Beer & music in São Paulo!
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Wed November 7 at 11:00 PM, Studio SP
R. Augusta, 591 - Consolação, Sao Paulo - São Paulo, 01305-000, Brazil (Map & Directions)
At long last, the first Brazilian mefi meetup! Party @ Studio SP on Rua Augusta (walking distance from Av. Paulista), we're planning to meet up before to have some beers nearby and then go check the party out. It's the 10 year celebration of Tratore, an independent music distributor owned by a friend, they represent some cool musicians so there's high chances it might be awesome. also, it's free :-)
We're planning to meet at Charm, Rua Augusta 1448 on the corner with Rua Antônio Carlos, around 21:00, and walk down to Studio SP around 11:00, sms me @ (11) 9-91404741, hope you can make it :-)
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I'll be there! Lets drink Brazil dry!!
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And I'll be bringing a friend and potential Metafilter recruit.
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beer was drunk, the nature of reality and consciousness was discussed, the party was kinda empty but the music was good, all in all a very agreeable first south american meetup, yay!
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