farewell, goodbye, auf wiedersehn, etc.
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Thu November 22 at 8:00 PM, The Brickhouse
730 Main St, Vancouver, BC V6A, Canada (Map & Directions)
I've got to call a meet up before a life event: I'm moving to Belleville for a photojournalism program at the beginning of January, and would like to see all of you one last time before I go.
formerly the preamble: Every time I run into myopicman on the street we agree it's been too long since we've had a meetup, and then I think "I'll call one after [life event,]" and then it happens and a meetup slips my mind and we're right back where we started. This time, though, I'm doing it beforehand.
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It's been a scoundrel's age since there was one. I recall seeing tweets flying by regarding potential visitors and getting overwhelmed with the timing, but time just sails by.

How about one of the Fridays either late in November or early in December? As numbers go, I can talk with the folks at the Railway about booking the back room if we want central (though I have to figure out how they plan on charging cover for when the bands start and how we bypass that).
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Early December works better for me (classes are finished!). I've missed the last couple of MeFi meet-ups, but hopefully nothing will get in the way this time.
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Yes to a meetup!! I'm available most Fridays except for Dec 7
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Friday, November 30?
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Been ages since I've seen y'all. Too bad it's a farewell. Can come any time, pretty much.
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I'd love to do a Vancouver meetup...unfortunately it would have be before November 30th when I have to go and get my foot operated on and thus will be (annoyingly) immobile for weeks.
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alright: November 30.

venues? I'm leaning towards the Brickhouse, because it's easy to get to/from and not too loud but suggestions are always welcome.
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The 30th for me is starting to book up but I should be able to make it towards the end. So let's set it up and get the word out.

Brickhouse should be fine. I've been told that the Railway isn't a reliable place to book anymore due to new management. I'm totally partial to the new Storm Crow Tavern but the nerd bar packs fast and there's only one table that can be reserved, which requires a large party before you have to fight off the next wave.
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Looks like it's booked, but for this past 22nd? heeeraldo, what have you done!
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apparently I'm incompetent at filling out web forms.
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I think I did it right this time: same venue, correct date.
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