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Mon November 26 at 7:30 PM, Tommy Doyle's Harvard Square
96 Winthrop St, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
As God is my witness, you'll enjoy Geeks Who Drink trivia, Monday night at Tommy Doyle's. The other teams will hit the ground like sacks of wet cement. Oh, the humanity!
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This is a kind of morbid trivia announcement theme.
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...or this version on Hulu, which has slight changes due to not being able to clear the rights to the original music used in the episode. The other linked version (the original episode) doesn't seem to want to load.
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Recently on the Blue.
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There will be blood trivia.
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Oy Vey
Musical Self-Portraits
Sooner or Later: Like a Boss
Breaking, Dawn, & That One Movie

I would hope that one of you turns out to be a Twilight fan, but that seems like a cruel thing to wish upon my friends.
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Ah, I was just thinking Hindenburg.

I am more of a Twilight anti-fan, but that may mean I know more about Twilight than I ought. We shall see. I'm a "maybe" as I am supposed to have a long day today at work, so I may be late and/or cranky. Things are moving along at the moment, though, so maybe I'll be on time. WHO KNOWS!?!
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Maybe it's a fake-out and not actually about the oevre of Stephanie Meyer? (whose name I totally did not know off the top of my head). whatever, for the sake of my fragile dignity I will defer all Twilight questions to maryr.
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In future days, they will speak in hushed tones of the team who scored a perfect, epic, 32-point round.

Some will call the heroes, some will call them legends.

All will call them... Taters.
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Recap of our second straight 94-point performance.

Surprisingly, the Quizmaster seems to know my username (see the picture captions).
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When I talked to the QM, he was saying/asking what our names were — "She's Mary, right? And he's Horace? Horace Rumsfeld or something?" and I corrected him and asked him how he knew your user name. He said you had put that down as your name for one of the email bonus questions.
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I *AM* Mary! It's true!

The cookies help too, I think.
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Also, on looking at the results - wow. We cleaned up. Woo.
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