Streeterville (calendar of slots here)

The house in Hyde Park's schedule opens up a lot more come Feburary or March than the one in Streeterville, but that may be a function of the volunteer coordinators.

In Streeterville, our open dates are 2/18 in Feburary, and about 7 in March, including 3 weekend dinners.

In Hyde Park, it's super wide open.

So what I need from you guys is a vote for a particular location, and a preference for what day to have it. Once I come to a relatively conclusive day and location, we'll work on getting the date ironed out.

This is going to be awesome, and I'm so happy you guys are excited about the idea too.
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I'd love to do this - my schedule next year is a little whacked, so I can't really vote for anything at the moment. Although if we're talking dinnertime, I should be good on most any day.
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I prefer Streeterville, but I do have a car and can drive to Hyde Park, if that's what we choose, and will happily shuttle up to four other folks. I prefer Thursday nights, but that's a mild preference at best.

February is wide-open for me, but March 01-March 12 is out for me. Huh, guess I'm missing the March Goatening.
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What crush said - I prefer Streeterville, but can drive and shuttle as needed to either location. I also think we should try for February, and if it works out this could be another monthly thing we do.
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Another vote for no preference, but if we do go to Hyde Park, I have a car and would happily drive folks.
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Yeah, sorry for not narrowing things down but I'm open for just about anything and also have a car and can perform shuttling activities as needed. This is such a great idea.
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I, of course, would prefer Hyde Park, as it is closer to my home island... and seems easier to schedule. If we'd need to start cooking before 6pm I would also prefer a weekend.
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Putting a pin here so I can keep track in Recent Activity.
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So far the tally is 3 (including me) for streeterville, and 1 for Hyde Park.

Day selection is 1 for Thursday, and 1 for the Weekend (pending meal time schedule).

I've sent some exploratory emails to both sites volunteer coordinators, and we'll see what I get back about meal times, how many people we'd be cooking for at each site, and other stuff they think is important.
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So dinner is served at 6:30 at streeterville and 6:00 at Hyde park. So does that change anyone's votes or preferences? Its cooking for 30 (plus us) at Hyde Park and 70 at streeterville. I'll let this go til Monday, and then start a new thread with actual proposed dates. So put your day and location votes in.
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That doesn't change my preferences, except to make Streeterville EVEN more convenient. Especially on a work night.
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