Trivia: I Had Sex with an Elf in Iceland
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Thu November 29 at 7:00 PM, Maple Leaf Pub
514 Elgin St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
Previously in trivia: Can it have been a month since Benevolent Dick-Taters and Occupy Sesame Street! graced the doorway of the Maple Leaf Pub? Yes, we had enough players to make two teams! Come help us grab the best seat! Steak and potatoes are served at 7, and trivia is served at 8.
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And since nobody has confirmed for tonight I'm making the executive decision to reschedule. Thursday the 29th anyone? Also we need to get our Quonsar party scheduled.
posted by Gridlock Joe at 11:43 AM on November 15, 2012

Quonsar party? I'm in, as long as I have a vehicle to utilize or a ride.
posted by SarcasticSeraph at 10:23 AM on November 25, 2012

I'm in town, but I'm working down near NASA. If I can get a lift or convince my coworker to join us, I might be able to crash you houston mefites trivia, if that is cool.
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Come on down! The more the merrier!
posted by Gridlock Joe at 5:29 PM on November 26, 2012

Tonight's Themes Include:

Recently In Stuff: Name That Politician Edition
Girly Girls
Sooner or Later: Top Jocks
Paul Krugman, America's Sweetheart
The Old College Round
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Sorry for missing you guys, travel didn't work out to get up to you.

On the plus side, NASA is fucking awesome. Next time I'll plan better.
posted by mrzarquon at 8:40 PM on November 30, 2012

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