Baltimore meetup with restless_nomad!
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Sat October 20 at 4:00 PM, Liam Flynn's Ale House
22 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD, USA (Map & Directions)
restless_nomad is coming to town this weekend! The meetupening is tentatively set for Liam Flynn's Ale House, shortly before 4 on Saturday. The bar is having a Gruit Ale (beer brewed without hops) contest at that time; possibly some of us will also bring light card games. Come on down!
I will be arriving around 4, but if someone could arrive a bit early and grab a table or two, it might be good. I'm not sure how crowded it will be for the Gruit Ale contest.

Maybe we will also get pizza from the nearby Joe Squared?
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If we wanted to do something earlyish before they get busy so that we could easily get a table, we could go to Joe Squared. That would also allow for traipsing around Station North if we wanted.
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What place has food, drink, quiet enough that we can actually hear each other talk, maybe with tables that could allow card/small board game playing?

Wow, this is a thing that exists? If you guys identify one, I am so there.
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I am interested and potentially available. Is there anything in Ellicott City that would work? (eg, The Judge's Bench?)
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I'm available before dinner on Saturday, and Sunday afternoon/early evening, but don't think I can make it to Ellicott City.

On the early side, Dougherty's could work. I haven't seen people playing games there, but they have the table space to allow for it. And even at its busiest, it's one of the more conversation-friendly pubs I've spent time in.

If the group would be comfortable being the oddballs that take over the bar (a bunch of non-locals descending would probably draw attention), I've never seen Lauraville House full, the food is good, and the beer selection isn't bad.

Depending on the size of the group, upstairs at The Dizz could be good, and that's the place I'd probably pick, if we didn't end up with more than about 8 people. They can seat larger groups, but it's not easy to circulate.
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Well, I always like Liam Flynns, and we could order food from Joe2 across the street...
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Hey, I used to live on the same block as Dizzy Izzy's. It's across the street from the Ace of Cakes bakery (no visitors).
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Anybody care if it's Saturday vs Sunday?
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Not me. I have to get back to DC on Sunday (sans car), so wouldn't be up for anything too late then, but I'm not sure about my Saturday plans at this point, which also could cause me to not be able to stay late, so...nope! Saturday might be slightly better, but can't say for sure at this point.
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Whee! This is going to be a whirlwind week for me. (I will show up when and where y'all decide.)
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Keep in mind: if the Orioles defeat the Yankees tonight, the last game of seven American League Championship playoff games would be in Baltimore on the 20th. No times have been announced yet (updates will be here) and of course there's a good chance the series will be decided before then.
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It turns out that my band has a show on sat nite, but I am down for something in the afternoon/evening on sat.
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I'll be out of town on Saturday but I'm new around these parts so I'd love to attend a meet up. If it ends up being on Sunday, I'll be there!
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I'll nudge toward Sunday too, that'd raise the chance I can make it.
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There's still no location. I vote for Liam Flynn's, it seems OK for something like this.
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Looking at the Liam Flynn's page, it reminds me there will be a Ravens game Sun afternoon - which tips me toward thinking we should do Saturday. Liam Flynn's is having a Gruit Ale Contest Sat afternoon (beer brewed with no hops), which could be fun or could mean annoying crowds - how big is Liam's seating space? Will we be fine with this contest happening?

I will be arriving at 4ish, though it might be good if people want to arrive a bit earlier to stake out tables. (So we don't get blown out by the Gruit Ale contest folks)

Shall we say:
Liam Flynn's Ale House, 22 W. North Ave
3 or 3:30?
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Okay, I've moved this to the "confirmed" category - so people can now say if they're coming.
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Ugh! I'm heading to Blob's for Oktoberfest. Crap!
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Oktoberfest schmoktoberfest.
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Given that we have Baltimore meetups on the 20th and 30th, I propose that we complete the trifecta by scheduling another on October 40th.
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I now have work to do this weekend (grumble), so I'm a maybe at best, I'm afraid.
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Alas, Halloween festivities and family obligations call. :(
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My wife wants to know which card games we're going to play. Also, would anyone be interested if I brought a 9x9 Go board?
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I'm thinking to bring Coloretto and a standard deck of cards (Oh Hell anyone?).
We have a deck for the crazy German game Sheepshead/Shafkopf.
Could also bring Aquarius, For Sale, Bohnanza, Apple to Apples.
Could bring Gloom or Chrononauts, but they are more iffy for bar-table play.

I am down for Go if we want thinkier games although it's been 100 years since I played.
In a similar vein I could bring Hive or Hey That's My Fish too, both tabletop.
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Also I will bring a bright yellow piece of paper to make a Mefi table tent, so look for the lady with red glasses and a yellow piece of paper.
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Hmm, looks like my wife is still a maybe, but I'll see y'all there.
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Restless_nomad and I will each be bringing a non-mefite, I think, so she won't be outnumbered if that's a concern.
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We were running early and discovered they don't actually open til 4, so... Don't be early.
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We are here! We're right in front of the door. I am wearing very silly gloves.
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Fun meetup, good to meet you all. (Which one won the beer contest?)
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#3, wasn't it? Thanks for the great meetup, guys! It was lovely to meet you all.
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I think #3 benefited unfairly from not being #2. Nice meetup!
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Yes, thanks for a great meetup - a total pleasure to meet everybody, eat pizza, play some cards, drink weird beers and eat mysterious Russian candy!

On the popular vote, #11 won (#6 took silver, #9 bronze); on the official celebrity-judge vote, #3 won (#1 silver, #11 bronze). The professional breweries did not shut the amateurs out; #1 was made by Brewer's Art, but I think all of the others were by individuals. (Pointless note-taking FTW)
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Great to meet you all!
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