So.... monthly September Dallas meetup?
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Maybe there was one already but I just missed it since I haven't been checking the irl page, but if we haven't already done so I'd like to propose a meetup for the month of September. Let's try not to give up too early on the monthly meetup idea. Even if we end up doing it in early October or something we can count it for September.
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I'm up for something or other! We could Gloria's in Oak Cliff again, or we could meander someplace else (Uptown, etc.).

My schedule's kind of wonky, but my only permanent bad night is Thursday. Otherwise, I'm up for pretty much anything.

And I promise to come and not be buried under piles of work this time.
posted by SNWidget at 5:53 PM on September 26, 2012

My schedule isn't the greatest of great these days. If you work something out, though, I'll come if I can.
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I'd love to, but my Friday night and all day Saturday are already spoken for, so the "September" meetup would probably have to happen in early October for me to make it.
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Let's do this. Early October sounds good...
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I'd be down with this as long as it wasn't on a Saturday or Sunday. Need my footbaw.
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Early October it is (by virtue of it being October today)!

If no one has any complaints (or other suggestions), I say Gloria's in Oak Cliff. If we get tired of there and want to wander around Oak Cliff/Bishop Arts, we have that option. One of my favorite taco stands in the city is right across from Bolsa a little further down - a great option after a margarita or three. If we do this on a Wednesday, then Bolsa might not be a bad idea ($5 cocktails, but not a ton of space around the bar).

Like I said upthread, my only awful night is Thursday. I might suggest a weekday meet up, and eventually (hopefully), we can figure out how to turn this into a monthly or bimonthly shindig.

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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Bolsa or Gloria's works. Gloria's also has decent happy hour during the week. Wednesday works for me - how does Wednesday, October 10th sound? Then that gives us the option of Bolsa or Gloria's or anything else in Oak Cliff. Also in OC is Chicken Scratch/The Foundry which has a nice bar and really great outside area, if this lovely weather sticks around.

by the way SNWidget, item and I LOVE taqueria el si hay. that's the only place I buy tacos from.
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I have class from 5:30-6:45 that day, but I guess I could make it work depending on the time. Fridays are best for me (though not this Friday) because I have no classes then and usually I don't have much going on, but I'll see what I can do.
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I'm gonna let hugandpint watch this for us both, and not just because I'm Mr. hugandpoint (but pretty much because I'm Mr. hugandpint).
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