Denver/Boulder MeFites: Geeks Who Drink
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Mon November 12 at 8:00 PM, British Bulldog
2052 Stout St, Denver, CO, USA (Map & Directions)
I have long been jealous of cities where MeFites regularly get together to kick ass at trivia. But hey, maybe we could do the same! So let's do it: a Denver/Boulder MeFi Geeks Who Drink trivia meetup at 8:00 pm, Monday, November 12, at the British Bulldog. The Bulldog was selected for its excellent proximity to public transportation.
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Great idea! I'm in if anyone from Boulder is coming back this way and doesn't mind giving me a lift home. I live for the RTD but buses get sparser late in the evening. Or we could just meet in Boulder, and cajole the brilliant Denverites to come up here. Conor O'Neil's has a find GWD trivia.
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I'd definitely be up for it, and it looks like it's an easy one for me via public transit, so location sounds good.

I haven't done any trivia since moving here--I'm psyched.
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Yeah, I'd be in.
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WHAT UP DENVER?! I'm actually moving to Denver from FoCo the weekend before; if things aren't too crazy, perhaps I'll toddle on down.
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OK, there seems to be sufficient interest for November 12! I'm going to make it official.
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I'm a possible. I actually already do a quiz night on Thursdays--although I only make it about once a month.
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I am a possible from Colorado Springs (yes,the Springs).
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Could make it on the 15th in Denver, but not on other proximal dates.
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I would LOVE to come, but my personal injury trial is the very next day. How late is it likely to go?

And thanks for making it close to public transit, and not in Boulder.
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The trivia part goes until 10:00.
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OK I'll be there. I probably won't be able to sleep anyway.
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Oh oh oh oh.... Yes, maybe. :) Will know more soon. Yay.
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I love trivia - see you there!
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I should be able to make it, along with my girlfriend. Will confirm as soon as I can. Thanks for setting this up!
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Yay! I just moved (at least temporarily, maybe permanently) to Colorado and I was hoping for a meet-up.
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I have something going on until 7:30ish that night, so I don't know if I would be able to make it. I am totally up for drinks, but sort of suck at trivia....;
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Despite the facts that I a) work for Geeks who Drink and b) basically live at the British Bulldog, I'm afraid I can't make this one.

I informed your quizmaster that you'd be coming. He said something generic about ordering the curry.

Beat the Picadilly Twitz and I'll buy everyone a round next time. And I want to tell you all good luck. We're all counting on you.
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I will get there a bit early to grab a table. I'm the one in a purple/blue plaid shirt.
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I was a maybe, but now I'm definitely a no. We should arrange another Denver meetup sometime soon, though.
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I am a no also. Work has got on top of me and I need to reverse that. Have a great night - good luck!
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I am at in a booth at the back
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Thanks for organizing, Wordwoman -- it was great to meet y'all!
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Balls. I can't believe I forgot about this. I'm lame.
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I forgot, too. Sorry! I was looking forward to it. Next time.
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