Missouri-wide Meetup in Columbia in 2010!
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Sat October 16 at 1:00 PM, Shakespeare's (Downtown)
225 S 9th St, Columbia, MO, USA (Map & Directions)
Kid Charlemagne suggested a Missouri-wide meet-up last year. I propose that we birth this puppy into existence. What say you, mefites?
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Sounds good...when and where? Shakespeare's and Flatbranch come to mind as readily available venues that can easily accommodate crowds. (Full disclosure: I work at Shakespeare's, but that only makes it easier to reserve the "party room.") I would recommend that if this meetup occurs on a weekend that it not happen on a home football weekend for two reasons...(1) I will not be able to attend due to (2) Shakespeare's being one of several ground zeroes of the invasion of drunken alums.
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Oooo... this is still an exceptional idea. And yes, Shakespeare's and Flatbranch would get my votes too - though, I might lean towards Flatbranch since they're probably gearing up their seasonal beers soon.

But it's true, we should avoid home game weekends. Either venue will be packed for these. (And we want Schlyer to come.) - Which Shakespeare's do you work for? I don't remember the one on 0th having a "Party room" just an outdoor patio area. Of course it's been a handful of years since I've been to that one.

I ask that we don't plan this for Oct. 2 or 23, because then I can't come.

Here is the 2010 football schedule. How about Oct. 16? Would that be a good weekend for folks?
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Yeah, I can't do the weekend of October 2-3, but October 16 is good for me so far as I know.
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October 16th works for me...

Kimothy, I work at the downtown Shakespeare's...the other, newer Shakespeare's is referred to as "Fakespeare's." Both locations have a party room.
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Weird. Where is this room? - is it just the back area by the side door that goes to the patio area? (Also, that should say 9th, not 0th.)
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It's the room just past the bar, it used to be the alleyway between the Lone Sock Laundry and Shakes before Shakespeare's bought up Lone Sock as well and turned the alleyway into part of the building by adding walls and a roof, lighting, etc.
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Huh. It really has been a long time since I've been there. Weird.
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Fakespeare's! LOL! That's such a perfect name for the one west of town. Okay, let's do Oct. 16th. Shall we convene in the afternoon or the evening?
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I would vote afternoon, just to give those attending from, say, St. Louis (raises hand) or K.C. or Jeff. City or Kirksville or Rolla or anywhere else the option to drive home after, rather than having to book a room or drive back super-late.
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Would that I could amend the tags to "include" cities not on I-70, btw! Any MeFites in Jeff. City, Cape Girardeau, Kirksville, Rolla...?
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Added some more Missouri tags and threw in Lawrence for good measure. If you're coming from KC, Megabus has uber-cheap rates ($6 round trip if you book now) and their arrival departure times are more or less in sync with our meetup schedule.
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I won't get off work until about 4:15, so I'll be there and I'll smell like pizza. Unless we have a huge number of people coming (so far only 4 RSVPs) I can just grab a big table in the back so we don't take up the whole party room. Let me know though.
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This makes me wish I was still in Missouri. *Sniff*
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Well, notsnot is out of town that weekend, but I might come by myself. If I'm awake and stuff. I'm working nights now, so my sleep schedule's a little off.
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If I can get off from work, I will definitely try to attend this meetup hence the maybe.
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Kid Charlemagne and i will be there. is there a car pool plan for folks from the st. louis area? if not, should there be one? looking forward to seeing you all.
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Well, I could come up from Springfield, but I would have three kids in tow.
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I think I'm going to bow out. I worked late last night :(
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bad news! i woke up this morning with a nasty cough and stopped-up head and kid charlemagne is inundated with work today, so we will not be coming over. sigh. we were looking forward to it.
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Limeonaire and I are here in Shakespeare's and although this means more pizza for us, we'd like to express our supreme disappointment at the turnout so far. (See what I did there?) Anyone lost or can't find us call: 314-714-5463
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Pics or it didn't happen, right? Fine. Twist my arm.

Apologies to those not shouted out at.
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Oops, I gave a shout out to Sthig, but his real username is Hands of Manos. My bad.
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OK, I'm no longer supremely disappointed. (We didn't get a supreme, anyway. Black olives + green olives + mushrooms + pepperoni + cheddar cheese all the way.)

In fact, I'm just smiling. That turned out to be a great meetup! chara, schyler523, schyler523's wife—we had a really good time hanging out! (Heard a commercial for "tutti mare" when I was almost home and smiled some more.) The rest of you guys totes missed out!
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Damn, sorry we missed out.
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Yay, it's fun seeing MeFites at my old stomping grounds!
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