Columbia, SC Meetup?
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Hey guys, I am new to the area, and was wondering if there were any MeFites in the Columbia, SC area? I'd be really interested in meeting anyone in the area, as I have attended multiple meetups in other cities and have found them to be genuinely awesome. Any feedback would be appreciated!
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I live about an hour down I-20 and would definitely come if I could fit it in my schedule (which has so far not been doable. I know there were enough Colubia mefites to have a 10th Anniversary meetup, so perhaps some more local people will chime in with location suggestions and so on.
posted by TedW at 4:27 AM on September 19, 2012

Oh wow! Usually when I get the IRL memail for an event close to me, it's for events in Asheville! There are at least a few other locals lurking around here.

Anyway, I'm in Columbia and could potentially hang. Daytime on a weekend would be best for me since I have a kid that still needs mom to go to bed most nights.
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It's awesome that there are at least a few mefites here! Hopefully a few more chime in ad we can get something off the ground!
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Oh nice... count me in too. Do you have any dates to propose?
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I live in Greenville, but I'm game. Daytime on a weekend would be perfect.
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I could come as long as it's not the 29th, I'll be in Georgia that weekend.
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I relocated to Columbia last year and am also surprised to find Mefites here. Anytime outside the usual M-F 9-5 is good for me. Were you thinking of a hanging out eating/drinking type thing, or an activity type thing? There's a Rothko exhibit in town if anyone is interested in going to that.
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Just in case anyone was interested, I will be checking out the Rothko exhibit at the columbia museum of art this sunday since admission is free. Hit me up if you want to meet up and join!
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Aww, I am going to the Rothko exhibit on Friday... but mefites are welcome to join my group as well.
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