Philadelphia Quizzo Night
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How about a trivia night sometime in December or January?
Admittedly, our last attempt at Quizzo was a flop (Black Sheep turned out to be way too crowded and we ended up having a non-Quizzo hangout at another bar), but there has been some interest in giving it another shot.

I've heard a few votes for Local 44 in West Philly, which has Quizzo at 9 p.m. on Sunday nights. It's a great bar, but I've never been to their Quizzo, so I don't know the team limit size (Google search suggests it is probably 6, which is pretty standard) or how lax they are about letting one or two people show up and hold down a big table. I do know that Local 44 generally has some kind of drinking/eating minimum for people sitting at tables in the dining room.

My own suggestion would be for Nodding Head, which also does Sunday night Quizzo (8:30 p.m.), simply because I've been there for Quizzo a bunch of times and know that it wouldn't be a big deal for one or two people to grab a table and have the rest of the group filter in later. They also have no rules about food/drink minimums. Their team size limit is 7, but you can play with a larger team (though the penalties are pretty harsh, something like -2 points per round for each additional team member).

Does anyone have any other thoughts? There are lots of non-Sunday Quizzos if another day of the week is better. I'm particularly interested in hearing votes for Quizzos that happen a little earlier in the evening, because getting home at or after midnight on a work night does not always do awesome things for my morning the next day.
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Would definitely be up for Quizzo; sadly, Sunday nights are totally and completely out.

(Would also just be up for Local 44 or Nodding Head on another night of the week!)
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I'd totally go to this, especially if it's at Nodding Head, which is more centrally located for us South Philly-ers.
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I could do a Sunday Quizzo, but earlier would be better for me too. But I'll give another vote to Nodding Head.
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I'm up for Quizzo whenever. I'm also happy to go and cheer everyone on if we get enough people to fill a team.

Nodding Head gets my vote just because it's a bit easier to get there from where I live but I'll go wherever the group wants to go.

As for non-Sunday night Quizzo, El Camino in NoLibs has Quizzo on Tuesdays starting at 7pm. I've never been there for Quizzo but it does seem to get fairly crowded and loud. 12 Steps also does it Tuesday but it's a smoking bar and that might turn people off.
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I'm happy with wherever! Nodding Head gets my +1 because I've never been there.

I checked at Local 44 and they said there's no size limit. I know for tables that if someone's ordering, they're fine.

If we want Monday night Quizzo, I went to New Deck Tavern this week and it was decent. $1 per person, started at... 9:30 or so? Probably not the best for people who work the next day. Team size limit is 8, not sure about penalties.
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I can do most nights, except:
12/6 (though I'm free after 7:30)
12/7 and 12/8
maybe 12/16
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Yes I'm in! Act 1 of Philly Mefi Quizzo heist: Assemble the Conspirators.

Local 44 quizzo has the best questions and the guy who hosts it is great. Wednesday is a good quizzo day, you got Fado (which has a picture, music and theme round and is huge and good for groups) at 8pm along with 12-Steps Down (7pm) and National Mechanics (8pm).
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Quizzo! I would be all for doing this, but not necessarily able to predict when I can, so I'll just go quietly back to lurking until a time/place forms up since I can't add much helpfully about that (other than to say that Nodding Head and Local 44 are both great places, irrespective of quizzo quality).
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A comment from ActionPopulated in another IRL discussion just reminded me that I should do something with this post now that we're through the holiday season.

Does Sunday the 20th at Nodding Head work for everyone?
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A new thread might be in order - this one is close to two months old and no longer appears under "Proposed Meetups". I only saw the update thanks to Recent Activity. New thread might mean more precious, precious eyeballs.
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The Sunday after would be better for me. But agree a new thread would be beneficial!
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I'm going to a concert at Johnny Brenda's on the 20th, so I'd have to pass. I could do the 27th, or Feb 3rd.
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Wait but when I confirm this it will show up on the main page again, and I hope it sends everyone another MeMail about it? Or do we really need a new thread? I hate when old threads float around in "proposed."

It sounds like the 27th would work for people in which case I'll just confirm this here but if it won't generate a new MeMail maybe we do need a new thread. I'll see if I can figure out for sure how this works.
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Okay, there is no second MeMail when an event is confirmed, so I've set up a new thread and I'll be asking the mods to close this one, just so there's no confusion.
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