Londoners, come join us for a drink in Camden
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Thu September 9 at 6:00 PM, The Old Eagle (& others to follow)
251 Royal College St, Camden Town, Greater London NW1 9, UK (Map & Directions)
I just moved to London for grad school. Anyone up for a pint?
I'm starting an MA in arts administration in a few weeks and I'd love to meet some of you Londoners. I've lived in London before for a little while as a student (long story) so I know the city a bit and know some people here, but it would be great to get to know the MeFi Londoners as well.

I don't know if you guys have a pub you like to go to, but I'm staying in Camden till I move into my new flat so somewhere north or central-ish would be best for me, but I'm certainly willing to travel. As for when, my course starts on the 20th of September so it would be great to do this before that, I think, before my schedule gets crazy. And a weeknight would be best for me, but again I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, and I'm American, and I've been reading Metafilter for a few years now, though I only joined in June.

Looking forward to meeting you all!
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Camden would be good, or wherever.
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Oooh, I am an American moving to England for grad school too! And if all goes well with my visa & passport, I will be landing in London on Sept. 5th and staying until the 10th. I would love to meet you and the London MeFites for a meetup. Could it happen on one of those weeknights? I hope so!
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If not, I'll live. *sniffle*
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iamkimiam, do join us, that'd be great! Maybe we could do it on the Thursday -- the 9th?

If we do hold this in Camden, I have a couple suggestions:

-The Old Eagle is a little out of the way, pretty quiet, good for talking. There's a garden at the back for smoking/sitting outside in nice weather. It's pretty cheap, too. They have gigs on sometimes but I'll have to check on this.

-The Elephant's Head is right across from MTV. They have a DJ sometimes (can't remember which days) who plays amazing old music. It can get busy but it's generally fairly calm.

-I also really like the Lock Tavern though it can be a bit trendy-trendy. I like the outside bits and the strawberry beer.

I'm open to suggestions though and going somewhere new (or somewhere outside of Camden) would also be fun. Great to see some interest already.
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(I realize that a couple means 2, not 3. Oops.)
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I'd vote for the Old Eagle early on, then if people want to move somewhere more nightlifey go a bit later.
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9th is ok.
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OK, I'm going to tentatively change the place to the Old Eagle and the date to September 9. If other people agree, then I'll keep it at that.
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Can we start this early in evening? I'm going to a gig that night, but as luck would have it, the venue is only half a mile from the Old Eagle. Would like to meet up with you all (again, in some cases).
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Early is fine -- what time were you thinking? I set the time to 6pm thinking that people would be coming from work, but honestly I'm free whenever as I've not started work or school yet. But yeah, I'll change the time to whatever's good for everyone else.
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*shamefaced* I didn't even notice the time.

6pm is great - I'll be there by 6.30. Should give me two hours or so before the gig.
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I should be able to pop in for a few, earlyish. It's just up from Camden Road Overground which is nice and easy for me both coming from work, and for getting home to Hackney.
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I'll be there 6.30/7 or thereabouts, depending on how long it takes me to drag myself over from west London.
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Brilliant, glad you all can make it!
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I will really really try to make this one, depending on work. Would love to meet some London Mefites!
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Sorry to request a meetup date on my behalf and then have to do what I'm about to do...but it is likely I won't be able to make it to this meetup after all. Still haven't received my travel docs (visa/passport) and the UK Border Agency has informed me that my application has been 'escalated for further detail'. Sooo...I won't be making my flight on Saturday. I feel so...grounded (and I don't know why!).

Anyways, super bummed, but it is what it is. I hope you all have fun at the meetup and I wish you the best of luck in grad school, Put the kettle on!
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Shame, I was hoping to meet up with you again.

I hope you get things sorted out. Having to deal with the UKBA isn't the best of experiences.
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iamkimiam - A way of reframing it positively might be that when you do get here it will be an opportunity for another meet-up!

Good luck dealing with the forces of repression.
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(I like that idea, thanks. I hope y'all aren't too meetup'ed out by then, whenever then is.)
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OHH MEETUP. Finally going to make one these :)

Shame visa people are screwing with you iamkimian, hope those soul-less evil paper pushers don't muck things up for you too much. (my flatmate's dad almost couldn't make her graduation because of them. Bastards.)
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Ah, I was looking forward to a meetup in London, but I'll be out of town for a week. Have fun, people!
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No worries, iamkimiam -- good luck getting your visa sorted. I know how frustrating that whole process can be.

I'm up for another meetup whenever so look me up when you do make it here :)
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Oh yeh, the text box reminded me I'm going to see you people in real life, so in case I forget

-You all smell of poo
-You probably like listening to 'the saturdays'
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I can't come now as I'm working, so I take it all back...until next time
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I don't smell of poo?

That's a relief.
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Hopefully this is a decent place to sound out the London MeFites with respect to another meetup in a fortnight(ish)'s time. I'm going to be visiting Imperial on the 22nd and so I'll be around on the 21st, would folk be interested in a wee London meetup then or will youse be all meetup'd out?
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I would be up for that, Dim Siawns! I'm another American grad student who'll be studying in London, but sadly I won't be arriving until the 11th :( So, another meetup soon would be awesome.
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I'm down for another meetup too -- 21st should work for me, unless I manage to score Brentford-Everton tickets, which is looking increasingly unlikely.

So I'll be at the Eagle tonight at 6, wearing (probably, weather-dependent) a white dress, drinking a gin & tonic, and reading Howards End. I'll try to get a big table near the front. Come say hi.

If anyone wants my phone number to catch us up later or something, shoot me a message.
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Heading that way now. Will be there in about 40mins I suspect.

Blue jacket, White shirt and combats in case you see me looking lost.
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Nice to meet all of you, hope the rest of the evening goes well.
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Thanks for coming, everyone! I had a great time. Sorry about my friend the random French girl inviting herself, but she said she had a good time and enjoyed meeting you all :)

I'll do my best to come on the 21st if people arrange something so keep me posted.
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Just wanted to post in here, in case anybody is still reading...I'm heading over on Wednesday, YAAAYY!!! I would love to do an impromptu meetup, if anybody is around. I'll post something new on IRL real soon.
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